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  1. have: 2G Val 09 from Bronze Shimmer want: Best offer of Heartstealings, I'd really love to get hatchies or ER eggs but I'll consider any offer of Heartstealings. https://dragcave.net/teleport/5f3f25bbefbe8ecaeb8f5ed5022830de traded, thanks!
  2. Same here, I bred some eggs in the last minutes too and I think they haven't reached the wall yet. Just checked on them and they're 0-0-0 @Sunrunner I think I'll miss the hatchie wall -again- I'll have space for an egg in 1 hour and then for another in 15 hours and then one more in 19 hours from the time of this post, after that time I'll have space for other 2 or 3 in 4 hours and then multiple spaces 2 days after that... I need a miracle!
  3. I would have loved to see some 2Gs as well. I think those messies were a waste of time and lost opportunities but those Alts are their stuff. If people liked what they did, fine... Anyway, a hug to ADP
  4. I'll keep an eye on the AP, thanks a lot! ^^
  5. About an hour ago, maybe less, I saw a CB Omen but wasn't quick enough clicking on it. There are some 2Gs still, but really few.
  6. have: 2G PB Omen 2G Omen from Male Pillow 2G Omen from Male Script My apologies for not using precognition on these hatchies, I'm reserving the few Aeons I have left. want: Arcana hatchi (egg is ok as well, but prefer hatchi) CB Marrow (gendered hatchie preferred) CB Desipis (gendered hatchie preferred) CB Shadow Walker (gendered hatchie preferred) CB Caligene (gendered hatchi preferred) 2G Marrow (PB, Heartstealing, Holly, Aegis, Rosebud, Alt Sweetling, Mistletoe, Mutamore) 2G Desipis (PB, Magma, Mint) Other offers from my Silver List of my Wishlist, but please do not offer Caligene, Witchlight, Grave or Pumpkin lineages whatsoever. I'll use decline. If I haven't declined your offer I'm still considering it, so please don't withdraw it. Willing to combine. PM's welcome. Sig applies. PB Omen: https://dragcave.net/teleport/5eace9abe54a0ab1142c0eea20893560 Pillow Omen: https://dragcave.net/teleport/0b4fb464eab9f7871739ac7d4badbeab Script Omen: https://dragcave.net/teleport/153d2fca52485e52329bdaa5e26ec458
  7. I caught a bunch of messy Desipises in the last hour and a couple of Omens but tossed them back. Maybe I should have gifted them to those who actually are seeking them (facepalm) Now I have to wait 6 hours to have more space in my scroll. Can't wait! T_T
  8. That caught my eye too! Yep, maybe people just focused on CB's instead of lineages, or breeding their current dragons. Anyway I focused on CB's but bred many of my dragons anyway, so yeah, it's odd... I was hoping for another week of AP Halloween stuff like last year but we'll see!
  9. I read before there are 24 items in total, I got 24 but I'm wondering if every potato you got is just one item or all of them as a group are one item(?)
  10. Happened to me too. Now it's back into maintenance xD
  11. This is for trading your 2018 Halloween eggs and hatchlings! I hope it's okay to open this topic and set the ball in motion! I didn't see anything so far ^^ Thread Rules: 1. Offer Halloween eggs only - no other 'Haves' 2. Follow forum rules - no IOUs 3. No unnecessary bumping - once per day (once per 24 hour period) have: CB Pumpkin #1 TRADED! CB Pumpkin #2 TRADED! CB Cavern Lurker (I may keep this one, just testing my luck in case anyone offers something I really, really want) CB Shadow Walker (I may keep this one, just testing my luck in case anyone offers something I really, really want) want: (1:1 in order of priority) CB Omen (AUTO) CB Black Marrow (AUTO) CB Desipis CB Witchlight CB Grave PM's welcome, sig applies. Cavern Lurker: https://dragcave.net/teleport/5e479a57ab16201c6ce7d0a6da1ab3b3 Shadow Walker: https://dragcave.net/teleport/cc0063148d2ee080de50ea2056a59da7
  12. They go really, really fast! I've managed to refresh my scroll for like 3 times at most every drop after the 00:10 But yea, they're there ^^
  13. The only misclicked egg is one I don't want T__T Anyway, glad to see the Halloween biome is back! Thanks!
  14. +1 Increasing the breeding period for a week would be an interesting experiment to see how the AP behaves after the event's last minute. Last year the Halloween AP lasted pretty much an entire week once the event (the Halloween breeding season) ended, I'm really interested to see what's gonna happen this year with the AP eggs, maybe if not this year the next year Halloween AP eggs will die. We donĀ“t have this scenario with Christmas and Valentine eggs (yet) due to CB limits. Eventually we'll get there as well.
  15. My! I got caught off guard this time >.< I can't decide if I should wait to see the adults or get a couple of these blue dragons x.x Anyway, thanks for the release; I wish I love pygmies, tho xD
  16. So, uh, Ash dragons drop in Volcano only? I'd just like to be sure ^^
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/jMICD o.O! ~lineage codes only please, no /view~
  18. By the way, it would be interesting if these dragons change colors every 8 hours or something like that. If that's the case I suppose no matter how many eggs you have they all would hatch the same color, but only if they hatch about the same time... I wish there was a thumbs up button around here, so many comments I really like ^^
  19. Having a Prize opens some doors, yes, but lately I've personally been having a hard time It's a very complicated subject if you ask me... Considering my play style I prefer hunting for rare stuff myself, and I'm not a very good catcher xD so I completely understand how difficult and tiring could be hunting for variants.
  20. Yes, it depends on your play style and can't blame the game, but you never know when the next rare dragon is going to arrive. So depending on your play style these kind of surprises, especially when there are at least 2 new eggs, affect it. Because you have to adapt to this change in the environment. Not complaining but could be somewhat disappointing.
  21. I hope so too. Somehow I'm afraid they'll be Gemshard/Nebula like... I appreciate the release but I think I'll just farm some Shards and give away the eggs I catch tonight.
  22. These might be like Gemshards, right? You might get one color of the possible 3 even if you catch 8 eggs?
  23. Is this name okay? https://dragcave.net/view/sExCI