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  1. It's about to explode into a supernova. Why are there so many Stripe colors?
  2. 10/10 Name, very clean. 9.999.../10 avatar, kinda hard to tell what exactly is going on, but I think I'm just a bat. 8/10 signature, no scroll link
  3. Rimworld: 10/10 would shoot an Ibex and have the herd kill my entire colony again.
  4. Isn't that what sales are for? People get a really good deal, but you end up with more cash than you would have if you hadn't held a sale?
  5. I have the strangest feeling like Ganon's going to get shanked by a Fire Emblem character, and I'm actually going to be okay with it somehow.
  6. ((Have you ever procrastinated for 4 hours!? This happens all the time!)) Midna, still a little shaken up by the fact that Zelda is really, actually dead, began to notice the kid next to her speaking. She'd look up at the pink-haired kid. "...So didja guys survive the attack or something?" Midna was prepared to begin smart-alecking. "That's actually a pretty good question! Hey, Link? Are we dead?" The wolf would just give her this look. Link wasn't really feeling like he should assist Midna in her sarcasm right now. She'd sigh, a bit disappointed by Link's inability to assist with sarcasm, listening to the rest of the kid's speech. She noted a flash in the kid's eyes. Another magical kid, eh? "Well, uh... thanks, I guess-" The girl Midna had previously been talking to began to speak to someone else- a man with a large brand on his head. Link didn't even recognize the guy; he must not have been here before. Well, at least no questions had been interrupted, although Midna could still be pretty miffed about being interrupted. "...You... You said something 'bout burning the bodies? It makes sense, I guess... Lucas, you might not wanna watch this. That goes for all of you, actually." Midna didn't particularly want to watch, but Link wasn't as afraid to do so. The kid would walk over to the bodies. Midna'd open her eyes again to see what exactly would happen. "PK Fire!" Link'd back up a little bit at the resulting blaze. If that's what PK Fire could do, maybe he should have been more careful fighting Ness... speaking of which, where was he? Seems like a lot of Smashers were still in the rubble. Midna saw that look in Link's eyes. She'd start whispering in his ear. "No, you can't dig right now. We're doing this so that we don't get executed by any cats today, and this is telling him that we're right here. If we waste enough time, they'll get here before you're done digging." Link erased that thought from his mind, realizing that she was probably right... --- Ganon heard a sigh nearby. Oh, wonderful... "Isn't that what I just said? Or was someone caught reveling too deep in their self-importance to care?" Well, then! There's only one thing left to do. "Well, how about we continue talking about morality? Oh, wait, what place does that have in this situation? None." Soren isn't the only one about to draw a blade. Ganon was still watching Midna and the 'hero', pretty much ignoring Soren's next sentence. The little girl was going to set the flames? Good for her... He'd wait a few moments. The kid would call out, and suddenly the bodies were aflame. Ganondorf was actually impressed for once. Not only was she able to do that, but the girl wasn't so remorseful about it (unlike someone he knew) --- Ascension would begin to leave. Seeing as there was nothing else to do, and the minions of Nix would soon be here, Ganondorf began to leave. Midna would look down at Link, sliding down onto his back. Then, Link would transform back to his 'human' form, startling Midna a little bit. "Li- ugh, fine. You can be a human for a while! I'm fine with it!" Midna was now a part of his shadow. She wasn't really as okay with it as she was implying, but anything that would get them moving was worth it. Link would advance towards the rest of the group, making sure he was on the opposite side of Ganon. A few wingbeats were audible in the distance, as Ganondorf turned his head. Damnit... Ganon had hoped that there would be no need to deal with Marth, even without Soren making it worse. ((rip in pepperonis zelda 1986-2016 you will be memed))
  7. I'm sorry for necroing before a year's up. Whatever! Today, I found what is pretty much the best glitch I've ever seen! The best explanation I can give is that there aren't supposed to be two Hatis; only the dark blue one on the left is supposed to exist. It just happens sometimes when I summon my pet. Very strange.
  8. Unfortunately, school starts for me tomorrow, and I need to go to bed pretty soon. I can't post tonight, but expect me around 4 PM Cave Time.
  9. Regular Bingo: 1 point each R13: A Thuwed at or below Generation 3. Only visible generations count. Definitely not! R14: A checker of DC drakes Naturally, I have every kind of drake lineage but checker. R15: A stairstep of two-heads Not all the same breed, or even with any coherent breed pattern, but bingo!
  10. Alright. I'm gonna go update my chart to include Midna and Link. It'll be just a moment....
  11. ((Midna's text color is darkslategray. Due to obvious reasons, Link doesn't have one.)) Link was clapping for the winner. He never had any fear of losing the tourney; after all, he's been in the tournament every time so far, and everyone who'd won had always deserved a nice round of applause. Even if it was last tournament's winner, although this year that guy had seemed a little weaker. He'd feel a tiny hand rest on his shoulder. Midna, as a shadow, would begin speaking. Even though she was a familiar face, it still spooked Link every time that happened. "Link, whaddaya say we get out of here? We've been here an awfully long time, and there's nothing really left to do here... He'd give the imp a glare. Link wasn't going to leave just yet; there were still ceremonies to attend! Can't miss a good ceremony. Link would even notice Ganon on the fringes of the group. "Please don't tell me you're seriously thinking of congratulating him." He had every right to be bewildered by the thought of such a thing! No, Link was just making sure he wasn't getting too salty. That could actually spell some danger for quite a few people here. Suddenly, Midna would tap Link's shoulder rapidly. Something was wrong, and as he looked to his shoulder, he found an outstretched arm. He followed the direction Midna was pointing to find a small black creature. It almost looked as if it had come from the Twilight, but the silvery scythe it summoned implied otherwise. Link'd draw his blade, ready to fight the creature. "LINK! YOU IDIOT!" Midna was screeching right in Link's ear. A moment or two later, the roof above began raining small debris. "It's already too late to save the others! You have to go now!" As a larger section of the roof tumbled down onto someone, Link understood what she meant. He'd transform into his wolf form, Midna taking shape on top of him. And then he'd flee for his life through the corridors. It wasn't enough. A large chunk of roofing fell on top of Link, knocking him and his rider down. --- Something was frantically tapping on Link's fuzzy head. Something very tiny. "Get up, Link! I'm serious! If you die, I'm never talking to you again!" In practice, she was joking, but somehow Midna knew that Link might actually have died. As Link opened a single blue eye, Midna almost leaped with joy. Not that she could, as Link would soon see; her 'third hand', made entirely of her hair, was holding up the ruins that could have easily crushed him. There was a sliver of moonlight nearby, from a hole a bit too small for Link to fit through. He'd stretch his legs out, digging away at the crack until it was just big enough for a wolf and an imp to pass through. And he'd take a leap of faith, taking Midna through the hole. A groan was left behind the two as the rubble took a last fall. The two would begin to survey their surroundings. Now, Midna truly understood how huge the mansion had been. They'd gotten far enough away from the center to avoid the worst of the disaster, yet even with Link's canine speed, they hadn't escaped. In the center, they observed a grouping of individuals of all sizes. Link sniffed just for a moment, recoiling from the sensory bombardment. The most obvious smell was of blood and death, although underneath it, there were many unfamiliar scents. Only two really stuck out to Link; Ganondorf and Lucas. Even without Link's heightened senses, Midna could still smell death in the air. The wolf would begin making his way towards the group, quite wary of alerting Ganon to his presence. Midna couldn't argue with the strategy this time. There was no way they were going to be sliced in half by that demon, not even by accident. Won't matter what side of the mansion we end up being on when he notices us! He'll try to cut us in half... It was almost peaceful out here, in the dead of night. There was another conversation, far in the distance, but Link needed to know what had happened here. He was getting close enough to hear a bit of the conversation. It was from a tinier voice neither Link nor Midna had heard before. He'd hop a bit forward, careful not to disturb anything. Midna began hearing the animal's speech, too. The words coming from this creature's mouth sounded like something they'd need context for. The imp began whispering to Link. "Link, we need to get in closer and maybe ask about this. If we do it slowly, we might not get torn apart by a demon today!" Link would begin circling around to try and ascend near Lucas and some kid he didn't recognize. Hopefully, if he did get noticed by someone hostile, they'd notice that Link hasn't done anything horrible to the kids, as this Eevee was describing. He'd nearly have to start mouth-breathing to avoid smelling any more of this death. Ganondorf would look over, noting the wolf and the imp, but saying nothing yet. Surely they'd learn soon what had transpired here. And maybe, more importantly, Midna will go away. A tail would brush the unfamiliar kid's leg as Link would begin hopping over towards the source of the scent; a group of bodies. Dedede's was most notable to them, being so large. Peach's was there, too. And then both mount and rider would freeze up, noticing a familiar purple dress and unfamiliar decapitated body. Midna's eyes would widen, and she'd yell. "N-no!" Link would whine slightly, backing up, nearly into the PK Kid and his friend. This was NOT okay! Zelda's dead! She's never been dead before! Ganon's eyes would lock with Midna's. She'd nearly calm down for a moment at the familiar face... before realizing who it was. Midna'd look down at a body that wasn't Zelda's; namely, Lucina's still-warm corpse. It was too clean to have been one of Ganondorf's blades that made the fatal blow... but what he'd did was still wrong. He knew! He knew, and he let us see that! I'll see if he'll have that smug look on his face when I- She'd stop again. Before she could try to beat the Demon King into the ground where he belongs, she needed to know what exactly was going on. Link'd sit near the two kids, Midna moving to his head. Hopefully, someone in the area had noticed that and actually bothered to help... --- ...unlike Ganon, who was content to let the "hero" and his rider figure it out for themselves. The only thing he's willing to explain to those two is the issue with the Triforce. With their supposed intelligence, they're sure to figure it out on their own. Unless, of course, that's false, in which case I've been giving them too much credit. All he had to show for the thought was a bit of a smug smile. ((Ganonspite confirmed 2016. Also, doggy! Yay!))
  12. I debated on this for several days. Name: Link (and Midna) Universe: The Legend Of Zelda (Twilight Princess) Gender: Depends on who you're asking... Well, Link's a guy (probably), and I'm pretty sure that Midna's a woman but you could always poke her to find out Species: Hylian (and Twili) Appearance: Woof. (Yes, that thing riding him is Midna. What about it?) /weird grunting noise that Link makes 98% of the time Personality: Link doesn't say very much, but it's clear that he's a hero. He seems to be helping anyone who asks (even if it's something that doesn't really assist him on his quest). Doesn't seem to like Ganondorf much, either, although that's just an instinct thing. Midna's a bit bossy towards Link, but occasionally she'll crack a joke to him. As for most other people/dogs... she's not a nice person, often pretty condescending for an imp. Midna's quite a bit more bossy towards others, and she probably won't take an order seriously. Abilities/Weapons: In doge form, Link has Midna on his back. He has a keen nose, and the ability to detect otherwise invisible creatures. They attack together, Midna using dark magic and a giant hand that's made of her hair to assault opponents while Link uses bites and claws. If they ever do manage to garner enough energy to perform a Final Smash, Midna becomes a beautiful woman-looking thing and reclaims most of her Twili power, prepared to obliterate opponents. Link backs off in the meantime. As a human, Link is pretty much exactly like he is in Smash. Midna retreats to his shadow. (PS: If Midna isn't available because 95% of the Smasher royalty is dead... eh, she's not a Smasher.) You know, most of these For Glory Ikes can't use Aether properly? How many have I seen SD from going directly off the stage with it? Scrubs.
  13. DarkShinyLugia


    I've never played the game while on a membership. I started back when the tutorial was Unstable Foundations (when you had to help the knight kill the sleeping dwaghin). I'm normally found on the F2P Daemonheim World (I believe it's World 7?) soloing Daemonheim repeatedly just because I enjoy it. Sometimes, I can also be found in the Runecrafting Guild area (the place with all the things that you siphon runes from), leveling up my Runecrafting to open more Daemonheim doors. That's the only skill I don't train inside a dungeon; every other skill I have is low enough to be trained inside Daemonheim (and in the case of Mining, I'm not high enough for the Miner's Guild and everyone's crowded around the non-Guild areas.)
  14. On the East Coast, it's currently almost 10 in the morning. I have plenty of memes.
  15. haHAA Anyway, at least Soren and Ganon can agree on one thing. Although it'll probably be the only thing that they end up agreeing on for the next week. Edit: I thought too hard on whether or not Alex's bag of tea was actually a weapon. It led to this. I'm so sorry.
  16. Ganon'd sigh as the Eevee finally started its tale. For a fox that was deeply connected to the prophecy, Ascension sure did take a long while to respond... But no matter! It's speaking now. And it is what Ganondorf had wanted all along. An explanation! "...Nix wasn't using his full power fighting me for some reason, which makes me apprehensive. Because why is he doing it?..." Admittedly, Ganon already knew the answer. It'd end up being Nix's downfall if he didn't start using his full power. The demon king had fought enough battles to know that playing around with a prophecy in which you die every time is probably not the best idea. Then again, it barely mattered. The only difference here is that the prophecy doesn't end up specifically saying that Nix and Eos would die, only that they'd have to die to let the world live. It's fairly obvious what would happen if the Smashers ran out of time... And by the time Ganondorf had understood what much of Ascension's words had meant, Soren had already started yet another speech. Wonderful! Time to remind himself of how much he hated this kid... May as well sit on the ruins, while Ganon's at it, since this leg was bothering him. "I suggest starting with the bodies of the departed; we have three choices: 1. Give the dead proper burials to honor them, which will spare our morality but cost us time we don't have..." Morality? You have to be kidding me... Well, thankfully, Soren wasn't that stupid. It could never redeem him for the mentioning of the term 'morality', but it made it hurt slightly less to hear that word. "Or, as our best bet, we should burn the bodies and quench the ashes, leaving behind as little smoke as possible. This way, Nix can't use whatever power he may have to potentially drive the dead against us. As well, any creature used to track us will come finding nothing but scorch marks." Alright, at least the kid knew one thing about how to deal with this... Of course, Ganondorf's only elemental attack with any chance to do either is locked behind the ability to collect an item that doesn't exist at the moment. Either way, it was probably for the best that they burned these people, no matter who they might have been..."It'd be near-impossible for Nix and Eos to return without their allies. It'd mean they weren't really trying to make it to the equinox, and it seems like it's in their best interests to survive that long. We should burn them now, since I highly doubt that they don't know we're here..." Ganon would once again gaze out, watching the horizon for any signs of a creature.
  17. They let you have 3 because they wanted you to be able to have a male and female adult (and you can do whatever with the third dragon) MOST people, when faced with the prospect of getting a fourth GoN slot, might instead use it as a way to get new blood for checkers without searching endlessly for more second-gen Avatars (or whatever they're doing with their lineages) Honestly, if the GoN egg would be part of the Summon BSA, and everyone who already had their 3 now has to do it more to get a version of it that's frozen, I'd be perfectly fine. Of course, it should only ever happen once, otherwise people without their three normals will be forever ticked. Unless the "frozen" eggs only appeared after you'd already gotten your 3... I still believe there should be a limit to how many of a specific egg sprite can be on your scroll. Even if it's as high as 10 or 20 (meaning you can collect a total of 30/60 Terrae eggs!), it means that everyone can conceivably get one after the hoarders finish, as opposed to the rarer eggs being snatched up by the same set of people every time. Even with flattened ratios, I'm opposed to having it be based on a time limit as opposed to a sprite limit, because once again, there are people who are really, really fond of a certain egg. But in the end, it IS TJ's decision.
  18. ...and while all of you were playing Go!, I was indoors playing Pokken Tournament. It's still really fun, especially when you win too much in Ranked and manage to get up 2 ranking tiers.
  19. Yeah. Arias keep that breeding mechanic because otherwise a lot of people may have screwed-up lineages from them only breeding Arias. EDIT: QUADRUPLE NINJA'D!
  20. Regular Bingo: 1 point each R10: A false CB Metallic dragon -RIP R11: An adult ungendered dragon Bingo! Paper R12: A dragon with ae in code - lowercase only. BINGO! aeich
  21. Now, because I already guessed that basically everything on your scroll is one big Warriors reference: Anubisclaw: Anubis was an Egyptian god of the dead. Spoooky. P.S. "Back from the Dead" was a reference to a certain YouTuber's catchphrase (at the time). I was young, okay!?
  22. Either that, or the big shiny butterfly guy Tabuu. Tabuu'd probably work equally well. EDIT: So I realized Smash 4 came out after the original Hyrule Warriors, so I went to check if any of the songs from Warriors was in it... ...I'm sad now.
  23. Yeah... I barely feel it anymore. It'd end up being a 1x1 if we continued from what I'm seeing.