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  1. Ah. I was personally going to wait for the exact wording of what this Sylveon was gonna say. I'd like to know how much Ganon's gonna laugh (and then leave anyway, because he's from a universe governed by this kind of stuff. He also lost the tourney, so why should he stay any longer?) I mean, it's a small white, pink, and baby blue cat with ribbons all over it telling him about the end of the world. He wants to laugh at it (and he will!) but 9 times out of 10 in his universe this stuff is true.
  2. Aquamarine was now entirely certain that this Articuno couldn't be Risha. This wasn't the face of something that kinda-sorta remembered Soren. This was the face of a very, very confused Legendary Pokemon that had never seen anything even remotely like a Lugia in their lives. So, if this isn't Risha, who is it? "Um... can I help you?" Aqua'd open her mouth to respond, but then freeze up. The water going over the Suicune's feet became much thicker. It felt almost like honey, sticking to Aquamarine's ankles. So she'd look down. The river, in the entirety of a vision, was a deep purple color. A noise somewhere in-between a growl and a whine could be heard from the bank, as Aqua tried to run out of the river. The best that she could do was make short leaps towards land in an effort to get out of the viscous, murky river. Aqua couldn't even really hear the conversation going on over all her thoughts at the moment. They weren't in order, either. And once Aquamarine got to the edge, she'd snarl at the basically toxic river. The purple muck still dripped from her legs, though, so Aqua'd quickly stop to lick it off. B-bad idea... The substance was bitter, yes, and she liked bitter, but this was disgusting beyond words. There was no way any creature could survive in that for more than a few minutes. The thought sickened her. She didn't really want to talk about this anymore. ((RIP fish)) ((EDIT: RIP ninja'd)) ((PPS: I think I fixeded it.))
  3. Why would you do that. 718 is too many. (It's really that I've already seen the video.) EDIT: is better, I feel.
  4. Perhaps I'll start breeding Blacktip and Aeon Wyvern depending on what this hatchling turns into. I kind of want to do AeonXBlue Nebula as well.
  5. I wish that were the case for Dragon's Prophet. At this stage, the only way to play is to log on to the European servers and cry deeply about losing your favorite dragon. Mine was Derpins McSkittles, but he will live on forever on my scroll.
  6. This'll probably be pretty weird. I'm playing a character that's a Smasher, but I love me some spinoffs, so he's not in his Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess forms (as he is in Smash) Name: Ganondorf Universe: The Legend of Zelda (Specifically, Hyrule Warriors: Legends) Gender: Male Species: Gerudo Appearance: Too big of a picture, but isn't he fabulous? (Oh, and here's proof of how fabulous he is. Please don't actually believe this. Please.) Personality: Ganondorf is normally arrogant and apathetic towards most of the other Smashers. The only time he'll show respect is if Ganon's challenged by someone of relatively equal power... and there weren't too many of those in the tournament. His battle style is strategic. Much of the time, these other Smashers are faster than he is. They overestimate their advantage, and that's about when they take the flat of a sword to their face to prove a point. Of course, this strategy didn't help him in the tournament; he was knocked out of it fairly late (around the quarterfinals-ish). Ganon's still awfully miffed about that. Try not to talk to him about it. Abilities/Weapons: He wields two massive Great Swords and much of the magic he's picked up over the years. Many of his normal attacks are a combination of the two, but the more notable attacks are: Side Special: Ganondorf readies his swords for a few moments, then launches a devastating double stab that can send opponents flying. In the air, he moves a moderate distance alongside the attack. (Based on Warlock Punch.) Down Special: On the ground, Ganon begins slashing his swords in all directions, dealing minor damage to opponents, but leaving them stuck in the outline of the slash. Moments later, regardless of whether or not someone's trapped, the outlines explode, dealing medium damage. In the air, it's a downwards kick infused with dark power that puts airborne victims back on the ground. Up Special: On the ground, Ganon puts his swords up, then swings them in a downwards arc, putting victims to the sides of him most of the time. In the air, he uses a similar method of movement to the Air variant of his Side Special, using the momentum of a thrust to carry him a middling distance upwards. Final Smash: Lightning arcs on the ground in front of Ganondorf. The first wave leaves opponents in the air, ready to be attacked by the next two waves of electricity. The last sends opponents flying. (This is based on Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf's Special Attack, where he bathes a large area in front of him in a nice electric wave of death. You can use it up to 3 times in a row with certain character upgrades, hence 3 waves.) Silly dwaghin! Aether is for hoomans!
  7. Have you ever played an online game, only to find one morning that it's shutting down or has shut down? My personal experiences with this involved Free Realms and Dragon's Prophet (North American servers, anyway), causing me to distrust the publisher of both MMOs. (I did a search and couldn't find anything on this.)
  8. 164. Make a tangled mess of Xenowyrms and various Easterns.
  9. Tell Me Your Secrets And Ask Me Your Questions
  10. Aquamarine'd note a slightly red tinge to the water next to her, floating downstream. She'd shudder, just for a moment, before looking back towards the Lugia's soaring form. It's honestly pretty awe-inspiring from the ground. No wonder humanity seemed to worship such a creature. Aqua shook her head, looking straight forward. The river seemed to be going upwards at this point, forcing her to hop. But it's nothing a Suicune can't handle! Going upstream just carries these kinds of little obstacles. It's only a minor inconvenience, really. She'd glance towards the trees. As oaks and maples started to fade into pines and firs, Aquamarine looked up to see Soren starting his descent. Only now did she pause to look in front of her. An Articuno... was that Risha? It's been an awfully long time since she's seen any sort of legendary bird. If there was time to stop in her duties, it'd be perfectly possible to see Soren regularly. Aqua'd take a moment to remind herself that those thoughts can wait until later. "Rishaaaa! You're here! You're really...really here! Oh, I thought me and Aqua would have missed you, but here you are in good form! And to think I thought Cipher could have taken you all that time ago..." Aquamarine would wince slightly from Soren's bellowing. He's happy, at least. She'd sigh, but it'd eventually turn into a small chuckle itself. The Suicune would turn back to the two love?birds, noting the expression on Soren's face. Was that surprise? ...that isn't right, is it?
  11. I know, I know. I'd just rather save my Influences for important things. Also, I like Bloodscales. I honestly don't mind this many... It's just that the female sprite's pretty.
  12. I'm trying to get a femme Gilded Bloodscale. I need the sprite. ...this is try number 7.
  13. It feels weird because she's running upstream. She's running against the current (it kinda splashes on her feet when she does that) Normally, it doesn't happen because she moves southwards; and on Earth (at least) there aren't that many north-flowing rivers. I just assumed it's the same in the Pokemon world.
  14. 2HupH Jumping is an important part of society. tOPvy Appropriately named "Topsy Turvy..."
  15. Can't you just be female (This is from my efforts to get ANY female Gilded Bloodscale. I've gotten 6 and all are guys. The Timing Was Perfect (New release from time egg /trying so hard not to spoil) I AM a piece of bread (To go with...) I am NOT a piece of bread (Who has had a pending description for several years, but I'm okay with it.) EDIT: OH DEER IT'S XMAS (Yulebuck) GG Wyvern (Seragamma) Flame Reckoning (Ember) Sp00ky magic (Mageia) I'm The Name Holder (Frozen Flamingo hatchi) Hopefully White Xmas (Snow Angel. It's a shame, really. It was based on my wish that my scroll had white Snow Angels.) Cheesiest of the Cheese (What do you think?) Pretty much all of my Neotropicals (I needed a mate for one of my Undines, who refused quite a few mates. Speaking of which!) Y U REFUSE WOMAN (Said Undine) Dis Pear So Delicious (Misfit... can you see the pun?) It's Not Real (Just a held name.) Swaggity Swag Yolo (I'm so sorry.) HOW DO YOU CHECK (A Purple) Excuse Me What's A Life (A Sunrise) AHH IT TASTES LIKE RAINBOWS (Soulpeace, quoted from one of my favorite videos of all time.)
  16. THAT'S US WE'RE THE TUNNEL SNAKES TUNNEL SNAKES RULE It's mainly for the names. Those are good names. Want.
  17. "Aqua, look at this!" Aquamarine spooked for a moment as Soren fluttered over to a set of tracks embedded in the riverbank. After shaking her head, Aqua'd hop over as well, staring at the tracks. A bird? Walking? Likely an injured bird, or else there wouldn't be any tracks at all. Aquamarine had previously had enough birds following her on her southward journeys to notice that they'll fly whenever they have the option. The Suicune would look up at Soren, who seemed ready to go already. "Aqua, run with me! I... these tracks... they look like they could be Risha's!" Risha's? She'd have to think about this name. The memory came back slowly. Risha was one of his friends, right? The... icy bird? But before Aquamarine could confirm this thought, Soren had already taken off. "H-Hey!" The Suicune'd have to sprint on the river itself to keep up with Soren's headstart. Running on a current that's going the other way always feels strange, but it didn't bother Aqua too much.
  18. So, after I reread the R6, I realized I made a mistake. Here's the new R6: Three purebred BSA dragons- Bingo! Purple Red Another red
  19. I can put both feet behind my head. I don't know if it'll be useful in life.
  20. Drowning by NateWantsToBattle. Don't care if it's a fansong. It's good. Let it all flow out Like a river running You cannot deny this That your kingdom's falling Again... It never ends! [CHORUS] You gotta see your life Will end in shambles! You learn to breathe But you can't see you're drowning! We rise and fall into a different level Let your life drain out You're fighting back Don't know what you've been thinking A walking burden, Can't you see you're sinking? Hiding in shadows Can you fight your demons? Can you face yourself? You will rise and fall Like the current about to end You could end it all But then, what's left now to defend? It never ends! [CHORUS] I know you think that our new king isn't fair Leaves you gasping for air Breathe in all this despair This ocean of hate [CHORUS]
  21. I have a feeling like all of these names are just one big Warriors reference.