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  1. I'm getting so mad at my Civ 5 game right now. Basically, Steam has an achievement for the game called "Engineer", for building a Wonder. A no-limbed baby can probably get the achievement. Here's the problem: It's not awarding me that achievement, and the support is... less than helpful.
  2. So, ah, I really hope no one else was planning on killing the frozen kitty. Stayed up until an hour after bedtime for this.
  3. ((oh god why am I so late)) Ganondorf was blown back from Soren's burst of energy. Thanks for the warning! The sheer amount of sarcasm was real. He slid backwards, keeping his footing. The panther that had assaulted him was no more, turned to ash by the spell. Ganon examined his wounded arm for a moment. It was bleeding profusely. But that would have to wait. These panthers weren't going to give up now. --- Midna watched the battlefield from a distance, observing Ganondorf being pushed away. Ha! Serves him right! Midna searched around, looking for a different panther to fight
  4. Agh. I have to post at some point this week... It's this whole "going to 2 schools" thing that's screwing me up.
  5. I know the ability Mold Breaker can break through all the weird "immunity" abilities. I can't think of a move that does it, though. I'll be posting as the gr9 Cranando[sic] and Memena (with Doge Lunk) sometime today or tomorrow afternoon. EDIT: A move that breaks through Soundproof is apparently "any move that isn't sound based". I think that works out well.
  6. Well, the diamond hatchies looks super nice. As for the Monarch (because I'm fairly certain it is one, or at least based on one, considering the hatchies have a "voracious appetite"), I feel like they're one of those breeds that I may hoard "because just because".
  7. I think I have too many eggs. But they'll be a nice addition to my meme lineage.
  8. I just realized how overpowered Ganon is in Trick Room. He's basically slower than everyone else already, so now he's not only hitting hard... he's hitting fast. A terrifying prospect. Anyway, the last hit to Ganon's panther was by Soren, so it's up to you, man. I named the panther Karma. why did I name a panther that's just gonna die anyway
  9. DarkShinyLugia's Characters: Any question marks will be filled in as you (another RPer) gets the details through RP. Username: DSL Character Name: ??? Age: ??? Gender: Male Species: ??? Appearance: This humanoid creature clearly isn't native to this continent, or even to this world. The first noticable feature is his height; he's standing at around nine foot six, but instead of his girth being larger to compensate, it seems like he was stretched to become this height. This doesn't seem bother him at all. His skin is pitch-black, and he wears armor that's only
  10. A man dressed in his military uniform looked up at a massive hole in the ceiling of this almost-bare room, his fingers drumming on the table. He'd been waiting since morning. Since then, the sun had risen to the exact point in the center of the hole. The glare was blinding to look into. How long past the appointed time had he been here? He'd heard the dragons prided themselves on their timeliness but clearly this wasn't the case. The door behind him creaked open a little bit. "Sir," a barely-masculine voice called out, "are you even sure they're coming? It's been two hours and there's no sign
  11. Agh. I had to go to bed before I could fix a good portion of my post for the update. Sucks that edits that large don't seem to count as new posts. Anyway, I should have it fixed in the early afternoon tomorrow. Posting's fine! I'm good now, mostly. then again last time I planned for the early afternoon it was delayed by 6 hours, you can never be sure
  12. One of the cats in the darkness would stare out. First at a scrawny little thing that had alerted the others to their presence, but then it'd smell something else. Its mouth would open slightly to get a better idea of what it was. Blood. Prey was good. Wounded prey was better. The panther's vision flicked around as it searched for its new quarry... --- Link finally put his feet down on something that couldn't be described as 'debris'. It was exciting to step on something that wasn't some sort of wood beam or random brick. He was tapped on the shoulder by Midna once again. "Look, I kn
  13. N: 10/10, nothing strikes me as wrong A: 9.5/10, seems to be some sort of mosaic/pinata? Not quite sure. S: 8/10, kinda hard to read
  14. GOOSE! "What's the square root of a fish? Now I'm sad."
  15. But... how do we pass off an early November birthday? I'm sad now.
  16. I think Lugarugan's Midnight Form looks an awful lot like Zoroark. ...speaking of that, I'll be naming my Midday "It'sHighNoon"
  17. P1a. This dragon's eggs are found in two biomes. Bro, I hoard these for a living.
  18. I like it. The only real gripe I have is that they screwed Hunter pets to a point where there are some that you absolutely cannot use under any circumstances because they have no Pet abilities. Otherwise, yeah, just fine. EDIT: I just realized the worst thing about this whole Hunter Pet issue. I can't troll the raid effectively with a Shale Spider; I have to wait until the tank pulls so he can have nothing in his ear but SCREEEHEHHEHEHEHEEEE...
  19. Here, I memed. EDIT: I seriously believe that Ghirahim talks to his sword when no one's watching.
  20. ((>man, why do I neglect)) Ganon turned his head once more to find Marth and his dragon had already landed. There was also a girl who had seemingly decided that the ground was a great place to lay down on at the moment. She'd sit up, muttering to her sword. It'd crackle slightly in response to her cooing. And yet another maniac! How many do we have, now..? This lady reminded him of someone, when he thought about it. It took him a moment to remember... ___ Ganondorf's own campaign had only just begun. He was making his way across the Gerudo Desert, slashing at the monsters th