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  1. OK, now that I have some Hollies, here are some that I would be willing to gift the offspring of to winner(s) of this thread: 5G (imperfect stair) 6EG (Thuwed) 7EG (Thuwed) 7G (messy Thuwed Dorkface) 8EG (Thuwed) Will breed all with mate of winner's choice.
  2. Firedda

    Song Name Game

    "Across the Stars" ~ John Williams (Love Theme from Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones)
  3. Mwahahahahaha!! *Uses Magi dragons to teleport multiple misfit pygmy dragons-and their pillows-to Path Light's scroll with the instructions to wreck havoc*
  4. 4/10? I'm not normally in the Forum Games area, but I've seen you a couple times today.
  5. Definitely "Tiny bird waffle"
  6. Kiwi Icarus (Crimson Pygmy) I like Kiwi (fruit).
  7. Mine is similar to a bunch of people's, apparently. Someone (on Howrse) had a bunch of eggs on their profile. Although I was originally not interested, I kept seeing them so I decided to check it out. 100% hooked now.
  8. Just after Christmas, I saw a CB Brown Copper hatchie in the AP. unfortunately, I missed it…. Edit: Oh, yeah and my Christmas dragons! This one isn't the prettiest, but it was my first Holly (and it's only 3EG!!!) And I'm pretty sure that I found this Winter Magi (xGold checker) in the AP I also caught a handful of Holidays a couple days after breeding was over. That was a nice surprise.
  9. I've been spamming people with Avatar quotes. It's been awesome. Especially when they reply similarly.
  10. Refreshed over a CB Silver. *Kicking myself even though it was yesterday*
  11. These are great! Why did I never think of this??? Oh, well….Let the gifting begin! Edit: Well, I guess this would explain "White text on light tags still not fixed!" from Dirtytabs and "On the 11th day of Christmas my true love sent to me, 11 Yulebucks prancing" from Hiawatha
  12. Firedda

    Z Project

    Thanks, @dragonpuck, it worked!!
  13. Firedda

    Z Project

    Looking to trade my non-Z-code new Christmas dragon for a Z-coded one. PM me please. I will love it, name it, and cherish it forever!
  14. Question about Thuweds: Every time I have ever gone to the Thuwed page, the slots are always full. Is there any particular time of day (DCT) that there is an open slot? I know that Thuweds are sought after by a lot of people, but is there any "normal" time for requesting Thuweds?
  15. Firedda

    Z Project

    Took this, thank you!
  16. Firedda

    Z Project

    Free to a good home: Messy Winter Magi perfect for freezing! (in fact, if it hatches, I'll freeze it myself!) Gone
  17. Firedda

    Z Project

    Free to good homes!! Winter Magi Ribbon Dancer Another Winter Magi
  18. Firedda

    Z Project

    Took this, thank you! I will be named and loved!
  19. Swiping your Thuwed EG Vine....Mwahahahahaha....
  20. Firedda

    Glomp Gifting

    Firedda -----> iNarvi Status: pending
  21. If anyone happens to come across/breed one, I am (probably forever) looking for the offspring of x CB male Guardians of Nature and CB female Vines/Dark greens. Unless anyone has a higher gen. mate...that would be awesome too. (PM me to negotiate) Progress as of this post: 4EG List of dragons I already have for lineage: Document