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  1. As long as it's not an innappropriate name any kind of name would be fine I dare to express; actually I just tried this name just in case and it was available, and it's not medieval themed or anything: https://dragcave.net/view/rKvdQ @purplehaze that many clicks is impressive! O.o I have as well some dragons with 12k+ views and 20+ clicks but from what I can see it depends on the species as well, I guess some species are stronger and resistant to sickness than others, like Prizes. But it's a complicated subject, for example Zyus, Xenos, Aeons, Avatars can get and resist many views and clicks but like you said if they get those views too fast they get sick. Some species don't gain the same ammount of views as others even if they're on the same clicking sites.
  2. So, with the current release there's a specific dragon I'd like to have, another CB Staterae, I already own 3 CB Stateraes, ! via trading and the other 2 spending the past nights hunting for them, really long and tiring nights. Anyway, adult Staterae sprites arrived on the release post and maybe that elevated their price, which is understandable, in my attempt for getting one last Staterae (for the time being, which could be years, because in my perception Stateraes -and the rest of the Xenos, including the originals- are already very rare) I grabbed a bunch of CB Xenos and even was lucky enough to catch a Cheese, so I, "brilliantly" decided to make a 2-link trade just to get my hands on that "long" waited CB Staterae I lack. One of the links had 3 CB Ke'maroes and the Cheese and the other link had the other Ke'maro and a CB Pyro, for the first link description I wrote more or less: I can add another CB Kemaro and a CB Pyro W: CB flow egg or female hatchie... for the second link I mentioned something like: "offer a dummy, here are the Kemaro and the Pyro, W: CB Flow"... my intention was to have a CB Flow offer in the first link and a dummy in the second link, both offers from the same person so I give away the 6 eggs to that same person in exchange of 1 single CB Flow So I got a dummy offered on that second link, but before accepting the offer I went to take a look at the scroll of the person who offered and confirmed he/she has a CB Flow there. After a quick serious thinking I accepted the offer as a sign of good faith, I thought maybe once he/she sees I accepted he/she will offer the Flow on the other link but nothing Dumb, naive move on my part because I don't have a way to contact this person and ask for my eggs back. So if you who offered those dummies to me didn't get my point with that two-link trade, enjoy my hard gained eggs, please take good care of them and please don't freeze them. Sorry to everyone reading this but I needed to share my... feelings about this.
  3. Could someone please share with me the Discord link, please?
  4. Cancelled. Apologies to the mods team.
  5. Cancelled. Apologies to the mods team.
  6. The flow is just amazing! I was thinking it'd be way bigger than the Xenos bu it's just incredibly big and increibly beautiful!
  7. You´re talking about Flows, right? Because, actually: That's a CB Flow, incubated and influenced immediatley after I got it.
  8. I waited and got one myself this morning, around 6 a.m. DC time. So I think so too.
  9. I'd like to breed my Xenos for those who don't have the new ones, or anyone else, but only by pm request. I only have CB Xenos and plenty of CB Holidays and other CB stuff, pick any mate you'd like, even my Prize, except from dragons of these groups: https://dragcave.net/group/36714 https://dragcave.net/group/128783 scroll link's in my sig If you're interested send me a pm ^^
  10. In my experience it depends at what time the eggs start to get views. If you put your eggs on fansites when they´re like 7 or 6 days left when time passes and views progress, by the time they reach 4 days left, the eggs need less views to hatch. If you wait/hie your eggs till they become insta-hatch they'll need a ton of views to hatch.
  11. Exactly, Yesterday I arrived early for this release and didn't see that Neutral egg in the biomes during the time I was hunting. I saw links of the bred eggs and I also thought -at first- they'd only be obtained by breeding, later on I found out they drop in biomes as well.
  12. The 7th one seems to be a Neutral one. About 24 hours ago I saw some of the Flow eggs around this topic. The Neutral one actually exists, and it's the only one I lack T_T I don't know why is not among TJ's eggs (now hatchies). @meruru I'm wondering the same lol, now every biome has 2 different Xenos (I really hope they are) *o*
  13. It's for the old ones. But if these new dragons are "the 7 (counting the neutral one) remaining Xenos" maybe these breeding mechanics apply. For example, let's say you breed an Astrapi with a Magma, you could get: -An Astrapi -A Magma -A Pyro -OR a new "Xeno" from Volcano. Another example, you pair a Thalassa and a Chrono: you get either a Thalassa or a Chrono or one of the other 11 variations (assuming these new on es are Xenos too) I'm just theorizing but like I said, if these new ones are Xenos too they may be subject of those breeding mechanics.
  14. Maybe it's some kind of anniversary thing. I didn't realize about the date before until I checked the Xenos release topic. Anyway I like it's the same day! Btw, for those wondering about the breeding pattern, maybe this info from the Wiki could help: Breeding patterns have been confirmed by Birdzgoboom, being based on biomes, and are as follows: Situation 1: Xeno x Non-Xeno (regular biome): Outcome 1: the Xeno breeds its same variation Outcome 2: you get an egg from the Non-Xeno breed Outcome 3: you get the Xeno corresponding to the Non-Xeno's biome Situation 2: Xeno x Non-Xeno (Cave): Outcome 1: the Xeno breeds its same variation Outcome 2: you get an egg from the Non-Xeno breed Outcome 3: you get a random egg from the other 5 Xeno variations Situation 3: Xeno x Xeno: Outcome 1: They have a chance to breed the Xeno variation from parent A Outcome 2: They have a chance to breed the Xeno variation from parent B Outcome 3: They have a smaller chance to breed one of the other 4 (or 5 if both parents are the same variation) Xeno variations. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Thalassa_Xenowyrm
  15. So if I have to guess I'd say: The Alpine one is aligned to Ice (like obviously xD) The Coast one would be Air The Desert one aligned to Light The Forest one to Earth The Jungle one to Dark The Volcano one to Death The last 2 are the most difficult to me so I may be wrong lol. And there's been exactly 5 years since the release of the Xenowyrms O.o Edit: and the Flow/Balance one of course
  16. Amazing! Are these "the rest of the Xenos"? Thanks so much for this release! Now the hard part. Decide the color of the etra eggs xD
  17. Glad they were still here because I couldn't take them before. Thank you very much!! ^^
  18. Took him home! Thanks so much!! ^^
  19. Aww... it's an INSANELY CUTE baby dragon! *O* One of my eggs just hatched and S1 hatchie is just adorable, now I see (here) S2 hatchie and it's really cool. Can't wait to see the adults!
  20. Took them all home! Thank you so much! ^_^
  21. I never put much thought to this before but, to me, I consider average dragons as big (or a little bigger) as an elephant. There are really small dragons like the Cavern Lurkers, for example, and I'm really surprised about their size since they look so powerful. I really like to think my favorite breed so far (Xenowyrms) to be as big as a building, maybe 10 - 15 stories ^^U Now I wonder how big are the Omen Wyrms? I wish they'd be bigger than what I picture the Xenowyrms but they're confused as dead trees so I suppose they're big but not gigantic? T_T? Anyway, to me an average DC Dragon could be bigger than an elephant and the large sized ones as big as a building: GoN's, Sinos, Zyus, Xenos, Desipis, Marrows, Omens, Heart Stealers (A gigantic Heartstealing would be just awesome, I'm so in love with them!), Seasonals, Two Headeds, etc, etc...
  22. @purplehaze I got confused because in the last 2 years the topics about the breeding season started a day earlier, and they're clear that the breeding season starts on the 19 ^^ Thank for clarification, yeah I'm going to bed and get rid of a little stomachache I got a few hours ago
  23. I was expecting it to start tonight. According to search in the last two years the breeding season started on dec 18 @ 00:00 but other years it started on dec 19 00:00 So if not tonight it may start tomorrow night. I'm not going to bed tonight anyway