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  1. Is it just me, or are a large portion of the image links dead?!
  2. Ouch. That looks like it would hurt I've played for about a year now and it couldn't be better. I recently obtained a booster box for the brand new set, Born of the Gods, as I've made a resolution to collect the entire set. Some of the cards in that set are insane. Take Fated Return, for example: With some serious mana gain cards and a bit of luck, that's an amazing card. Also Elvish Piper. Not from Born of the Gods, but still.
  3. (So I did a search. And like, found nothing. Even so, if this exists already, feel free to close it :3) This thread is for posting surprising experiences that you've had or have created. This can include anything from meeting a celebrity during your daily walk to a ridiculous political decision you just found out had been made or when you threw a surprise party for that old guy in the cottage down the road. Feel free to discuss or comment on each others surprises, but as always, be nice ----------------- At the moment I can't think of anything to spark the conversation, so
  4. Oi, where is everyone D8 This thread deserves an awful lot more attention than it's getting. After following Starbound's development for nearly two years and pre-ordering Gold Tier around six months before it's release, this was a pretty big deal for me EDIT: Also thought I might mention the fact that the monsters are actually generated by the game on the fly; very little of the content in the game has been preset. It's almost like the developers have built a game that creates itself. Which is no mean feat, might I add.
  5. *pokes thread* Is... is it dead? *waves level 82 Blaze Wizard high in the air*
  6. I remember before the 1.2 update, years ago, I constructed a base designed to be as hardmode-proof as inhumanly possible. It even had houses for the NPCs and it was positioned at a certain height above the ground to prevent Wraith attacks. I seriously thought of everything o3o Then I wiped my computer. Don't ask :/ On another, perhaps more pleasant note, I got an Amber Mosquito ^o^ For those who don't know, upon use it summons a Baby Dinosaur which follows you around until such time when you perish. Then you just use it again to get another one anyway, so. Whatever
  7. Added the animated one to my siggy, to replace the original Also, I've come up with the code to make the badge link directly to your fort on your scroll. I've listed each one for convenience. To use the direct links, simply replace "SCROLLNAME" with your username and paste it into your signature. Snow Wars 2013: [URL=http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/SCROLLNAME][IMG=http://i44.tinypic.com/28gsged.jpg][/URL] Got Snow?: [URL=http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/SCROLLNAME][IMG=http://i39.tinypic.com/6rhqog.jpg][/URL] Animated: [URL=http://dragcav
  8. Whoa! Awesome! Mine all mine, thanks for being fast!
  9. ...wait, DC has a Twitter? :3 Anyway, amazing art, well done ^^;
  10. Which is an especially problematic problem.
  11. I want to participate! Forum name: NinjaKrill Scroll name: gohead Wishlist: 1. Any 2nd/3rd Generation Shimmerscale :3 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Nebula 4. PB Blusang with all named ancestors 5. Any BSA Hatchling/s, I don't mind if CB or not 6. CB Blusangs yaaaay ^o^ Thanks for organizing this. Looks great!
  12. The penguin waddles away from the bedroom, because he doesn't want to get caught if you wake from your slumber.
  13. I started this quite recently, and soon after decided that I would hoard Swinubs: I already have over twenty plus some Summer Swinubs. I don't plan on evolving them, but could someone give me a heads up on how one would go about doing that? But anyway, my usercard <3: Apparently that green orb trinket is quite rare, too, with only about 270 in existance ^o^ One last thing. I've been seeing a Mew Doll thing in everyone's usercard, could anyone tell me how rare those are and what I would approximately have to trade to get one? Thanks
  14. In addition, if you were reblogging an image, the image may have been hosted on Dropbox. But I don't use Tumblr, so I'm not entirely sure how it works. Basically, to answer your question, the link that you posted is completely safe, however because Dropbox is a file hosting service, it is possible to get viruses from it. But 99% of the time you won't ^o^
  15. Pretty I, personally, am very excited about this egg I just obtained. Silvers look amazing with Graves!
  16. Considering a similar kind of thing is in every second children's show, I think it should be fine. But I'm no mod obviously. Edit: -solved-
  17. CB Stripes are, from what I've seen, only worth anything to collectors of the breed. As far as I know, they aren't very difficult to get.
  18. *poke* I like this. This is good. Yes, I wanted this. Support!