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  1. Free to a good home: Z-coded 3EG Snow Angel (Tri-Colored) PLEASE ONLY TAKE IF YOUR SCROLL HAS TRICOLORS!!!
  2. HAVE: 3 CB Caligenes (on cooldown) WANT: 1:1 CB Pumpkin CB Black Marrow CB Shadow Walker CB Cavern Lurker CB Witchlight PM me
  3. Ah, ha! Found them! Thank you!
  4. I didn't feel like creating a new thread, so I'll post here. My Zyumorph adults are not sorting at all. I have it set on Account Default (where everything is by breed, but the growing dragons are at the top), and I looked through every page of my scroll, and I could not find my adult Zyumorphs! When I changed the sort to Breed, they were where they were supposed to be. But then eggs/hatchies had joined them. Changing it back to Default, the eggs where back at the top, but the adults had vanished again. Help?
  5. I'd love to join again! My Scroll - Breed sort order, they will be named "Holly'17-##" I'd also like to donate some Hollies!! Darqened the 1st Helix (3EG Holly) x OddMan's Feliz Thuwed (3EG Thuwed Winter) Holly Breeze of Delight (4G Holly) x Ada's Nock-knock Joke (CB Stripe) Honorable N-Poid (4G Holly) x mate of choice Abu's Thuwed of 38 (6EG Holly Thuwed) x Blimey Q Dorkface (6EG White Dorkface) Go Tell it Thuwed (7G Holly Thuwed) x Iseflake Forever CB (CB Winter) Fantastic Thuwed Digits (8EG Holly Thuwed) x ONT4C Thuwed (8EG White Thuwed)
  6. I voted for the Black Tips, though I almost voted for the Canopies. Either of which I'd be happy to collect, since I don't have very many of them yet. I'll also be donating a few of my Hollies' offspring this year. I was able to catch a couple really cool ones.
  7. Awww, I bred that one. I'm glad someone who appreciates clean Hollies (and Thuweds ) was able to pick one up.
  8. Firedda

    Z Project

    Took the Cassare, thank you!!
  9. Thanks! I'll see what I can do.
  10. Non-Christmas-y question for all of you knowledgable people: Is there a way to make one of the GIFs/icons from the Halloween Trick or Treat "basket" my avatar image? I've tried copy and pasting the url, but the url seems to change every day. Is there a way to do this? Or no? Thanks in advance.
  11. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Forum Name: Dragons releasing/released: Gray (Kept and froze) White White White White (Keeping all)
  12. I'd like to join. My scroll is organized by breed. All of the Storms will be named "Holly'16-##"
  13. Forum name: Firedda PM link: List of Valetines I can breed: ***See my list here*** (They are under the "Valentine" tab at the bottom) List of Valentines I need: (All would be perfect checkers) '09 Valentine -3EG from Blacks -3EG from Daydreams -3EG from Electrics Sweetling -2G from Xeno (any) -3EG from Speckle-Throated Rosebud -2G from GoN -2G from Silver -2G from Sunrise -2G from Thalassa Xeno -3EG from Nhiostrifes Heartseeker -2G from Deep Sea -2G from Red -2G from Xeno (any) Arsani -2G from Pink -2G from Sunsong -2G from Thalassa Xeno -3EG from Nhiostrifes Radiant Angel -2G from Gold -2G from GoN -2G from Gold Shimmer (it's a long shot, I know) -2G from Xeno (any) Heartstealing -2G from Gaia or Thalassa Xeno -2G from (Rare) List of Valentine mates I need: '09 Valentine -GOLD (4EG) Sweetling -DAYDREAM (2G) -GOLD (2G) -GOLD (3EG) -SUNSONG (3EG) Rosebud -GOLD (2G) Heartseeker -NHIOSTRIFE (2G) -BROWN COPPER (3EG) -MOONSTONE (3EG) Arsani -GOLD (2G) Complete list of everything I have and need is here-->SPREADSHEET
  14. Firedda

    Z Project

    Gift: Z'Magelight (2G from Crimson Flare)
  15. I, Firedda, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. Z'empt Today (ZMPtD) will stay pacified. Z'edge of 3D (Zge3d) will stay enraged (once enraged).
  16. I chose Storms. They are almost always in the AP, whereas I've noticed that the Greater Spotted Drakes aren't nearly as common. There's my two cents.
  17. Firedda

    Z Project

    zsOIL (3EG Ribbon Dancer from Black Marrows)
  18. Does anyone know when the Solstices get the blue/rosy wings? Is it the same as Sunset/Sunrise dragons? I can't remember…. Never mind. 6am-6pm (EST) is blue, and 6pm-6am (EST) is rose.
  19. Does anyone know when the Solstices get the blue/rosy wings? Is it the same as Sunset/Sunrise dragons? I can't remember….
  20. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: Firedda Forum Name: Firedda Dragons releasing/released: Deep Sea
  21. Just auto-abandoned this Silver (who was going to fulfill an IOU)….
  22. ~Removed for the protection of the new owner; autos do not belong in this thread~