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  1. I suggested the same before, but anyway, I don't have anything else to add, just that I support both ideas. If it'd be better to wait some time and see how this works at least we can set a precedent with these ideas. @Kaini (I don't how to multiquote anyway) I support removing shard cap limit as well. If market is not meant to substitute for cave hunting we could have the opportunity to buy different stuff regarding its rarity.
  2. ... I see. That happened before I arrived the site, I didn't know about that extra slot. But yeah, if TJ changes his mind about it, great!
  3. So, there was an extra breeding slot, I don't know, before the Platinum Trophy? I think I'm not following... Anyway, I actually don't have any expectations of my idea; I consider it's useful in the long term and could be another resource for every player in the game. Not that I'm gonna fight for it but I wanted to share an idea, you never know.
  4. Don't want to make a fool of myself if this is already mentioned or discussed in that other market topic, I have no idea about it but here it is: would be plausible that the market allows to buy a temporary extra egg-hatchie slot? Just for one egg till it becomes adult and for a sky-high price of course. The thought just crossed my mind.
  5. Kegluneq

    DC Lore AMA

    That's very interesting... I read some of the subsequent posts and it'd be very cool to canonically have just one Guardian of Nature, one Sinomorph and one of each Avatars and Zyumorphs, if that's not canon already. It's also interesting the idea that the only one GoN is male and the only one Sino is female. Then again, if that's not a canon concept already. Now what catches my eye is that the map shows 4 continents...
  6. Kegluneq

    DC Lore AMA

    It takes me by surprise that the Sinomorph is comparable to GoN. It's great *o* Thanks!
  7. That's fine. I was just expressing my opinion, thank you for answering ^^
  8. Kegluneq

    DC Lore AMA

    Something I'd like to know, who is more poweful: a Sinomorph or an Avatar of Destruction? In general terms. I believe they'd be below a GoN but I need to know which of the two is more powerful
  9. I prefer to have CB stuff of any Dragon available. I wanted to build Holiday checker lineages but they take years and got bored of doing so, so I prefer to hunt for pretty 2G eggs during Holiday events. Or CB's in Halloween. I keep attention to new releases just because you never know when the next rare Dragon will arrive. The rest of the time I prefer CB stuff like I was saying, mostly Seasonals, Xenos (along with the Omen Wyrms they're like the greatest Dragons ever, at least so far) and Zyus. I wanted to have CB Zyus only on my entire scroll but they're so popular and hard to catch and hard to trade that I gave up and started breeding the few CB Zyus I have with my Holidays. That's because I missed last year's anniversary event and didn't know Sinos existed, I discovered Sinos when I looked at the lineage of one of my Halloween eggs during the last Halloween event >.< Fell in love with Sinos as well and that's why I broke my oath to only have CB Zyus on my scroll and started breeding my Zyus like crazy: because one day I'll summon 99 Sinos at once (to have 100 Sinos) then I'll summon another 100 Sinos at once, and another 100, and so on, and so on. But I'll never break my oath of having CB Xenos only. Oh, I almost forgot, I never freeze hatchies, that's just cruel. I only have 1 frozen hatchie but I did it by mistake, she got sick and wanted to fog her but I panicked and didn't notice I clicked on the freeze option, the site asked for my password, I typed it and voilá >.< but yeah, won't freeze anything ever again.
  10. It has happened to me too, not with Albinos but for example Seasonals. These days I'm desperately trying to catch a second CB Spring before spring season ends, I just need one more for scroll goals, luckily Spring eggs are cheap but I also need one last CB Winter before the end of this year. But then again, Seasonals are currently cheap. Btw, about what you were asking before, that if we'd lose shards for tossing eggs, I think it could happen because you wouldn't keep the egg in the end, but people would try to hatch AP eggs and toss the hatchies once they get the "hatching eggs points"...
  11. That's obvious, if I want something expensive I have to wait to get it; but I thought the market would help people to obtain stuff that's hard for them to get yet I see Albinos available. Or at least that's what I understood when I read the announcement of the market. I didn't know the majority in the original market discussion were against grinding, I disagree but I respect their position; in my case, sometimes I have plenty of time to sit on my computer to try to catch stuff I like to keep for myself, but most of the times I end up catching nice stuff (to me) but not what I'm really after. That's why I would like to be able to grind shards or to have different kinds of shards to buy either common, uncommon or rare eggs.
  12. I join adding Prizes too. And CB Hybrids. I'd like to add that it'd be productive to let us farm shards. Saving up for about 10 months to buy a Gold and nothing but a Gold, which I think is way too much time, wouldn't let us buy other stuff meanwhile. Perhaps putting a limit on how many eggs (rares or common) we could buy in a certain amount of time would let us not only saving up to buy rare eggs, but let us buy common or uncommon eggs more frequently as well. Besides, if CB Holidays get back, especially Halloweens, we could use all, or a good ammount, of our farmed stuff to buy plenty of those eggs, considering we have time against us to collect stuff during Holiday events. If Holiday eggs reach the market too, of course.
  13. Currently, if I want a Gold I need to wait 40 weeks to get it, because I already have 100 shards, right? What if I want another kind of egg during those 40 weeks? I think it would be best to collect different types of shards if you would like to buy different stuff from the market. Just to mention some examples I love Xenos, Zyus and Seasonals among others. But I can't hoard Seasonals from the market if I want to save for a Gold.
  14. A few days ago, well, I should say "nights" but lately I've been going to bed after sunrise, I dreamt that I was in a public park playing basketball at sunset. I think I was playing but the thing is is that the sunset looked beautiful and kind of frightening. The horizon looked something like this: No stars, no clouds. Picture yourself the rest of the stuff like trees, people walking by, etc. Some time passed and the "big sun" slowly went back up in the sky, in reverse, and started to bright immensely. The sun was brighter as it "rose back":
  15. This sounds very good! I have FFXV for PS4 and I love it, I finally reached lvl 120 and don't have any DLC's so far, I have the edition with the Masamune... Anyway, I'm sad because it seems my PS4 ran out of disk space and won't update to the latest version of the game, I wonder that if I just buy the Royal Edition and install it would solve my current issue...
  16. Voting for an extra day!
  17. Well I got busy these days too. Actually I should be doing something else right now... 5 eggs left in 25 minutes. Let's hope...
  18. I think I got a duplicate of one of those Minty eggs. Or maybe I'm having a hard time to spot the difference
  19. ...just go Cave hunting. But I don't know if you'd get access if you're egg locked.
  20. It was yesterday! March 31st
  21. Got a Mint! But what if I was egglocked and tried my luck anyway?...
  22. That sounds totally cool, actually! It would help cleaning up the biomes but maybe there would be times when people get bored of picking them up and then we'd have a very annoying Cave blocker (?) Edit: ...now that I think of it, it may affect rare eggs that sit in a biome for more than 2 minutes. It has happened, actually u.u but I really like your idea! ^^ I like more that idea of having them like the Leetle Trees! But I don't know how to multi-quote with this forum system >.< Anyway, just here to say I support re-releasing them!
  23. Beautiful adults! O.o Both species ^^ Could someone please remind me the egg description of the Freckled?
  24. So regular eggs are back. Hatchies looking good, hope I like the adults. I didn't get any golden eggies, but got enough purples to compensate LOL