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Breed requests always welcome. IOU friendly.ScrollI'm not online very often, be patient when waiting for responses!


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    ♛ Ashikara's Profile ♛

    Hi there, my name is Ashi! I am a 22 year old college student and I also work part-time. I enjoy online games and communities in my off time, but I can't be online all the time as I am very busy. Be patient if you're waiting for a response to a message, I respond just as soon as I have time. I'm usually open to breed requests if you spot something on my scroll that you'd like.

    ► ✿ ~ Notice! ~ ✿ ◄

    I haven't been online very often because of work and school, so I'm really not answering PMs or doing much on the forums right now. I'm getting online to occasionally breed and grab some eggs, but that's about it right now!