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  1. Grabbed a CB Tsunami Wyvern with the code MVPmo. I'm going to name it Mo, if it's not taken. Most Valuable Player mo-I guess it's name shall be mo I wonder for what though? Sports?
  2. Traded a CB black for a CB Vamp and almost at the exact same time, snatched a CB purple dino from the cave. Luck was in my favor
  3. Wow where to begin....I'm still a newbie but whatevs, I can still post my dumb mistakes. I didn't think that eggs/hatchis needed that many views and thought that I was on a roll when I had 100 views. I only posted my first eggs on one low-trafic site. They died...Well I had asked about it somewhere on the forum and was told that my eggs should hatch if I had a 'good amount' of views... I got two CB eggs of the same kind, egglocking me. I was frustrated so I tried to abanndon the second one, but I found out I had to wait 24 hrs and then have it staining my scroll with it's deadness for 2 weeks Dx. I saw a golden wyvern in the cave and I didn't click on it because I thought it was a caveblocker...
  4. Well, the people in the cave must have been REALLY slow a few days back when I snatched a CB purple dino egg lol. It took like 30 seconds for me to read through it, and another 3-4 to realize it was a rare, but I still got my paws on it. Here's to late night egg hunting. I just wish it was a silver....As I don't have much interest in dinos. Meh whatever, I'll probably get more in the future. Still, I can't get over the excitement of my first rare!
  5. Ahhhhh I'm freaking out! I just saw my first rare when egg hunting, and despite my turtle-speed reading, and slow recognition of the egg type, I managed to get my paws on a Purple dino egg! Anywho, about halloween... Newbie alert! lol I just got my first Vamp egg (now a hatchling). I'm excited to start Vamp biting. I won't do it this halloween though, maybe later on in the year. Zombies? Heck yeah! I googled zombie dragons and their awesome! Lucky thing I made my account right before halloween! Am I looking for lineages? Nope. I'm extremely picky about my eggs/hatchis/dragons. They MUST be cb. What I hope for this years dragon? Hmm....I'd like to see a werewolf of some sort. Maybe something like a ghost would be cool. Like I said, I'm a newbie, so I have no clue about Halloween/Christmas events...
  6. Stupid things? Well I'm pretty new to DC. I want to explore and get a bunch of breeds and all, so I don't get two of the same egg. I went to the cave right after one of my eggs hatched....and got the exact same egg by mistake.....and then killed it.....and now I have to wait for a whole day to get a new egg #stupidmoment