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  1. I want to make something really cool out of this valentine’s lineage: https://dragcave.net/view/Pyeia I want to breed something to mirror the lineage it has now but flipped (so instead of female valentines, it would be mostly pinks with a male streak of something else kinda making a < shape if that makes sense?) Obviously valentine dragons are only female so I’d love some ideas for male dragons that would look good with the pink/valentine theme I have?
  2. Ahhh... For christmas, from the secret santa project, I got the second tinsel needed for a very important project I've been working on. This is my favorite pairing: http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...en=3&mate=abviN
  3. I want to thank my gifter and everyone who helped my gifter to successfully tackle my wishlist and even get me a (super rare ) dragon that I've been trying to trade for for what seems like an eternity. Thanks! (Now I'm off to the cave to hunt down some dragons for my giftee lol)
  4. Hi! Can anyone help me with one of these items from my Giftee's wishlist, please? 1. http://dragcave.net/lineage/SHmch Exact lineage, but an Ice -I don't have any ribbon dancers- 2. 2nd gen Thunder from m Gold -I don't see myself getting a CB gold and thunder in the next couple of weeks, unless I stalk the cave for hours- Thanks
  5. I want to get a female and male adult, female and male frozen hatchling (even if there is no dimorphism) and one ungendered hatchling of every breed. But, I wasn't here when the old pinks were, or the frills, so... I guess I'll have to settle for every breed other than those.
  6. Planning to breed: Nhiostrife X Purple Nebula Nhiostrife X female swallowtail
  7. My misses of the day: 2 CB green Opals, a CB Silver, a CB Golden Wyvern, two CB Ice's, and countless new release eggs. *Cries* On the plus side, I did manage to catch a CB Gilded bloodscale Though I would rather have that CB Silver...
  8. Suggestion: When it says 'Scroll Name:' that generally means insert your scroll name (same with forum name) Ex. Scroll Name: Creative_canary Forum Name: Creative_canary
  9. I want to Change! Forumname: Creative_canary Reason for Change: I started a new lineage and need slightly different dragons Wishlist: 1. Magma or Silver (any gen) from Magma male/Silver female checker 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Royal Blue 4. Checkers! I love 2 breed checkers (Ice/Horse checker preferred) 5. Black tea female hatchi please (CB if possible) 6. If dreams came true, I would get a 3G bronze tinsel descending stair from a marrow or grave (Marrow preferred)<3 (Other mates are OK, but a descending stairstep from a marrow or grave would be perfect)
  10. I want to participate! Forumname: Creative_canary Scrollname: Creative canary Wishlist: 1. Any gen Magma male/Silver female checker <3 2. CB Busang 3. CB Pink egg or hatchi 4. Checkers! Ice/Horse preferred 5. A Blacktip hatchi (preferably female) 6. If dreams came true, I would get a 3G Bronze tinsel descending stair from a Black marrow <3 (Or magma, ember, or black mates.
  11. I was thinking alt blacks and graves <3 Also thinking of doing a magma even gen with graves in the base, ember female/grave male, and Royal crimson maybe <3
  12. Ahh! My first Thuwed...AND IT'S A CLEAN LINEAGE!!!~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/Eo0eL
  13. Omg!! I got the name iDerp!!! I'm so happy! It is for a really messy silver that I'm debating freezing.
  14. I don't really care. They're just pixels...it's not like we're forcing a living, breathing thing to mate with it's mother....
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/440xR <3<3
  16. I don't normally follow a naming scheme, but maybe I'll try this lineage out. It looks quite pretty I was thinking to start of with Royal crimsons for the red...
  17. Thank you for dumping a pair of CB Black teas <3 Just what I needed for my lineage
  18. I grabbed a 2G PB stripe. Thanks breeder
  19. Honestly, I wouldn't be on dragon cave whithout Black teas. On a different website, I saw a Male black tea dragon on someones page. I clicked on it and I was thinking 'hey, this website has attractive sprites, it seems interesting enough, and it doesn't seem like those sites that drain your wallet. Why not try it out?' and that's why I started DC.
  20. Someone gave me a 3G tinsel for an IOU of a new halloween hatchi. My mailbox filled up, and I deleted every single PM I had ever recieved. A couple of days before my eggs hatched. I freaked out. I felt so guilty and awful, but with the help of a kind DC user, I found the person I owed *sigh of relief*
  21. How rare are purple dorsals/ridgewings? I mean, honestly, what is the chance of getting them? I can't catch a single one! I keep getting tans and red dorsals from the cave...I dump them or post them in the departures thread if my magi is not on cooldown...what is another dragon of equivalent worth to a purple dorsal/ridgewing?
  22. Grave PB EG, then in two years, a GraveXmagma, graveXember, and GraveXsilver checker