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    A Leetle Secret

    Let's try this out.... I'm Giving a Gift! Forum Name: Firedda Scroll Link: Firedda Your Current Total LP: 50 How many eggs/hatchies are you gifting?: 1 What are their individual codes?: 2o5IW Do you have available teleports ready?: Yes New Total LP: 50+20=70
  2. Firedda

    A Leetle Secret

    I'd Like to Join! Forum Name: Firedda Scroll Name: Firedda Link to Leetle Tree [opt.]: Oh my. There is a leetle tree among the eggs! How many Magis do you have? 8 I'm not exactly sure how this whole thing works, but it looks like fun!
  3. Sends the Magi Squadron out again...this time to swipe your Halloween 2013s, Golds, Silvers, Coppers, Gold Shimmers, Silver Shimmers, Bronze Shimmer, Gold Tinsel, Silver Tinsels, Bronze Tinsel, Ice, Thunder, Reds, Pinks, and Blusang *takes several trips*
  4. Firedda

    Song Name Game

    ["Never Surrender"] So...R.... "Ready or Not" ~ Britt Nicole feat. Lecrae
  5. *Sends the Magi Squadron to Transfer your Shimmers, Tinsel, Pinks, Legendary Trio members (Ice, Thunder, Magma), Halloween Dragons (especially the 2013 ones), and the Copper*
  6. Well, diary, today was an interesting day! Not much happened other than a failed breeding attempt. Hapax's Tension wanted to breed with Fascia's Power, but she would have nothing to do with him! He took the best part of the day 'wooing' I guess, but then around mid-afternooon time, she told him off! She whirled and lunged at him, but he evaded (barely). She nipped, but he twisted out of the way. Some of the other dragons, namely 7th Kantele, circled around the entrance of the cave to watch the spectacle Tension was making out of himself. Power was obviously the more powerful, but he was persistent. He finally gave up all hope of breeding with her when she ripped a good-sized chunk of off his shoulder. He's still healing, and it's been almost five days! Man, that was a sight to behold.... the Earthquake chasing off the Electric. There was quite the weather out there, too. I guess that Power's anxiety and Tension's desire added together caused the whirlwind lightning storm we had that day. Needless to say, Tension won't be bothering Power any more. And what a relief. He was always moaning over the fact that he 'loved' Fascia's Power, and all of the other males better not get too close to her because he was going to get her. Yeah, you get the picture. Well, better get back to my guardian duties. Being posted outside the cave to protect the eggs, hatchies, and some females isn't all bad. I like it. Anyways, I'll write later, ~3rd Facetiae
  7. Let's see here. Most lines from all six Star Wars movies, but favorites are: (Ep I, The Phantom Menace) Qui-Gon Jinn: "These Federation types are cowards, the negotiations will be short" Later, after the Federation tries to kill them multiple times Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You were right about one thing, Master: the negotiations were short." (aka there were no negotiations) (Ep V, The Empire Strikes Back) Han Solo: "You didn't see us in the south passage ways. She expressed her true feelings for me." Leia Organa: "My...? Why you stuck up ... half-witted ... scruffy looking ... nerf herder!" (Ep VI, Return of the Jedi) C-3PO: "It's against my programming to impersonate a deity." There are so many more from SW (and other movies--like the Princess Bride, [Disney-Pixar in general], and National Treasure), but there's just a taste for you.
  8. Hello, I would love a mentor. I PMed Raikielia yesterday, but haven't heard anything yet. Help? Thanks!