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  1. ((Now, how did I suspect that Alex was a fangirl? Hmm...)) The man before Ganon would pause for a few moments... then, he'd begin to speak. "If you would find it within your favor to do so, I would ask that you excuse me for my ruminations; I am a foreigner in this land, it seems, and find myself more than a bit befuddled by my situation. I apologize for my...acerbic disposition, and appreciate your clarification." No more needed to be said; Ganondorf can figure things out on his own. Besides, the Eevee had more to say about this prophecy. Whatever Ganon may be, he's not a blind follower... but all the same, this prophecy was starting to be quite real. "You know, threatening people isn't very nice." Huh. That's a new term... Another internal chuckle. The newcomer was listening, as well, but Ganon didn't bother to see what the man thought about all this. "And then there's Nix. He wants us all dead, he'd gladly see me in the land of the dead again! I was told by the Stars we have until the vernal equinox. I'm sure most everyone knows what it is right now. However, for those who don't know, it's the winter solstice." Great... we have one season to deal with this prophecy. Whereas the Hero of Time got 7 years. Ganon'd look out across the rubble, keeping his mind off his own prophecy. "The solstices and equinoxes are when celestial magics are at their most powerful, you see. My siblings, Eos of the Sun and Nix of the Moon, utilize variants of celestial energy. Time's already wasti--" There was a sudden shriek. A fairly familiar one, at that. Ganondorf, in the time between his own matches, had gone to watch some of the whelps in their battles. Peach was an... okay battler herself. Ganon glanced towards the sound... and there it was! The "Umbreon", a being near to a god. Well, who else here's near a god? Anyone? No? The Eevee was bathed in a radiant light before turning into an icy blue cat and assaulting Nix. Well, the sorcerer certainly had his own plans, attempting to hide everyone behind a wall of wind. Ganon would make a different move, casting a relatively small spell- an orb of darkness, wreathed in an orange glow. He'd draw a sword, slamming it into the orb. The Eevee went back to his normal form, then into the shape of a verdant cat, destroying some dark projectiles. Ganon's own orb of shadows had nearly reached the Umbreon before the scythe slashed across some of the other Smashers in front of it. A particularly familiar screech caused Ganondorf to freeze up for a moment, as if something had gone horribly wrong. The shadowy ball dissipated without Ganon's concentration as he looked down at his left hand. Two golden triangle shapes appeared. The top portion was fully highlighted, while the bottom right was just an outline. They formed one whole side and half of the other sides of a larger triangle. There was supposed to be another outline on the bottom left to make a full triangle... but it had vanished entirely. Something was very wrong. Nix's distraction didn't even affect Ganondorf; he didn't even look up when he heard the newcomer's disgust. ((Nix, why? Why do you break the prophecy so? Now you made a confused Ganon. While Ganondorf isn't basically invincible like in his home universe (because that would be silly), he IS a lot like that roach that you found in your room once that refused to die until long after it should have. Ganonroach? Huh.)) ((EDIT: Orangered, not redorange. I screwed up the color coding the first time I went through.))
  2. Ganon'd take a long, deep sigh as the man below him raised his arm. Seems like that was the beginnings of some sort of spell... although, instead of casting, the man simply looked Ganon over. "Stand back! Do not encroach any further!" The Gerudo'd near-silently chuckle; what was this child asking him to do? May as well humor the kid while he lasts; he's not getting anywhere in that mindset. "Each of you will hold your positions until stated otherwise. Now, for the sake of your own safety, I ask that you each calmly and concisely answer my two questions. Afterward, I will be obliged to share my own introduction, but not until then. Anyone that finds it too inane or exacerbating to comply is liable to lose their heads. Now... Who are you? And why have I arrived here?" Well, now the kid's being threatening. Or at least trying to be. Only one thing remained to do; to remind the man that if he had listened to Ganondorf, he might have actually gotten the information for the second question. Ah, well... Ganon started clapping. It was slow, and almost silent, but the motion was there."Riveting speech... Truly, if I were to actually be following you, I might actually be inclined to answer the second question-" He'd stop, letting the sarcasm sink in. "Oh, wait! I already told you; it's just that you didn't listen and instead decided to nearly kill me with a spell of unknown potency! Because you need me to repeat it for some reason: There's a prophecy, and the Eevee over there is supposed to help us fulfill it somehow. As for the first... my name is Ganondorf." Ganon'd point towards the small creature, doubtful that this man actually knew what an Eevee was... judging from his previous experience, probably not. Then he'd fold his arms, but in an odd way... such that if he needed to draw his blades, they'd be in quick reach. ((Sarcasmdorf confirmed 2016))
  3. Well, at least we saved Marth and Ganon. Huzzah! Although I'll be sad when Dedede is dealt with. Even though his "king" title is just a thing he put there. RIP King Dedede.
  4. Here's some stuff or whatever.
  5. ...So I found a description that's using the second person, and I rejected it because I thought it was like the "no first person" rule. I explained the point of view shift to them, though, but is the second person okay?
  6. Also, I got this one a long time ago, and I'm not sure how to feel about it:
  7. On the ampithere page, WqrlJ appears twice, in B6 and B8.
  8. Alola Form Exeggutor A reference to this horrifying creature of despair and fruit.
  9. Shake It Like A Polar Bear Ninja I'm terrified of bear ninjas.
  10. That may be partially my fault; I posted my own Zombies twice, once here and once on Encyclopedia Helper. That's my lil' boy. Girl? Not really sure. Anyway, that's not correct. But you can still have them in the spreadsheet; after all, that's all I posted them for, to help people with this stuff!
  11. Name: 10/10, no real errors. Avatar: 4/10, kinda low quality. Signature: 9.999.../10, I like the way it looks.
  12. Which one? Free Realms or DP? Free Realms was probably just someone saying "this game's for little kids, and it's been up too long", unless someone can tell the story behind it. Dragon's Prophet North America was probably shut down because SOE was falling behind in updates compared to Infernum (EU) and Runewaker (TW). Most people had already moved to EU servers, so "what did it matter?" Unfortunately, it mattered a lot to me, and I'm still salty.
  13. I only use 2 hatcheries. I put the eggs in EatW as soon as I get them, leave that open for a while, and put them in AoND the next day. Then, I'll just leave AoND open while I watch YouTube videos or whatever. I haven't had an issue recently with hatching any eggs (that weren't of a breed infamous for taking longer to hatch *glares at Dark Lumina*) I don't really think this is an issue.
  14. I also found out today that there's a game for the DS, and if the game detects that it's an illegal copy, all the music is replaced by the sound of vuvuzelas. Of course, it was released around the time of the 2010 World Cup, so...
  15. ((>when you realize Ganondorf is basically a "soulless ginger", the rarest breed of ginger. Most are kinda nice, actually.)) Ganondorf would notice something odd about this creature in front of him. On its chest- where it should have been a brownish coloration, like the rest of it- the fox had a very visible scar. It couldn't have survived whatever blow had made that. The staring at the scar quickly became a glance above it. A woman, clad mostly in a pinkish robe similar to his own, chasing an almost birdlike creature and the same pink cat that had warned them about this... No, wait. The one from earlier had been dead. She'd run between Ganon and the- Oh, now the name of the creature came back to him. Eevee. Some of the other Smashers had used the "Pokeballs" that spawned around the arena. Ganondorf preferred not to use them. It seemed like, most of the time, all that'd come out was this stupid fish that just flopped around aimlessly, and then disappeared. He stopped bothering to use them after a while, preferring to dodge or block the attacks of the actually useful Pokemon that the opponents would send out. Eevee wasn't such a hard Pokemon to deal with, actually. But this one was different. While he couldn't hear what the woman had said to the Eevee, Ganon did hear the reply. "I was in the land of the dead for three thousand years because of my sister, but I came back somehow." Well, it answered a few questions. This Eevee didn't survive the strike that had made the scar. So it's undead, is it? Well, then. Ganon'd sheathe his blades. This wasn't a creature they needed to defeat. At least not yet. Ganondorf would now glance back at a small set of footsteps. He could already see that look in Lucas' eyes. The child was scared! He was hiding it, sure, but it was still there. In Ganon's thoughts, he'd laugh, but it showed as the rare (and normally condescending) smile. Admittedly, the kid's use of magic was somewhere between "okay" and "decent", but even then... In the distance, Ganon noticed a few more forms approaching. Yoshi was among them. Ganondorf's always questioned how Yoshi could fly. It's not a magical creature, and it doesn't have wings. It's a secret to everybody... except Yoshi, of course. Some of the others included that woman with a giant floating slime as a companion, and a man with a large red mark on his head... that he's never seen before. So, instead of looking at this strange fox, Ganondorf would approach the man, hiding the limp from his leg wound near-perfectly. "What... is all this, then?" So, not a Smasher, never has been one... Ganon'd prepare himself for the long explanation... "Well, this USED to be the Smash Mansion. Then it was destroyed by a being of great power. So now many of the whelps that used to compete here are barely alive, and that fox apparently has something to say to us." After the prophecy the pink cat gave came true, Ganondorf now believed in the full story. If this really was the Stars' Favored Child, as he held to be true, then it's possible that it would be required to work together with it. A ridiculous thought, to be honest... Ganondorf'd turn around to watch the white Charizard and Marth (who is really too similar to the Hero of Time, and needs to knock off the damn attitude at some point) fly away from the ruins. Clearly, they wanted nothing to do with this. Ganon would have been alright with the Charizard, but not with the "Hero-King". ((I don't know how long I procrastinated, but now I'm done! Yay! (Also, Soren's color is mediumseagreen, because Sugar did an oops and forgot to post it. I'm helping, okay!?)))
  16. The only other tweak I'd make to Ganon's abilities at this point (before we've fought anything) would be to tack on the Shadow Element passive from the original game onto his weapons. All the Elements in Hyrule Warriors had a certain passive effect that was dependent on what weapon the character was wielding. For example, a Water weapon would put a nice water globe on opponent's faces, dealing some damage over time. The Shadow element effect was based on how many things you were attacking at once. If you're only attacking one creature, you get a damage boost to that enemy after a few hits. Basically, the Shadow element weapons were designed to help you kill bosses with that character. The tweak I made to make it fit more was this: After 5 hits with his swords, a purple X-shaped mark will appear on an opponent's torso. Subsequent weapon strikes will hurt a lot more than the ones that caused the mark to begin with. If he uses the famous (or any other attack with no weapon), it won't benefit and the count doesn't change. However, if Ganondorf's blades strike any other creature (even by accident) the counter will move to that creature and reset, leaving no Mark and an awfully PO'd Demon King. ((Hitting Soren might make this backfire, due to the whole counter-magic thing. That'd probably hurt.)) ((P.S. The video's amazing. 15 minutes of people falling to the oldest trick in the book.))
  17. Regular Bingo: 1 point each R7: A Silver x BSA checker. Can be BSA or Silver I can find everything with a Silver checker except for a BSA dragon. The closest I got was a Pink descended from a Silver and an Aria (this one was a Bright Pink) R8: A Shimmerscale with a CB Gold in its lineage Bingo! R9: A checker with an alt in it, any alt counts except Enraged Aegis Only have plain EGs with this. Challenge Bingo: 1 point each Ch2: An Xenowyrm with all 5 Xenowyrm variants in lineage I've been working on this for a while. Never did seem to work out.
  18. Goldeneye-007 An N64 game about James Bond.
  19. ((I do believe it's now considered the 28th in DC time.)) Aquamarine would continue to try and spit out the filthy substance that she'd licked. There was no way she could have predicted that her Shadow Mist would have congealed into... this... Aqua'd cough again. This filth. This stuff is basically guaranteed to kill the river. Internally, she'd already begun weeping for all the creatures that weren't going to survive this. Not just the river creatures, though, and not just due to the corruption. But to all of this. The humans' drive for power. Already, the corruption had started to pass their little group, heading downstream towards the main group. The river at this point was still fairly murky, though. Aqua'd look over at it, sighing. She could hear someone walk over- probably the Articuno- and place leaves around her legs. It felt slightly better. "That's awfully messy for some water." Articuno's comment made her... Was it more or less sad? Aquamarine couldn't tell. " Um... Soren, right? I don't know who you're looking for, but maybe she's in that place you mentioned? Johto? Or wait, is that where we are right now?" Aqua'd sigh, now ready to answer. "No, this isn't Johto... There's a desert downstream from here. I don't remember any deserts in Johto." She tried not to be rude... "Also, I have a question: Who are you? You seem nice, even if you aren't Risha. I'm sure we'll find her, too, once all of this is over..." Aquamarine wasn't even sure if it ever would be over. But there's no harm in dreaming.
  20. ((It is time. Ganondorf's speech color is orangered.)) Ganondorf was outside of the conversation this time. Regardless of who had won, after all, Ganon was the true champion. He believed himself to be the most powerful (haah!) creature who had fought. ...Of course, if that were true, he would have won the tournament. It didn't matter, anyway! Ganondorf was just about to leave when the conversation stopped entirely. He'd turn back around to the source of the interruption. An ethereal, cat-like being. And it's pink. Ganon'd chuckle as she began her tale, nearly inaudible to the group ahead of him. Many were patiently listening, but Ganondorf? He scoffed at the ghost's words. The names mentioned meaned nothing to him. A nice story, to be sure, but it's the kind you tell sniveling brats about to make sure they stop taking the cookies from their jar! ...At least, up until it became a prophecy. His was a universe governed by prophecy... and much of the time, they'd turn out to be perfectly legitimate. If it weren't for prophecy, Ganon himself wouldn't exist! But the source of his entertainment was now an issue. The names actually meant nothing to him. His best guess was that- Crack. From Ganondorf's vantage point, he could see the creature that had entered the room. A small, dark figure with glowing bands. And not all of that "dark" was black. Much of it was a deep red, a sight Ganon was most familiar with. Was this "Umbreon"? If it was, then what was said before was, indeed, a prophecy. That thing right there? It was fairly close to being divine, a god of the night. Fighting a god would be a great challenge... but while Ganondorf may be brave, and he might be powerful, "stupid" isn't a word you could use to describe Ganon. He'd draw his blades, preparing for the worst. There wasn't a particularly good escape point from this area. A silvery scythe materialized near the creature that had entered the room. It sliced, and the roof began falling. Ganondorf used a downwards arc, slicing up a section of the roof above him. It wasn't enough. The last thing Ganon'd see would be the glowing scythe before a fairly dense section of roof fell on him. Even a creature like him can't help but be dazed by such a massive weight slamming into their upper body. --- Ganondorf awoke to the faint sound of something walking above, along with breathing. Most of the breaths sounded like the other Smashers. Whelps. His vision was entirely dark, except for a tiny hole. It was nighttime? How long had he been in that room, listening to those imbeciles? There was an odd feeling in one of his legs that he hasn't felt since the tournament ended; did something penetrate the armor? Had to be; nothing else would make it feel that way. Ganondorf would try to move his blades, but, finding them to be pinned beneath a good section of rubble, he'd let go of them. Ganon can always find them later, after all. No huge loss. He'd attempt to push upwards on the semi-illuminated area. The rubble above would shift greatly, creating slightly more light. The only thing preventing him from just clearing all the rubble covering much of his body away was this damned beam that was lodged pretty much inside his leg. That wasn't even that bad; Ganondorf's had a sword stuck through his chest before, and he was just fine! Of course, that was a one-off thing that never worked again, but the reaction of the Sages as he... nevermind. That's a tale to tell later. Ganon would push as hard as he could against the rubble on his chest. Seems he overestimated the ruins. A large hunk of what may have been a wall flew up and away, landing very close to whatever was walking above. Better not be the being that just destroyed everything around him. I mean, Ganondorf could probably hold off long enough to find some method of escape if he could get this thing out of his leg! He'd reach over, not afraid of what may happen if he pulled this giant splinter out. With both arms, Ganon'd tear the beam from his leg, the tip fairly bloodied. He'd toss the worthless thing aside, trying to stand. And, for the most part, it worked. Ganondorf would rather lay there than show a limp, but pride wasn't worth dying for, as he's learned. Crouching back down, putting much of the pressure on the unscathed leg, he'd tear his blades from their tombs before getting back up. Ganon would turn, looking back at the creature he'd narrowly missed with the earlier rubble. In the moonlight, he could see the being fairly clearly. A small brown fox. Probably not the being that had caused the area to fall; and, if it wasn't that demon, there was still one more dangerous creature in the prophecy. His golden eyes would almost glare at that fox. It's an acceptable tactic to wait for the opponent to make a move. And so we play the waiting game... ((NOTE: The whole thing? [in case you don't want spoilers for a game that originally came out on the GameCube, well, here's the warning.] That doesn't work anymore. Nix can stab away! Hopefully not, though. It would be very bad for Ganondorf's lifespan if he was stabbed in the chest again. And again and again.)) ((NOTE2: Ascension isn't a pancake. Eevee pancakes do sound delicious, though, can I have one?))
  21. Pokemon: Now with actual Pokemon trainers. You play as a Pokemon catching other Pokemon. In all seriousness, you might not want to drink the water.
  22. Name: 9.8/10 Pretty good. Avatar: 10/10 would look at again. Signature: 10/10 for that sweet, sweet gif.
  23. A "meme" is an Internet joke. It's commonly a picture with captions, but sometimes we just use them in text. Have you ever made a meme? Do you have an opinion against them? You can post about them here. I won't judge. Please be in good taste, though! If you don't think you should post it, don't! Remember the rules! Also, if you're sharing pictures, and it's a very big picture, link it by using "Copy image address" and using the http:// tag. Searched for the topic, didn't find it in General Discussion, Video Games, or Multimedia. Mods, feel free to move this thread if it might actually belong in Multimedia and NOT GD.
  24. I forgot two mobile games that are gone (off Google Play, at least) Pocket Frogs and Pocket Planes aren't available anymore. It makes me sad.