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  1. They're perfect... and purple.
  2. EEK! I was looking at my eggs when I saw two little green eyes that went away a second later. That was so spooky, maybe it should just stay in its egg.
  3. I've never won minesweeper prior to yesterday, it was fun to learn how to play.
  4. I'm glad the Halloween event was something I could participate in by just popping in today. I didn't manage to get all the treats, but I did find Odeen's cats, which makes up for about 2.4 million treats. Can't wait to see the fuzzy purple guys grow up, hope everyone had a good Halloween!
  5. I'm stuck spending my Halloween in bed so I decided to stop by and say hello. I hope everyone has a great Halloween. The new hatchlings look so cute, purple is one of my favorite colors.
  6. *eagerly awaiting new dragon* Family: DINNER IS READY! Noooooo
  7. You answered the question I was about to ask. Thanks! *starts tearing up all of her flowers* Muahahahaha!
  8. Wow! This route is great! I have the tree I want, a cute cat, and now there's a present sitting on my table! I should be naughty every year.
  9. I have clearly played far too many video games. I immediately knew where to go and what to do. Took 2 minutes, but now there's this choice. I've kept up with my naughty route but gosh, the man is going to get fined. This is horrible, I don't want to do this. But I must! For the sake of curiosity!
  10. If you take the tree that you want, it will be droopy. If you keep the cat, the bloodscale will cry and the cat will be inside your house. I have not yet seen the consequences of blaming Quark though.
  11. Basically the bloodscale weeps and hopes the cat will find a warm place to ride out the storm. Day complete. So far I took the tree that I wanted and now I've taken some random dragon's cat. Merry Christmas. Edit: oh and the cat is now in my house wandering about.
  12. It's finals week, and everything has been going fairly well. Some classes have been worse than others, and I've been really excited for the quarter to end. Tonight I am supposed to take my last final. With the exception of a few small assignments due at the end of the week, this will be the last school work I have to do for this quarter. Today has been fairly straight forward, as I'm already well prepared for this final. I woke up, took a shower, studied just a little bit, and then watched some let's plays while I ate lunch. The afternoon was mostly going to be spent waiting for my father to come pick me up and give me a ride over to the college. He took me to my last final for spring quarter as well. Sadly, a few moments ago I received a call my from father. My uncle died this morning. I'm actually not sure why it is I'm so upset. My father told me just last week that my uncle wasn't doing so well, and he wanted my brother and I to go see him at some point before Christmas. He isn't exactly close, but it's not like he lives out of state so going to see him wasn't some big inconvenience or anything. I agreed that I would go because I actually don't remember the last time I saw him, and I didn't really know him very well either. I didn't give it much thought though because I've been preparing for finals and they’re what I’ve been focusing on. However, one thought I did have was that seeing him would give me the opportunity to say goodbye in case something happened. I didn't feel upset about this thought, and I recall being perfectly fine after my father told me that my uncle wasn't well. After all, who was he to me? I didn't know him. In fact, all I can remember is his name, how he looked a lot like my dad, and that he had a country tone to his voice. That's the extent of my memory of him, and I know it isn't much. For a few minutes after my father called me, I sort of just kept watching let's plays. And then after a little bit, I started crying. I really don't cry very often, even when I'm alone I can usually manage to stop myself from crying. Maybe this was the proper time to let a few tears out because after all... a family member just died. But here's the issue: I don't even remember what he was like, I'm not even sure I could honestly say that I loved him. He may be my uncle, but I didn't even really know him. So I really don't understand why I'm crying. Maybe I feel guilty because I should have known him and loved him, but I can't really change that. What I do understand is that I'm upset, and that the reason for being upset isn't going to be immediately clear for me. I just hope I can pull myself together so I can go to my final in a few hours. A huge part of the final will involve speaking in front of the class and speaking to other students about their work. "Me" and "People" do not go well together as it is, so keeping my composure with all of these confusing feelings going on in the background will be exceptionally difficult. It's going to be about 2 hours long, and I won't forgive myself if I turn into a mess in front of an entire class.
  13. I've been so busy with finals that I completely forgot about the second half of the sprite update. I had stalked the forums waiting for it for so long too! The new sprites look great. Silvers got a premium car wash and splits took on body building. Right on.
  14. So, I immediately decided to breed the first 2 that grew up. The first I clicked the wrong mate and the second... "The dragons refuse to even go near each other." Don't mind me, failure coming through. x-o Oh well, so happy for adult Caligenes. (:
  15. Hatchling will die if it doesn't grow up in: 4 days and 1 hour Pleeeeease little friend. I have been scroll locked for days, I NEED to get something from the AP. I'm having withdrawals. ;-;
  16. Yes... at least 20 times. But the good news is that despite the many fails, I have successfully caught 2 2015's from the AP. You just have to be persistent.
  17. It could be that it's a dark sprite and it's on a light background? Typically with darker sprites, it helps to view them on a dark background, then you can get a better sense of the colors and all the nice details. I've found that these hatchlings look gorgeous on a dark reddish brown background. They don't even appear black to me.
  18. Oh good, I'm not crazy. I thought of a llama as well. I like the s2 a lot though, I bet those wings are gonna be gorgeous.
  19. I'm finding ingredients just as often as I was yesterday and the day before. According to the clock that is. I think we're all just a little excited because tomorrow is the 31st, we're getting a new holiday dragon, and the event is almost over. (; Sooo, it's no wonder a few minutes is taking a few hours. Just think of how long that minute before midnight is gonna take...
  20. That's one of my favorites too. Although, as I'm looking over my treats... I really don't think there's enough cats. We need about 20-30% more cats. Maybe more.
  21. All of these treats are great. I can't wait to see who made them all.
  22. I'm gonna breed an egg with an adult dragon. I'm gonna do it. You can't stop me.
  23. The first potion I made turned my crimson flare pygmy into a royal crimson. .-. I'm going back to hoarding. Pesky potions.
  24. Goodness, what are you feeding that thing?! I have all these ingredients and I just don't want to risk them. I'll just hoard. I hope there's no limit. x)
  25. Woah, gorgeous. You guys rock for posting these. I haven't made any potions yet, but all these effects are superb!