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  1. >When you're Ganondorf, but he's got the personality of the one from OoT >And you find the absolute sickest burn... except Hyrule has no airhorns yet, so...
  2. Ganondorf would note the flames that appeared on the little girl's fingertips... right before Lucas had given her a hug. At least there wouldn't be more of a fight than what had already transpired here. Although, Ganon did have to admire the kid's courage- Wait... The mark on his hand would flash again. The Triforce of Courage was still visible, albeit not highlighted. So Link is still alive... Somehow, that's a relief to Ganon... it means the prophecy hasn't been absolutely shattered. Only mildly broken. Because a Ganondorf with no end goal isn't one at all. "...While I'm still unsure of how I got here, I'm certain my answers will come as time goes on." Once again, the pattern would dissipate as Ganon looked up. Wonderful! This man never stopped, did he? "My name is Soren. I'm both tactician and Staff Officer of the Greil Mercenaries. As you may have noticed, I'm highly adept in the Lesser Trinity of Magic-" It's called a 'lesser trinity' for a reason, I'm sure... "-as well as healing-" Good for you! The sarcasm was nearly tangible. "-and I am a veteran of two continental wars; this information alone is certain proof of my aptitude..." It almost evoked a laugh from Ganon, showing more as a crooked smile than anything. "...If you would have me, for as long as I am held here, I will lend my talents for the sake of making this experience as painless and brief as possible." For some reason, Ganondorf began to hold the belief that this would only make the entire ordeal more painful. Well, at least Ganon would get a temporary respite from Soren's speech... coming from the butterfly woman. Valerie, was it? Strange name, and even stranger garb... although, coming from someone wearing a fairly similar robe, it'd sound hypocritical. Honestly? Besides almost everything about her personality (Really? Do you really have to be shaky at this particular moment?), the only things that struck Ganondorf as extremely odd were her eyes... specifically, her completely colored pupils. Why? How was this helpful? Doesn't matter; Valerie has something to say and it's a different voice from Soren's for once. "I suggest we listen to what this Eevee has to say now." ...and for once, Ganon had to actually agree with someone he otherwise pretty much hated. Demon or not, he IS a king... and the games he'd play would sometimes require more patience than what was acceptable under normal conditions. "...I have to admit..." He'd almost said 'I hate to admit it...', but Ganondorf has to be careful with his wording now. "...you might just be right. There's too much to this prophecy to keep going now." And thus, Ganon would wait (impatiently) on Ascension. In the meantime, he'd look out over the ruins, watching for anything that may have been lurking in the night. No sense in getting killed before even having a chance to fight Nix... ((Respect? From Ganondorf? What is this, some sort of headcanon? Silly. There are only two instances where "respect" and "Ganon(dorf)" are valid in the same sentence: 1. [somebody] respects Ganon 2. There are two Ganons, and they both respect each other.))
  3. It's okay. Mother 3 came out a really, really long time ago, even if it was never officially translated. EDIT: Besides, my favorite track in SSBB was Unfounded Revenge (played on New Pork City, I believe?) although it didn't return in the 3DS version of Smash 4, so I had to go with And it's simply not possible to spoil Pokemon Black and White at this point, so...
  4. MAH ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN Why would you reference "Anaconda"? Why?
  5. So, basically, it's like how World of Warcraft has "wyrms" that are just "really old western dragons", and how a "wyvern" is actually a manticore-like whatever that has no relation to a dragon? I understand now.
  6. Everyone keeps talking about being unable to find these guys in the day. I'm waiting for them to get picked up so I can grab something I want.
  7. Starcrested, guys. Starcrested. Too good. EDIT: Also, Tiger Pygmy and Holysong Dragon. Spooky...
  8. "Even when things are great... they still suck!" You can ALWAYS have a better time.
  9. It's cute, but it also looks too fuzzy to kiss. You ever kissed a dog? Yuck.
  10. {HYPE INTENSIFIES} Don't know what I'm gonna name it, but I'm sure it took me at least 7 tries to get it. Only one each of Magma and Ice, but 6 Thunders. (One Trio, basically.) Used the BSA on a 3rd-gen PB EG Female Magma.
  11. I got a Night Glory Drake with the name Unfounded Revenge (double-spaced, but still!) EDIT: Also got Ancient Memes (not double spaced). I think that'll go perfectly with my new GoN baby.
  12. Name: 9.5/10, I'm alright with one-word names, and names that are loosely based on real words, but I still prefer real words. Avatar: 9/10 Only gripe is that the background behind the person isn't full. Signature: 10/10, very clean. (You're not supposed to see the part about Valentine's Day dragons! Shh...) (EDIT: I have ninja'd! Nooooo-)
  13. It's actually a pretty old zombie. View as you please, though. Everyone needs a bit more Wingless Adult Zombie in their lives, I feel. The only other interesting photograph is of too many Neotropicals: why did I even
  14. One of these things is not like the others...
  15. I'm gonna try and help myself with keeping the color codes straight. If you're using other people's colors in your posts, this'll be likely help you as well: DarkShinyLugia Ganondorf: Orangered (Don't be a noob like me and write "redorange". It doesn't work.) Midna: darkslategray (Stupid semantics and the whole gray/grey thing..._ Link: None Dusky_FlareonAscension: Brown Nix: None Eos: None Weird ghosty Sylveon: none Felixr2Valerie: Purple greenglassesgalLucas: Orange rampaging wyvernBoris: Gray Marth: none Raptor of DragonsYoshi: None Zoey/Globbers: None StarstrikeKumatora: magenta Sugar-FreeAlex: cornflowerblue Soren: mediumseagreen Am I helpful?
  16. Ganondorf looked up from his hand, as the pattern faded. Now wasn't the time for figuring out what all this means in terms of getting to his end goals, even if it was the only part of the massacre that bothered him. Now was the time to figure out what else is about to go horribly wrong. The scarred Eevee- now back in its normal form- began speaking. "I realize I was a little rushed. Does anyone mind if I explain more after we finish talking?" A chill breeze blew over the remaining fighters. It didn't bother Ganon much; cold nights were common in his desert home. "I'm sure we're done talking about this--" A yelling came from a fairly short distance away, interrupting Ganondorf. "Lucas!! Luuucas! Don't you freaking dare die on me!" He'd very nearly growl, turning towards the source of this intrusion. A pink-haired girl, surely no older than the kid she was trying to find. She'll figure it out if she really wants to find him. After all, he's right here. Ganon made no effort to help in the child's endeavor, opting instead to figure out what else he could gain from the remaining unbroken prophecy. Nix's dark night was filled with monsters... but where were they? Unless they'd all died out over the thousands of years he'd been dead, but monsters, as Ganondorf had learned over many cycles of being reborn and getting killed, were resilient. When he'd come back, the same types of monsters were still waiting for some kind of leader. Then again, Ganon came back every hundred years... Nix took three millennia. If they're dead, wonderful. If not... where did they go? ...Well, Ganondorf can deal with all of the monsters he himself had led, knowing their weaknesses. How powerful could these new monsters honestly be?
  17. What about Male Aeon and Female Speckle-Throat? Does that work well, or...?
  18. Well, the other school that I'm supposed to be going to fixed their section of the schedule, now I'm just waiting for my base school to be fixed. (Eh, well. The other school has all my STEM classes, so it's good that that got fixed.)
  19. So far, Nix has: -killed an Espeon who killed an Eevee -destroyed a mansion -teleported some butterfly lady and this one fire emblem guy to an unknown land -killed a bunch of people -broken a prophecy -scarred a kid for life maybe (although he was probably finishing what Mother 3 started) He has 5 strikes. I don't even know how many outs he has anymore. If that's the metaphor we're going with, anyway... Is that even part of the metaphor? Is Nix out? Hm.
  20. Is there any specific character you don't really know about? I won't judge; I myself have no idea what even a Fire Emblem, unless you count the amount of times I played Ike in Brawl (and failed absolutely miserably)
  21. You should pick it up before someone else does! Waiter, there's a meme in my soup.
  22. You know, for a minute I thought Blank was based on the Mask of Truth, but then I looked up the Mask of Truth. It's kinda similar, but not by much: The art itself is amazing, though; keep up the good work! /hides back in the hole
  23. Aquamarine was beginning to feel slightly better. The leaves and other general forest debris had soaked up much of the guck that was covering her legs. This Articuno in front of her began to respond. "Oh. I'm Alpine. I um... I don't travel much, so uh... can I ask what you are?" Aqua felt like she could trust Alpine- the word actually rolled off the tongue so well, now that Aqua thought about it more. She'd open her mouth to speak when Soren began his breakdown, nearly crying. "Aqua, stop it! You must have been really messed with by Cipher if this is the way you're acting." He was now talking to Alpine... "Come on! That trainer with the flute that helped me that time you all were squabbling again? The day we visited the towers and nearly destroyed the town?" Now wasn't the time to reminisce about such things (no matter how bad of a memory they were!) Aquamarine's voice was pleading now, as Alpine shuffled over to Soren and said some things that the Suicune couldn't hear. In the distance, there was a large crash, as if a tree fell. "Soren! That's not Risha! I'm sure Risha's still on her island, wondering where you've gone off to! We'll find her! Just... stop crying--" A nearby roar startled her, and suddenly Soren was up in the air, attacked by a dark-colored creature. Alpine'd jump behind Aquamarine, and suddenly there'd be a flood of thoughts, probably from the Articuno. Aqua'd begin growling furiously, releasing a bolt of darkly colored ice (Shadow Hold) at the assaulting Pokemon. If it were to connect, it'd form a "bubble" of dense ice around it, hopefully buying Soren some time to get out of there before he was overrun. The newcomer seemed to be an Electric Pokemon, although that just made all three of them even more threatened. This better work... for all our sakes... ((And if it doesn't hit Shiko for X reason, it also doubles as a fairly dank shield.))