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HIGHLY SEARCHING FOR 2-3EG Desipis from male Whites! My holiday dragons IOU friendly!

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    It's Ruby! From RWBY!! :D
    (Player I still owe ~ What I owe)
    Tango ~ 4EG White from female Desipis (offspring of http://dragcave.net/lineage/M5dQm) (Became inactive)

    ~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>Completed IOUs:<<<<<<<<~~~~~~~
    (Player I owed ~ What I owed)
    Miraxzee ~ 2G Avatar (any)
    PonyTales ~ CB Pink (x20)
    Mysticangel ~ 2G Gold (xM Sunsong)
    Artemis Lore ~ 2G PB Almandine
    GathersScrolls ~ 2G Gold (xSolstice/Radient Angel)
    edeva01 ~ Gold Shimmer, 2G Gold, and 2G Silver
    DoggyGuy ~ CB Waterhorse hatchie and 2G Red
    Xasora ~ 3 CB Reds
    cajunsun ~ CB Spessartine
    iNarvi ~ 2G GW (x male Grave)
    gehenna_dkr~ 2G Ember (MFalconiform x FEmber)
    olympe ~ 3EG Silver (xSolstice checker)
    Denwayasha ~ 2G Royal Crimson (MRoyal Crimson x FCarmine)
    Enalahs ~ CB August release (5/5)
    yongyeon ~ CB Spessartine
    WinstonGA ~ CB Spessartine
    Sunstar23 ~ CB Copper (Green)
    yongyeon ~ CB Green Copper
    Miral ~ Variety of Halloweens
    yongyeon ~ 3G Gold Shimmer (xRadiant Angel)
    lightningsky ~ offspring of my AvatarxVine lineage
    miss1nformation ~ CB Thalassa
    sfts ~ 3EG Silver (xSolstice)
    Areous ~ 2-4 Red hatchies (CB or EG) (4/3)
    joliver1998 ~ 5 2G Christmas hatches (5/5)
    bloodonmyfangs ~ 3EG Sweetling (xBlacks - sibling of http://dragcave.net/lineage/T5xjl)
    Sycamore ~ 2G Nebula from Purple Nebula x Heartstealing
    Iside ~ 2G Sunset (xSolstice) (Became inactive)
    bouken ~ CB Desipis x CB Gold = Gold (Became inactive)

    <^><^><^><^>HOLIDAY MATES I NEED:<^><^><^><^>
    Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nnb6tzMx2bmANO0Of8mylNtSDdh3_Cd09rd2hjA5x5A/edit?usp=sharing
    2G Pillow from Ribbon Dancer
    2G Tangar from Ribbon Dancer
    2G Red Dorsal from Wrapping Wing
    2G Silver Lunar Herald from female Shadow Walker
    2G Green Copper from male Cavern Lurker
    2G Silver from male Cavern Lurker
    2G Astrapi from female Desipis
    2G Chrono from male Desipis
    2G Daydream from female Desipis
    2G Lumina from male Desipis
    2G Spirit Ward from female Desipis
    2G Thalassa from male Desipis
    3EG Green Copper from male Shadow Walkers
    3EG Silver from male Shadow Walkers
    3EG Silver from male Cavern Lurkers
    4EG Crimson Flare Pygmy from male Pumpkins
    2G Black from Sweetling
    2G Pink from Sweetling x Bright Pink
    2G Daydream from Sweetling
    2G Gold from Sweetling
    2G Gold from Rosebud
    2G Avatar from Rosebud
    2G Nhiostrife from Heartseeker
    2G Gold from Arsani
    3EG Gold from Sweetlings
    3EG Sunsong from Sweetlings
    3EG Brown Copper from Heartseekers
    3EG Moonstone from Heartseekers
    4EG Gold from Sweetlings

    PM me if you have any questions!!