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  1. ((oh god why am I so late))



    Ganondorf was blown back from Soren's burst of energy. Thanks for the warning! The sheer amount of sarcasm was real. He slid backwards, keeping his footing. The panther that had assaulted him was no more, turned to ash by the spell. Ganon examined his wounded arm for a moment. It was bleeding profusely. But that would have to wait. These panthers weren't going to give up now.




    Midna watched the battlefield from a distance, observing Ganondorf being pushed away. Ha! Serves him right! Midna searched around, looking for a different panther to fight, seeing as how Ganondorf's was destroyed. She found one almost immediately. "You see that one over there?" The imp pointed towards the panther attacking Ascension. Link growled at it, before leaping forward.


    A pink box seemed to surround the area, although it didn't seem to affect Link and Midna much; they only became slightly faster. Lucas had started to attack it with some sort of bar, causing it to be confused. The wolf began biting at the great cat, while Midna slapped it with her odd, orange hair-hand. A back claw kicked towards Doge Link's nose, scratching it badly. Link hopped back as Lucas froze the cat in place. Its blades still whirled around it.




    An unknown panther crouched behind a bush at the very edge of the Trick Room. It had been waiting to pounce for what was seemingly forever. However, as soon as the tables turned, it had started to flee. The prey wasn't worth dying for.


    However, it had become stuck in the odd box that seemed to slow its movements, and so it had decided to wait out the spell in the hopes that nothing would notice it...




    Ganondorf felt an odd surge of power as the area in the background of his vision took on a pink hue. He stared deep into an area in front of him, and discovered a black, feline shadow, nearly perfectly still. He readied the larger Great Sword. The smaller one, seeing as how its arm became useless, was sheathed long before this. The panther pounced at him, but fixating on Ganondorf seemed to make its movements immensely slow.


    The Demon King capitalized on this, sending the Great Sword slashing at the creature. It raked its claws against his chest as Ganondorf plunged the blade into its ribcage. He kicked the near-lifeless creature off his blade. His own blood and the blood of the panther were both dripping onto the ground. "Agh..." Even he had trouble taking this kind of damage. Ganon crouched on the ground, attempting to keep a firm grip on the world. Thankfully, he's decent at this endeavor.


    The pink that was previously in his vision shattered to pieces.




    Midna had an idea to finish off the frozen panther effectively. "Link, go back into human form real quick. I wanna try something." Not one to argue with a plan when he himself has none, Link reverted to his natural form. The wound transferred to his current form, appearing as a scar across his nose and cheek. "Alright, just throw a bomb at the stupid cat and we should be alright..." Link took out a blue, spherical bomb with a semi-short fuse. He lit it, sending the thing flying at the frozen creature. The box keeping them in and anyone else out broke into a thousand shards. Hopefully this wouldn't prevent the bomb from working... Midna started to yell. "Kid! Weird-looking fox thing! Get back!"


    ((Whoever answers the frozen kitty next can have it aspload.))

  2. Editing them in!


    Keep in mind, I believe there's a move that breaks through Soundproof in the games if I remember correctly.


    Also, can Mr. Mime hear commands, or is it functionally deaf? I'm getting the deaf vibe from your description.

    I know the ability Mold Breaker can break through all the weird "immunity" abilities. I can't think of a move that does it, though.


    I'll be posting as the gr9 Cranando[sic] and Memena (with Doge Lunk) sometime today or tomorrow afternoon.


    EDIT: A move that breaks through Soundproof is apparently "any move that isn't sound based".


    I think that works out well.

  3. Well, the diamond hatchies looks super nice.


    As for the Monarch (because I'm fairly certain it is one, or at least based on one, considering the hatchies have a "voracious appetite"), I feel like they're one of those breeds that I may hoard "because just because".

  4. DarkShinyLugia's Characters:


    Any question marks will be filled in as you (another RPer) gets the details through RP.


    Username: DSL


    Character Name: ???


    Age: ???


    Gender: Male


    Species: ???


    Appearance: This humanoid creature clearly isn't native to this continent, or even to this world. The first noticable feature is his height; he's standing at around nine foot six, but instead of his girth being larger to compensate, it seems like he was stretched to become this height. This doesn't seem bother him at all. His skin is pitch-black, and he wears armor that's only a few shades lighter. However, the armor has short, illuminated pink crystals protruding from it. When they're not lit up, they appear more red than pink. His eyes are the same color pink and similarly luminescent with darker shades of pink for pupils. They seem almost like a cat's or a dragon's in how they appear.


    On the ends of his elongated hands and fingers are natural claws, nearing 7 inches when extended. His gloves are the only section of his armor that isn't made entirely of the strange metal, instead being a leathery substance that matches his natural skin tone instead. Either he doesn't have hair, or it's so short it's hidden underneath his black hat. It seems to be of human make, and there have been golden-colored feathers stuck into it.


    Personality: ??? is highly reclusive. He knows that if he reveals himself, his life will surely be forfeit. Because of this, he hides constantly, watching events from far away.


    Abilities/Weapons (include Magical Elements if applicable): Light/Water (in the form of Ice). Much of ???'s power comes from enchantments placed on both his armor and his blades. He dual-wields dark-colored spellblades that either glow gold or sky blue depending on what element he wants to invoke with them. He doesn't normally cast spells without using his spellblades. ??? has a seemingly innate ability to teleport, and uses it constantly.


    His claws aren't just for show, though, although they have no enchantments and break regularly. The only thing keeping ???'s claws that long is his regeneration. When he's been resting for a while after a fight, his armor begins mending over wounds, followed by the wound itself beginning to close. It can take over a day to be fully healed, depending on the severity of his injuries. (If it'd take any longer, he'd die before he could regenerate.) He can't be healed by magical means; this is his only way of mending wounds.


    History: ???




    [currently finishing, please hold]

    Username: DSL


    Character Name: Ghost


    Age: Even he's not sure. He lost count a long time ago.


    Gender: Male


    Species: He's a ghost. Wow! What a shocking twist!


    Appearance: He looks somewhat like the outline of a 12-year-old kid, with the entirety of his body being white and having a faint glow. He seems to be wearing a short sleeved shirt and long pants, but there's no real texture to them. They're white, as well. His hair is slightly longer than what would be considered normal. Ghost's eyes are blank white no matter what form he chooses to take.


    If you were to touch him, you'd find that he takes on the temperature of the air around (and technically inside) him. Ghost doesn't have any scent. In addition, he has no real taste. Why were you trying to eat a ghosty? That's very rude.


    Occasionally, he forgets a particular illusion he puts on himself, revealing an intricate pattern of red marks all across where his skin would be. They grow and shrink in length based on how much power he has.


    Personality: Ghost jokes around quite a bit, but his "pranks" (if you could call using his powers to cause chaos that's often surprisingly widespread a "prank") have cost his reputation. Not that he cares so much about his reputation, either. Ghost often deflects questions about his past, and much of what's known about him is from the past few years.


    Many of the verbal jokes he makes are actually quite condescending.


    Abilities/Weapons (include Magical Elements if possible): Dark/Electricity.



  5. A man dressed in his military uniform looked up at a massive hole in the ceiling of this almost-bare room, his fingers drumming on the table. He'd been waiting since morning. Since then, the sun had risen to the exact point in the center of the hole. The glare was blinding to look into. How long past the appointed time had he been here? He'd heard the dragons prided themselves on their timeliness but clearly this wasn't the case. The door behind him creaked open a little bit. "Sir," a barely-masculine voice called out, "are you even sure they're coming? It's been two hours and there's no sign of any dragons coming in to explain-"


    "Shh," the man in the room glared at the door. There were wingbeats outside. "There's our sign."


    A White Dragon half-flew, half-fell into the room, landing awkwardly on the cold floor. The hole she came in was certainly large enough to get out of in case things went south. All the White had to do was fly back out. "I'm sorry for the delay. It was a very busy morning, what with-"


    "Two. Hours. Are you this late when a dragon gets injured?" The man glared at the White, who sighed.


    "That's what I was getting at. Another dragon was killed today."


    The man would reach into one of his uniform's many pockets. "Speaking of being killed..." He tossed a few photographs onto the table.


    They depicted a home that hadn't been touched... except the bedrooms, which were covered with erratic spatterings of blood. The bodies had been moved to a morgue long before the pictures were taken. One picture was of a tear in the wall, made by claws. Too long to be any sort of cat, certainly. "What creatures do you know of that can do that to a wall? And to innocent people, for that matter?" The White froze up. She knew the answer to that question, and anyone with the audacity to ask such a thing knew as well.


    Thankfully for the White, a voice came from above. Above the room. Not to be confused with the heavens. "Paz, you don't have to answer that question. I have some questions of my own." A brilliant blue head and its elongated neck came down from the hole. The dragon they belonged to was too large to fit, and its chest and forelegs were visible from inside the room as he lay next to the hole.


    Paz looked back at the newcomer. "...Vibrant Thunder? I thought you were going to stay with your family and protect them from-"


    The much larger dragon huffed, ruffling Paz's feathers with the breath. "From what? None of us knew what was killing the dragons,"-the past tense confused both Paz and the soldier-"and, in all likelihood, we never would have... if not for the death of a dragon just a few hours ago!" A line of orange dots on Vibrant Thunder's neck revealed itself, glowing even in the bright daylight. "And that carcass Paz was seeing had been murdered, in cold blood, by some sort of weapon. Now, if you can name a dragon that can wield a sword, I'd be impressed."


    Paz winced. This day was getting worse and worse. One last rational explanation crossed her mind. There was a breed of humanoid dragon that could have done this. "It could be a Drakonaar-"


    "A Drakonaar can't fit into a house. Besides, this is no territorial dispute..." Vibrant Thunder immediately shot down the theory. Then he sighed, prepared to deliver one last warning.


    "If I see any humans near my lair, they're dead. I'm not making exceptions to any of you." His head raised back out of the room, and his powerful wings carried him away from the area. Paz leaped after him.


    "Wait! Vibrant! You can't just assume that..." She couldn't keep up with that ancient creature and flopped onto the ground outside.


    The soldier slammed the door on his way out of the room, not even bothering to pick the photographs back up. Not only did he waste hours of his time for nothing, he also found out that the dragons believed humanity was to blame for their problems! "We may be going to war soon..."




    Humanity landed a spaceship on this planet 500 years ago. The dragons thought that this would herald the end of the world and fought to protect their homes. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the crew of the massive ship managed to stay alive for two and a half years.


    Soon after, a massive dragon-like being appeared amidst the combat. It seemed too artificial to be a real Western dragon; it didn't have any curves to its body, for example. It seemed to have been chiseled out of some dark material. The entire battlefield seemed to freeze in time. The being had a simple warning, echoing in the native language of everyone present: If he saw another human landing on this planet again, they might not have anywhere to go back to. With that, the ships that were orbiting were brought gently down to the surface, then subsequently turned to sand. The people in the sand were teleported out soon after, unharmed.




    In the present day, the wounds still haven't healed completely. Peace seemed to be coming soon to the land... then humanity began falling to one of the planet's darkest secrets.





    Welcome to an unnamed planet! Well, humanity's given it some boring "Alright, here's the star it orbits. Name it after the star, but add an extra letter" name, so how about we call it that?


    Ares-B, or just Ares for short, is smaller than Earth, but otherwise contains many of the same features. Well, it has dragons, if that's considered a feature of a planet.


    ...Unfortunately, it seems like dragons are being murdered by something with tools and humans are being killed by beings with claws, and the peace is beginning to tear apart.



    • Dragon Cave rules, as well as Dragon Cave Forum rules, apply.
    • Be PG-13. We don't need to know where your character's insides went.
    • Don't play God or control someone else's character.
    • To show that you've read these rules, remove the Proof line from the character sheet.
    • Semi-literate: please have 5 sentences per post.
    • Magic works strangely in this world; as a result, no magic user can have more than two elements or have two elements that work against each other. Elements are defined below.
    • PM Character Sheets to me. I'll add them here if they're accepted.
    • Limit fully OOC posts to only one per week. RPing alongside an OOC post is okay.


    The dragons here are diverse. They're not just Dragon Cave dragons; almost any dragon (within a few rules) can be found on Ares. Not only are large dragons being killed, but eggs and hatchlings are being stolen.


    There are only a few rules here for using dragons:

    • They must not be inherently OP/godlike (i.e. GoNs, Dragon Aspects, what have you)
    • They must not be from the Dragon Requests or Completed Requests list
    • They must not be from another adoptables site.
    • This isn't so much a rule as a suggestion: Try not to play a dragon that's the last of its kind. I understand the allure in doing so, but think about what happens to endangered species in the real world. Now imagine that happening to your dragon, who is a sentient being. Do you understand now?
    As a side note, here are the magical elements:


    Fire: You know. Fire. The manipulation of heat. The opposite of water.

    Water: The manipulation of sweet, sweet liquid H2O. (This sometimes manifests as controlling ice instead; this is the same element.) The opposite of fire.

    Earth: All things dirty and rocky and plantlike. The opposite of both air and electricity.

    Air: Controlling the flow of all that stuff in the air we breathe. Opposite to earth.

    Electricity: Magic-users with this element toy with lightning and other electrical spells. Mostly lightning, though. The opposite of Earth.

    Dark: How utterly spooky. Those who have chosen this path, or have simply had the element since birth, are able to manipulate shadows, and have often found that curses work well with this element. Opposite to Light.

    Light: Appropriately, the users of this element control light. They often combine herbs with healing spells derived from this element to cure the sick and mend the injured. Opposite to Dark.

    Arcane: This element includes powers that aren't tied to any particular element, including levitation, telekinesis, and in some cases, a degree of control over time itself.


    And a character sheet!:


    Dragon Character Sheet


    Character Name:

    Universe (if one exists):



    Species (or denomination if no species exists):



    Abilities/Weapons (include Magical Elements if applicable):


    Proof that you read the rules:




    The bread and butter of any RP. The humans here are quite advanced, seeing as how they made it to Ares in a spaceship. However, their towns and cities look more like the settlements of 2016, due to the lack of building materials for the more futuristic buildings found back on Earth. They still have an awful lot of their old technology, though, including their guns.


    Some humans have opted to learn magic from dragons. While humans were never as great at spellcasting as a dragon, they were quick to learn their new craft. There would eventually be at least one mage for every 7 people in a town. As humanity became closer with dragons, a few dragon riders did emerge, but they're still relatively rare.


    All in all, humanity is more versatile than dragonkind.


    Human Character Sheet:


    Character Name:





    Abilities/Weapons (include Magical Elements if possible):


    Proof that you read the rules:


    But what about other humanoids?


    Generally, something under this category is either a. a space-faring race or b. a race common in fantasy novels. And that's okay, but there's only one rule to this: It can't be very specific. This is technically a Multiverse, yes, but that's for dragons. Wanna be an elf? Sure! It just can't be pinned to a specific universe.


    Also, a race that's "always been on Ares" is probably also experiencing murder.


    As for the race that ??? is... I won't let you be playing or NPCing those yet until I let ya. It's just that it's supposed to be a mystery, and I'd rather you not try and make it out for yourself.


    Other Races Character Sheet:


    Character Name:






    Abilities/Weapons (include Magical Elements if possible):


    Proof that you read the rules:


    The Lay Of The Land (Or: What The Area Looks Like)


    The playable area in this RP is Ares' main continent. The continent is slightly oblong, with the resulting oval pointing northeast (and southwest). In the center of the landmass is a fairly large mountain, rising to be about 6,000 feet over the ocean. To the west are more arid climates, with desert closest to the mountain, while the east is covered in wetter areas. A rainforest grows next to the mountain, followed by deciduous forests, and then swamp closer to the sea. As one heads north, the biomes get colder alongside the climate, eventually ending in tundra. The south seems to be all deciduous forest, as if nature hadn't told it that the climate was too warm.


    Below are the following posts:

    1. List of character sheets

    2. Reserved

    3. Reserved

    4. Reserved

  6. Agh. I had to go to bed before I could fix a good portion of my post for the update. Sucks that edits that large don't seem to count as new posts.


    Anyway, I should have it fixed in the early afternoon tomorrow. Posting's fine! I'm good now, mostly.


    then again last time I planned for the early afternoon it was delayed by 6 hours, you can never be sure

  7. One of the cats in the darkness would stare out. First at a scrawny little thing that had alerted the others to their presence, but then it'd smell something else. Its mouth would open slightly to get a better idea of what it was. Blood. Prey was good. Wounded prey was better. The panther's vision flicked around as it searched for its new quarry...




    Link finally put his feet down on something that couldn't be described as 'debris'. It was exciting to step on something that wasn't some sort of wood beam or random brick. He was tapped on the shoulder by Midna once again. "Look, I know you're super excited about solid ground. Could ya keep going?" The comment earned a slight glare from Link, but otherwise no reaction. Her snark just wasn't snarky enough today. Or ever, actually.


    "There's movement in the forest, and it's closing in fast. We need to act, now!" Without much more thought given, Link transformed into a wolf and began sniffing. Cats. Not sure how big they were, but they'd have to be huge to cause this kind of alarm. His vision took a significant hit in this form; at best he can tell light from dark. Telling dark from dark would be best left to someone else. Midna'd pat Link on his fuzzy cheek. "What is it, Link?" Link began pawing the ground. "Come on..." Am I seriously expecting a dog to answer me right now? Is this how low I've managed to get? The imp prepared for battle with an exasperated sigh. At least Link knows what he's fighting...




    The cat finally found its new prey. A large man, trying to hide an injury. It had stalked as far as it dared to this wounded person's side of the group. Not only was he trying to hide an injury, he was making specifically sure he was alone. Was he even trying to survive? Not to mention that he might just feed it and its two partners. The panther tensed, ready to spring. Its blade was ready to block the most obvious attack.




    Ganondorf stopped, glaring at Soren. It's his understanding now that Soren at least survived this long; the kid must be good for something. Instead of contesting the warning, he'd scan the woods for any sign of a monster. Ganon's swords were drawn as soon as he noted two slightly deeper shadows in the darkness. So at least Soren wasn't completely stupid. Wow. I've learned something today. The sheer amount of sarcasm may have been tangible on some level. But it wasn't a high enough level to be tangible in our plane of existence. Yet.


    His deep state of pure snark was interrupted by Midna whining about her dog. "Midna..." Ganondorf sighed deeply, unwilling to put a palm to his face due to the current situation demanding that his blades be ready for anything. "How long have you been with Link? Has it ever occured to you that, maybe, just maybe, he might currently be a dog with no capability of speaking to you?" Ganon wouldn't hear any reply Midna would make, regardless of how much it would near his masterful level of sarcasm.


    Because karma struck him. Figuratively and literally. His left arm, holding a smaller (and slightly less great) Great Sword was suddenly being assaulted by a previously unseen monster. A giant black cat with various markings was clawing and biting his forearm. A translucent blade was specifically making sure Ganon didn't swing the smaller sword to intercept. Are we seriously being attacked by overgrown cats? Not only that, he'd been ambushed by such a creature. The very thought of such a thing made Ganondorf furious beyond words. He'd maintain a slight composure as he held his mangled arm at full length, preparing to strike with an actually great Great Sword. A near-invisible blade would launch at Ganon's other arm, but it was a bit late.


    The cat let go before the strike could occur, and the blade ended up sending a massive gash into its upper back instead of its ribs. The Great Sword got caught in the chain for a moment, having to be pulled straight out in an awkward manner. Ganondorf examined the arm, proceeding to sheathe the smaller sword. There's no use in trying to use that arm to swing a sword. Ganon resorted to defending himself with his right arm and a more capable blade. Already, he felt something inside him flicker out...


    He'd study the creature a bit more. Why did it have chains around its neck? What the hell was it doing with swords? This had to have been more than just a cat. Ganon started parrying the floating blade's strikes. Not like he's going to get any help from Midna any time soon...


    ((when there are just too many alternate definitions of words))

    ((I was going to continue with Midna, but I felt it a bit unnecessary.))

  8. I like it. The only real gripe I have is that they screwed Hunter pets to a point where there are some that you absolutely cannot use under any circumstances because they have no Pet abilities.


    Otherwise, yeah, just fine.



    EDIT: I just realized the worst thing about this whole Hunter Pet issue. I can't troll the raid effectively with a Shale Spider; I have to wait until the tank pulls so he can have nothing in his ear but SCREEEHEHHEHEHEHEEEE...

  9. ((>man, why do I neglect))


    Ganon turned his head once more to find Marth and his dragon had already landed. There was also a girl who had seemingly decided that the ground was a great place to lay down on at the moment. She'd sit up, muttering to her sword. It'd crackle slightly in response to her cooing. And yet another maniac! How many do we have, now..? This lady reminded him of someone, when he thought about it. It took him a moment to remember...




    Ganondorf's own campaign had only just begun. He was making his way across the Gerudo Desert, slashing at the monsters that had been left behind only a year or two ago. It was daytime, and every grain of sand that was blowing in the breeze stung. It was home, though...


    He had two allies to assist on this mission, of course. The Usurper, Zant, had gone around some rocks, working his way around towards the Arbiter's Grounds. Meanwhile, Ghirahim (who would never, ever be called by his full title, no matter how much he would enjoy being called "Lord Ghirahim") was making his way up the direct path to the Grounds.


    And Ganon? He was taking some of the keeps, making sure that if their new base was assaulted later, it would be well-defended by whatever monsters may come out. It wasn't even tiring work; the monsters here weren't organized at all, and had never expected an assault. There was a link between the three, and the first words to go across already angered Ganondorf.


    "Demise? It seems that we-" "Ghirahim. I'm not Demise. Stop calling me that-" "Alright, fine! Ganondorf. It seems like we have a slight issue over here..." Ganon winced, bracing himself for the inevitable outburst. This demon had a bit of a temper, and his anger could potentially last quite a while...


    Nothing. Not even after thirty seconds. Zant hadn't responded, although it seemed like he was just fine. Busy, even. "Ghirahim? Don't play games, blade." A minute passed. Silence. It seemed more and more likely that Ghirahim had gotten himself killed. Unfortunately, Ganondorf needed Ghirahim's help if he was to take the other pieces of the Triforce. He'd set a course for the hill that the demon had been fighting on. "I swear that if you're still there, the monsters are going to be the last thing you'll need to worry about!" Ganon halted at the entrance to the Grounds.


    There was a massive circle of monsters, surrounding what had previously been Ghirahim's position. They all were just as confused as Ganon was. There was no trace of the magic that the demon normally used to teleport. He was just... gone. No time to think about what had happened to that moron, though; the monsters were already advancing...




    Ganondorf was pushed out of his memories by Ascension's voice. "Would you rather stay here or get out before Nix comes back and decides it's off with everyone's heads?" There wasn't much of an argument to be made here; the fox was absolutely right. There was no way in Hell Ganon was going to stay here. He'd quickly begin moving forward, wincing slightly at the first step but still leaving the group behind. Until he heard a very different voice than the one that had annoyed him this whole time.


    "Ugh! Get off of me, you wretch!!" Another look back revealed an amusing sight. Soren didn't seem to be as strong as he thought he was, since a woman managed to hold him like that. Ganondorf chuckled a bit to himself. The butterfly woman had already asked this newcomer about "mages". The term was only a little familiar to Ganondorf, seeing as his world never used the term, but the other realms represented in the tournament did have them. "They're only the bestest, most reliable and destructive force you can have in an army! One, two, seven, the entire thing, there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY MAGES." Somehow, I doubt that could actually be true, but I'll let her keep believing that a mage has no weaknesses... Seeing as how Soren couldn't even escape that grip, Ganon highly doubted the kid would last long against someone like yours truly.


    As soon as Soren escaped the woman's grip, Ganondorf continued forward, following Ascension once more. The Eevee seemed to be limping. Soren was nearly here, as well. As if the situation couldn't get any worse...




    Link flinched as the Charizard landed. He's seen dragons before, and they weren't all that fun to fight. A woman skidded to a halt on the ground, then began talking to her sword. Midna appeared on his shoulder, still a silhouette. "There are lots of crazies here. Do you think we could just go?" The newcomer was trying to get a bag of leaves out of the dragon's mouth. "Like... now?" As soon as the Eevee spoke, Midna would prod Link again, earning another glare. Maybe, for once, he wanted to actually try to help one of these people. "Look. It's a woman trying to get her leaves- whatever they are, don't know and don't care- out of a dragon's mouth. Is this really an important quest for you? Or are you the 'Hero of Wasting Time'?" Fine. Link began moving towards the Eevee, once again making sure that he was nowhere near Ganon.


    He hadn't gotten far enough away to be out of earshot of the scuffle. Link flinched at Soren's yell, turning around. He began drawing the Master Sword, already taking steps towards the two. "LINK! Come on! We need to go!" The command fell on deaf ears. Link was gonna help this guy, and Midna certainly isn't going to stop him. He'd hear a little growl as Midna returned to his shadow. Link ended up a few feet away from the struggle, unsure of how to deal with it. Midna was right. This woman was insane. "That's what HE is!!! And lookatim: he's got such a cute little face! And big red eyes! And silky looooong haaaaaaiiiirrr~Naga above, I want twenty of hi--"


    Soren'd flip his head back so hard the girl's head began bleeding. Link was thankful he didn't need to use his sword today, but both of them were still hurt in some way. He sheathed his sword, then reached for his bottle. It seems he didn't need to do that, either. The pink bird that was in midair began spinning. Nothing happened the first time, and Link nearly took out the bottle again. The Pokemon used the move once more, healing the girl. His shoulder would get smacked by a tiny arm. "Great! We're done! Can you move now?" Link'd run towards the group that was leaving, passing Soren soon after.


    He'd come upon Lucas, Ganon, and the fox. The fox's foot was injured. Link's boots were a bit better at making sure he didn't get glass in his foot. Because you know what would be great? Getting shards of everything in your foot when you need to get away from this place. Link looked at his Bottle, currently filled with red... stuff. It's not like it matters what it is! All that matters is that it heals. One slight issue. How does one try to give a fox a bottle and expect that they can drink it properly?


    This was confusing.


    ((You know, I always thought Ghirahim's blades were his actual babies (i.e. children). But, if they aren't, I'd imagine he'd talk to them like that. Swords have feelings, too! Ghirahim's basically proof of that.))