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  1. Amazed, actually: https://dragcave.net/view/XY627 https://dragcave.net/view/4Fo85
  2. I collect cider bottles. Every New Year's Eve I keep the bottle after the toast, I mean, I finish the bottle myself because I like the stuff (it's way milder than beer, I've never lost my senses before). I have like 5 or 6 cider bottles, it's just that I didn't notice before I was keeping, collecting, the bottles and now it's a personal tradition
  3. Yes they were. But the very last Valentine eggs from other Val species, like Heartseatlings, Sweetlings etc, were bred on the 14th. So any other eggs, including the new Vals, stolen or bred and AP'd from the beginning of the 15th are yet to appear
  4. Now that I think of it, people might get another chance. They dropped til February 16, if some people AP'd eggs during February 15 and 16... I don't know when they'd start to show on the AP, because the eggs of the pic were eggs stolen on February 14.
  5. Is it me or last year Christmas AP wall lasted a bit more than this year Valentine AP wall?
  6. Sending some too! ^^ Edit: Scroll: Kegluneq
  7. Just AP'd 73 Heartstealing eggies, all at once *3* I think I finished breeding all my Valentine dragons, now I'll focus on the event! ^^
  8. Big and powerful! <3 IT'S BAAAACK!!
  9. ... I'm just worried the maintenance won't finish after midnight. Crossing fingers!
  10. Mine crashed too, I even changed to different skins, it worked for a little bit but now kaput! I still have many Valentine dragons left to breed! TT_TT
  11. Now what I loved more of him is the second item he gave me! Just made my night! hahaha He's awesome! I think I've postponed long enough hoarding them!
  12. I love the sprite design of the Plated Colossus! Just awesome! <3 I wish these giant great looking dragons wouldn't speak like dumb barbarians
  13. I like Holiday x Holiday lineages, but I have some exclusive lineages. So far, among my Holiday x Holiday exclusive couples, I only have 1 that breed twice a year, it's a Heartstealing and Aegis couple, the other Holiday x Holiday couples I have are Halloweens, and they breed just once a year. The other Holiday dragons I have... whenever I breed them it's because I want Zyus or BSA's or if I need a 2G Prize for trading. I don't tend to breed them just toss eggs to the AP. It's because I despise freezing, I don't like when I discover frozen offspring of my dragons, even offspring from Holiday ones, but I can't control that... Anyway, if anyone would want offspring from my Holiday dragons I breed them for free or trade them, as long as they're nice to the baby (including not freezing >.<)
  14. I caught 3/4 of these little baby sisters: https://dragcave.net/progeny/PAwhm The 3 hatchies are mine, I wish I was able to find and click on the 4th one...
  15. Oh yes, and I caught 2/4 sisters from an Omen Wyrm Dad! O.o But with these other 3, it feels different T__T Congrats on your CB's! I got every past CB now as well! ^^
  16. Hoarding for Heartstealings I recently caught 3 eggs from a clutch of 4 eggs *0* but I don't know if I'd get in trouble if I ask people if they have the 4th baby. I'd really love to take her home with her 3 sis... My! I'm so saaad >.<
  17. TRADED! Thanks to everyone who offered!
  18. Every 5 minutes 00:05, 00:10, 00:15, etc
  19. I'd like to share as well: https://dragcave.net/progeny/keglu Harder stuff was Speckle-Throateds, Cassares and Royal Crimsons. I spent pretty much a year with just the Royal Crimsons and Cassares. I don't know what else I could share right now, but I remember a longtime ago someone suggested me to stay away from Nhios and some others. I'll see if I can find the list to avoid...
  20. Kegluneq

    DC Lore AMA

    Never crossed my mind before what would happen if a two-headed dragon loses one of its heads... But I suppose it'd be interesting to use that situation in a dragon description, despite the actual sprite shows both heads, and see if it gets approved... Maybe someone else already asked this before but will we have some general statistics/records for Valkemare? Like tallest mountain, highest and lowest temperature, most populated town... that kind of stuff?
  21. LOL! I should've checked there first ^^U Thanks!
  22. Can I contribute making rotators? I'd like to have a Lunar Herald rotator, a rotator of all types of 2-headed... for my wish list but maybe others could use them as well
  23. v 2.0 My wishlist is divided into metal lists. Each list indicates what kind of stuff I'm looking for. This is my top priority list. Any item in this list is welcome at any time: CB Seasonals CB Xenos CB Zyus Stuff I'd like to have during Holiday events: New CB Halloween hatchies 2G PB Holly CB Omen Wyrms CB Black Marrows 2G/AG* PB Black Marrow 2G Black Marrow X (Heartstealing, Rosebud, Shadow Walker) CB Desipises 2G Desipis X Magma CB Cavern Lurkers 2G/AG* PB Cavern Lurker 2G Cavern Lurker X (M-GoN, F-GoN, Valentine 09 , Arsani) CB Shadow Walkers 7 CB Witchlights (4M, 3F) 12 CB Caligenes (6M, 6f) 12 CB Graves (7M, 5F) 2G Heartstealing X (Pacified Aegis, Black Marrow, Any type of Shimmer scale) MESSY/INBRED/MISGENDERED/ALL OF THE ABOVE ER S2 Holly hatchies Specific lineages list: AG** Shimmer Scale AG** Tinsel 2G Silver Tinsel from Male Cavern Lurker 2G Avatar Other appreciated stuff: CB Golds CB Silvers CB Aeons CB Lunar Heralds CB Coppers Dinos Papers Cheeses Chickens CB Blusang Lindwurms CB Pyralspites CB/MESSY/INBRED/MISGENDERED Pinks, Reds, Purples Stuff I lack: Female CB Neglected Ungendered CB Neglected Male CB Gold The "real" wish list. The someday, hopefully, stuff I'd looove to have. Yeah, this is not a joke >.< 4th summoned GoN - 2G PB GoN *********************************************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION *********************************************** *Any Gen (Checker) **Any Gen (Stair, Spiral)
  24. I see. Last year I was kinda AWOL and I missed that announcment... Thank you, Ruby Eyes ^^
  25. Does anyone know if this topic: had some sort of cleaning up of posts? I had my wishlist posted there but I'm unable to find my post. I really need it >.<