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  1. I got 3 zombies this year.... I didn't raise any fodder, I just killed a bunch of commons and cave blockers. My first ever attempt was a success. I forgot what breed though. After a failed attempt, I got my second: a previous male swallowtail. And at the end of Halloween, I decided that I wanted a hatchi too, so I killed a 2G PB male SW because that was the least liked of my hatchis. I only killed one hatchi, and it successfully zombified.
  2. Mkay, let me get started on my looong Christmas list to 'santa' (TJ) just because Christmas is right around the corner... •As long as it's on my screen, I can keep it. When I go to the cave and see a rare, I can keep it as long as I didn't refresh the page, and everyone else gets the sorry message •Unlimited Silver pairs at my disposal •50 of each pink and red dragon without the grueling wait of hatching them, then waiting for them to grow •My eggs being able to grow as soon as they reach a certain amount of views, and me not having to wait till they have 4 days left •Being able to summon as many times as I want •Unlimited egg slots •A 'remove annoying people with fast browsers from the AP' button •Being able to steal other dragon's names (just for me because I'm special) •A massive amount of CB Yulebucks and CB Sweetlings •Lots of CB tinsels and shimmers in all colors •My marrow egg to be a female (fingers crossed) •More than one leetle tree •My own unique Thuwed from whatever pair I want •A spriters alt sweetling •An army of alt blacks •A way to see all the biomes at once Unreasonable? Me? Pffft no, what are you talking about
  3. How many trick or treats are there? I can't seem to find anymore...does that mean I found them all?
  4. I found... •two PB 2G shadow walkers in the AP •a 3G pumpkinXmale Pygmy checker. I am collecting more eggs/hatchis to complete the lineage, and I'm looking for someone to influence it •a 3G marrowXred dorsal •and, though not as amazing as the others, a 2G lurkerXwhite
  5. Dear people in the AP. Please take mercy on my slow browser and allow me the tiny pleasure of grabbing one halloween egg that I have missed in previous years. Sincerly, person who is being bombarded with 'you can't find the egg' messages
  6. Um...is there a new release I'm not aware of...? Sorry, this is my first halloween and I don't want to miss anything. Will the dragon come out on halloween? Or is it already out?
  7. I don't care about inbreeding, as long as the lineage isn't messy.
  8. http://dragcave.net/lineage/TzPZh *facepalm* The first tinsel code in this lineage...
  9. I'm most proud of my CB Silver, my CB Blusang, and my CB trio because I caught them all (lol jk I lied. I traded something for my CB thunder, but other than that, I caught them all) Also, I am quite proud of the fact that my first ever dorsal (Btw it was caught in the cave) was red, and my first ever ridgewing (also caught in the cave) was tan.
  10. I voted 'other' because I think Blusang Lindwurm eggs are the prettiest.
  11. Can someone please tell me how to post the code for my ADULT DRAGON on here without it being censored? I don't want views...I've seen people in the breeding forum post clickable pictures to their dragons I was tempted to name this one Eldie, but I needed to name it for a special lineage
  12. Requests: Gold Shimmerscale. Preferably 8G or lower, but I'm not too picky. I like Spiral/Staistep lineages, but any pretty lineage will do, as long as it's not messy (Dx Please, no messy. That's literally the one thing I'm picky about). And I would like it to have no holiday mates. Also, the best mate would be something (un)common, that way I can continue the lineage. Gold Tinsel. Same requirments/preferences as above ^^ My side of the trade: I can breed any pair(s) from my scroll (banner in sig leads to my scroll when clicked). I'm a newbie, but that doesn't mean I have bad dragons and caveblockers. All my dragons except my silver/bronze shimmers and silver tinsel are CB, so I can give you some nice 2G (rare) dragons **Please note that my CB Silver female only has one mate; my CB Blacktip**
  13. I'm quite conflicted...I just managed to catch myself a pretty CB Blusang, and then I looked at a trade site and found that I could trade it for a 8G Gold shimmer from a stairstep gold shimmer/gold wyvern lineage, a 6G bronze shimmer from a sweetling/bronze shimmer stairstep lineage and an 6G Silver Shimmer from a silver shimmer/holiday spiral lineage. On the other hand though, I want to make a Silver/Magma lineage and have both CB silver and Magma, but if the silver genders wrong, then I want to use the blusang (if the blusang genders right)...lol confusing statement. I am quite unsure of whether to accept this trade or not...What is more valuable in your opinion? CB Blusang, or 3 shimmers? I don't have any shimmers or blusangs yet...
  14. Oh! Sorry again, lol. All the forums that I'm in don't have the option to edit posts. That's really neat. Thank's for the heads up. I'll try to remember that in the future
  15. By the way, thanks for letting me
  16. Sorry. I thought I'd ask you both, since you're both part of this.
  17. Would you mind me making a new lineage project, designed to compete against you and the Aurum lineage? The dragons I will use are a CB Silver and a CB Magma or CB Ice, or CB Tan Ridgewing (depending on the gender of the Silver). Fingers crossed that it's a male lol
  18. rminora

    The Aurum Family

    Would you mind me making a new lineage project, designed to compete against you and the Courage lineage? The dragons I will use are a CB Silver and a CB Magma or CB Ice, or CB Tan Ridgewing (depending on the gender of the Silver). Fingers crossed that it's a male lol
  19. I can't believe my luck. Three weeks back, I caught a Magma dragon, then two days ago, I caught a Silver, and today, I caught an Ice dragon. Wow...all of them are CB btw EDIT: OMG to top it all off, as the day was coming to an end, I caught a CB Blusang Lindwurm!! Two rares in one day! Saywut
  20. Oh thanks for letting me know. I don't know what to name it now...lol....The song is finished. That lineage must have taken a lot of work to make and plan.
  21. I just found the prettiest even gen egg in the AP. Why would anyone even think of abandonning such a pretty lineage? Like seriously. It's a lyrical even gen. I thought it was just a long, inbred even gen, but then I read all the names in order and it literally makes a song. Lucky me http://dragcave.net/lineage/dITcc
  22. OMG I JUST GOT MY FIRST CB SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 IT IS MY SECOND ONE THAT I'VE EVER SEEN IN THE CAVE!!!!!! Omg, I can't believe I managed to grab it! I had just nonchalantly clicked on the cave, thinking 'meh, probably not much in there' and I saw an odd egg description. I'm thinking 'Wut...I know this one...ITS A SILVER!" I expected the 'sorry' message to pop up, but instead, I got it! I've wanted a CB silver since my first day on DC, and now I finally have one! My mouth is still awkwardly hanging ajar in shock lol
  23. I was egglocked and went to the cave because I was bored. I was browsing and clicked on alpine biome. I saw a golden wyvern. So I'm sitting there thinking great. I then clicked on the desert biome and found a thunder dragon?!? That was the first and only time that I saw two rares in a row.
  24. My first four died because I didn't know how many views eggs needed. My first four that survived were a Stone, Whiptail, Pillow, and Albino