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  1. How many times do I have to tell you!? Don't create memes in the shower!
  2. Maybe TJ's trying to tell me to turn off Adblock for the umpteenth time. I think this time I'll take him up on that. Thanks!
  3. Well, on my PC at the moment and I can't see the Female White Stripe sprite. I can see Male White Stripes, and all of the other Stripes, but the Female seems to be missing. I tried the Reload button at the top of the page, Ctrl+F5, and just F5. I'm seeing this in all pages: Breeding and Scroll page itself EDIT: Did some URL manipulation to get to the View and Lineage pages. Interestingly enough, the sprite loads correctly in Lineage, but nowhere else.
  4. Get out pan. Turn stove on. Crack egg on side of pan. Put the resulting dragon in the pan. Cook 10 minutes. How do I get this "Guardian of Nature" thing?
  5. Stupid question: Would it theoretically be possible to play Dragon Cave on a Wii U? I'm serious, here. It has a browser built in.
  6. Stop trying to tell me you're better at Pokemon than me. You hacked every Shiny Legendary into your team, and that somehow makes you better than me? Perish Song? What is this, 1998? You need to stop lording your "Pokemon Skills" over me. Stop it.
  7. Dorkface somewhere in my lineage "Now, I'm not sure WHERE it is. But it's there! I swear!"
  8. Prior to release, it was believed that Psychic may have been super effective against Fairies as well (due to the belief that it had a resistance), since it was also believed (probably correctly) that a Pokemon with enhanced intelligence wouldn't believe in silly children's tales. ...then again, prior to release, we thought Jirachi, Victini, and Mew would become Fairy-type. Honestly, I still believe that Psychic should resist it. I still can't see why Fire does, though, but it's probably a balance thing.
  9. Aquamarine took a moment to glance at the red eagle that had now come to drink from the water. It's become fairly obvious that something had happened to all of the Pokemon gathered here. The eagle's wincing was a dead giveaway... Aqua'd shake her head, careful this time not to smack anyone with a crystal. The Suicune'd hear the deep thud of a landing next to her, and looked over. "Aqua! You... you're still here! You're alive! After all these...nngh, I'm not sure how long it's been...but it's been so long, I thought we weren't friends!" Now Aquamarine remembered this Lugia. Wasn't this Soren? She could have sworn it was him; the voice was too familiar. "...Soren? You're right! It's been too long!" Aquamarine was sitting face-to-face with her old friend now. Now that she had the chance to think about it, Soren didn't look so different than he used to. Aside from being darker shades of blue and grey, he still had his original color scheme. For a moment, Aqua'd look at her flank, noting the black spots that were previously a snow-white color. "You must tell me why you've been so absent so long...I've been so lonesome without you." ...Aquamarine had to think carefully about this answer. Why DID she leave Soren for so long? If she had to be truly honest, Aqua would say that she'd done it because of her duties as an Aurora Pokemon. The very same task that had gotten her caught up in this in the first place. And the one she can't even perform now. But that didn't explain why Aqua'd never gone out to the ocean. She'd go over the answer she was going to give even more. The most simple and honest answer would have been... "I left to cleanse some of the more inland rivers. I was going to help the Pokemon that had befriended humanity, and in the process, it also helped some of them as well... But I guess they didn't take too kindly to that. Maybe they wanted their water as it had been before I'd gotten there. But why wouldn't they like clean water? Maybe they don't truly like their Pokemon. Regardless, Aqua'd kinda nuzzle Soren's face, careful not to poke him by accident.
  10. Regular Bingo: 1 point each R4: dragon with sc in its code Nope! R5: A CB Red Copper Nope! R6: Three purebred BSA dragons Celestial, Green, Ice Competitive Bingo: 2 points each C1: Highest generation EG dragon with the first generation consisting entirely of dead dragons Nope!
  11. World of Warcraft: Died to the Serpentshrine Cavern "elevator boss". It's a long way down.
  12. Go to hell Nick Seicean This Nick guy must be really sp00ked.
  13. Frilly Cheesesteak, although the names before it are all kinda interesting.
  14. Sometimes, I don't like Ertan in the Vortex Pinnacle. I think the mistake comes from when I think that when she pulls all her cyclones inwards, I think that I have to stand on top of her to avoid the damage (they arc lightning outwards if you're out of their ring) But my favorite mistake I've ever made? Thinking that a ROBLOX game about swords wouldn't be played by 7-year-olds who choose Darkheart (has a lot of power, leeches life) as their weapon, thinking it was the best thing in the game. Unfortunately for those children, I used a sword that was quite a bit longer named Firebrand. The only other sword that was as long was Venomshank (which was considered the second most overpowered weapon behind Darkheart) You could not possibly imagine the rage that comes from small children when they realized that a good sword doesn't make them good. (I think they're learning certain vocabulary from their parents.) It's like the Pokemon move Perish Song: Darkheart looks really, really good... in a vacuum. If the opponent is using a sword with a longer range, the kid's gonna lose the duel if their opponent can stay out of range. The other mistakes I made were also related to being too good at a game. I was battling a friend in Pokemon X. It's a Double Battle. He had 6 Pokemon on his team; me, in my utter stupidity of not realizing that non-Battle Spot battles had 6 slots, chose only 4. It didn't matter. My first set of Pokemon were Darkrai (with the ability to make both enemies sleep) and Xerneas (with the ability to power himself up drastically in 2 turns, or 1 with the item I had equipped). The first round, Darkrai puts both enemy Pokemon to sleep, and Xerneas uses Geomancy to get a massive boost. After that, he switched both back out, putting in two fresh Pokemon. They were also put to sleep, and subsequently nuked by a Xerneas that's dishing out x2 damage. This continued twice more until I won. Neither of my beginning Pokemon had a scratch on them, and I was proud. I forgot that my friend has a massive temper. He was calling me out for hacks, saying that there was no way his Darkrai would have out-sped his [insert whatever Pokemon it was here]. I kept reminding him that there was such a thing as Choice Scarf (makes the Pokemon faster, but forces them to keep using the first move they used). A few months later, he told me he had installed a hack onto his game that gave him every shiny Legendary Pokemon. After a good internal facepalm on my part, he told me that he was going to use his Shiny Meloetta's Perish Song to win. He said that his Meloetta was certainly going to out-speed my Darkrai. I was prepared to bash my head against my keyboard. He still didn't get it. ...yeah, I'm still miffed to this day. He hasn't actually challenged me yet.
  15. I'll take 3: she knows him and doesn't remember it, due to the color change and how long it's been since Aquamarine's seen Soren.
  16. Aquamarine had too many things to look at now. Between an off-white wyvern, a Lugia that she could have SWORN she'd seen before, this red eagle-like being, and this big worm, there were too many unfamiliar things around. Well, except the Lugia. That seemed too familiar. Aqua kept trying to think of his name. His? Yeah, his. It's gotta be a "he". The red marks made her stop and think, though. Those bloody silhouettes reminded her of another thing that had happened pretty recently. Aquamarine couldn't see the state of her crystalline head, but the end of the hexagonal center was a dark color, even more than the rest had become. That section didn't shine at all, whereas the other parts were just a dulled reflection. Apparently some human had been in the way of her uncontrolled Blitz... and paid a bit more of a price than most of the people Aqua had charged through who had simply taken large bruises or gashes from the side crystals. They'd been in the direct path, and too early in her charge. Whoever had gotten impaled probably wasn't okay in any sense of the term. So Aquamarine would stare at the water. Only two reasons to go over there. Her heart sank as Aquamarine realized that, a long time ago, there would have been a third. She'd like to see who that Lugia was... Still too fuzzy to remember his exact name. But the other reason? Aqua needed to see what damage had been done as she'd left. Hopefully, it wasn't as bad as what the Lugia had been seeing. It couldn't be... right? He's bigger. He's got the strength to do whatever the hell he did. I'm not particularly strong in that respect... The darkened Suicune began to walk towards this river, a slight limp in one leg from the wound. She'd start accelerating slightly as Aqua realized a third reason to go there that wasn't "purify it": A Suicune that's parched isn't a Suicune at all. Aquamarine'd take a look at the giant bird on the bank before taking a few sips of the water herself. It wasn't that bad, actually. Slightly coppery, but otherwise acceptable. Staring at the crystalline structure on her head, Aqua realized the full extent of her corruption. It didn't glint as much anymore, and had made itself much darker. But the main structure of the crystal troubled her even more. Aquamarine hopped out near the bank of the river, pausing her water-walking for a moment to sink under the current. As soon as the tip of her crystal was completely under, Aqua began water walking again, jumping clear out and landing. She was still over the river, but a bit closer to the bank than the Suicune had been before. Now Aqua would just look at the Lugia. Still gotta remember this name...
  17. Fine. Ms. Alter the Worm (still has six free worm appendages! Buy it today for only 1 soul [not the bird, although maybe!]!) Disclaimer: Soul has to be yours. Not the bird. Maybe. But a soul would be nice.
  18. Aquamarine'd look over at the red eagle. She hadn't heard of this one, either, but she HAD encountered a Xerneas at one point. It was close to a pool that Aqua had tried to purify. "Xerneas? I haven't seen a Xerneas in an awfully long time... I don't remember seeing any when I was running out, either." Aquamarine was barely above a whisper. She'd been tempted to go back to giving the worm the questioning look of the century, but instead Aqua would hop towards the eagle, laying back down. Now she could see the other Pokemon. Was that..? No, she didn't really recognize it. But Aquamarine hadn't seen it before it had gotten to the ground. Did it attack? She couldn't tell from this angle. Well, if a battle were to start, Aqua could just stay down here. This bird hadn't done very much yet, after all. ((I'm trying to help the ninja-ing by copying the text I have and then refreshing to see if something's added.))
  19. Level 50 is the highest level that any Suicune is found in the games, so Aqua can stay 50. She's very intently staring at Mr. Alter the Worm. (Now with six more worm apparatuses!)
  20. ((Ah, I forgot that the EVs weren't awarded until they're purified. All things considered, their EVs were probably wiped when they became Shadowed, because they're not caught with any ingame.)) Aquamarine'd have an awfully strange dream this time around. Most of the time, when she fell asleep, she'd find herself having nightmares (generally of Cipher). This dream was different. Aquamarine was flying, really more like running through air, but it was enough to pass as flying. She'd 'fly' over a pure body of water. It had been touched by neither Pokemon nor human, and seemed to stretch beyond the horizon. Aqua stepped down, touching the water lightly, and it splashed onto her face. What? --- The Suicune would wake up, shaking her head. As soon as she felt a little resistance-something hitting the crystal while she was half-asleep-Aqua'd stand up straight. She'd begin staring down this new creature in front of her. This wasn't a Pokemon she recognized, although it was definitely a Pokemon. Aquamarine'd stare it down. It couldn't mean harm- if it did, she'd already be dead. The words of this conversation were becoming clearer now. The extra clarity was always appreciated. But now was a good time to see what she'd hit (by accident, of course!). Aqua'd look up. "Oh... hey." She was looking up at a semi-familiar figure. Aquamarine'd shake her head again, putting it into greater focus. It didn't help much. Still awfully fuzzy from the dream. It's just a slightly less-than-silver bird... surely she'd remember what it was soon? Still no idea what the worm was, though. ((And no notice of the red eagle; of course it'd be on the other side!)) ((EDIT: Naturally, I'd post too late. I gots it!)) --- And then the bird would be flying! Kind of. Actually, it didn't look like flying so much as being tossed. Aquamarine'd shake her head again, staring at the worm. So, either it's trying to help, or it's screwing with us. Honestly, one was good and the other was bad, but there's no real time to decide. Aqua'd stare up at the worm. The stare'd turn into a questioning look as soon as it [the worm] was in the center of her vision. ((Done! The color code is darkcyan, by the way.))
  21. They still haven't gotten back about my messed-up schedule. I'm really hoping I don't have to go to 3 high schools at the same time. That would be silly.
  22. (But Silver! Most competitive Lugias use HP as one of their main EVs!) Aquamarine continued to run through these stupid woods. On occasion, she'd pass by a Flying Pokemon... a Pidgeotto, or a Tranquill, or any number of these forest birds. The ground behind her was now littered with frozen birds and maroon splatters. But she was going towards a different biome now, the air growing drier and the evergreens less green. Aqua huffed, sprinting towards a much more lit area. She'd never have to huff before. The wind would normally carry her. Where WAS the wind? Aquamarine suddenly felt something different underfoot. On one foot- the unmangled left paw- she had sand. But on the other, there was a green, buglike wing. It moved quickly, knocking Aqua up and back. She flipped back over to see what needed to die. A very angry Flygon was buzzing at her. These words were being drowned out, though, by the very fact that it had actually done something to her. The Flygon opened its ugly mouth and began charging up a Dragon Breath. Aquamarine's crystal took the brunt of this attack. Now this thing was trying to hurt her! The tainted Pokemon would begin using Shadow Hold, keeping it in place. The Flygon began flapping in confusion as its torso held in place. Now it was ready to take a Shadow Blitz to the chest, which is a perfectly natural way of ending a fight, and one that Aqua will take. Flygon spun out of control. As it hit the ground, it dug under, trying to get out of a losing battle. Aqua'd begin digging at the ground, but already she was beginning to get tired. Just need to take a nap... The Suicune would finally give in to sleep, falling sideways onto the hot sand, one foot still embedded in it and the other exposed.
  23. ((Ari DID fire an arrow into the tree. It missed Unive and hit a branch instead. Now she's preparing to fight. Just in case.))