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  1. I don't take this oath. I don't give a hoot that the AP's always clogged. In fact, I like it better that way. Easier to trade common eggs with special lineages. I don't like having my breeding list full of unbred dragons. Especially when I'm trying to mate a special/metalic and I accidentally steal someone's lifemate. I agree with SavageArtistry. Like my favorite teacher said to me once. If the government tries to fix the economy, it'll only make it worse. Same here. Yes, I'll space out my breeding, but only because that'll give me more metalics in the long run.
  2. Dear Something or Other. Still no sign of Dragonic. Things are getting bad. Reign is getting more and more violent, and I fear he will snap. The Silvers are running themselves ragged looking for our beloved Scroll Keeper. The two winter hatchlings, who hatched during this episode, have claimed to see a human, who appeared to be see-through... I would not have believed it, but Lixue's son got named somehow. He is now Cinnibar Dorkface. What is happening? Could it have been Dragonic? The hatchlings claimed she was injured, as if she had been fighting something. I'm taking some dragons today to see if there is any news in the Cave. Hopefully, someone will have found out what happened. Shiro Saki.
  3. Dear Something-or-Other. Dragonic has not been seen in the cave for a few days. I've been to the rival clans, and their Scroll Keepers have not been seen either. I'm getting worried. The cave is on high alert for a new creature I heard a rumor of in the Main Cave, just last night. the Lagmonster. I do not know what it looks like, nor what it can do. But I am very sure it is what has caused all the Scroll Keepers to dissapear. Vergil and the rest of the Silvers have been searching the countryside. I hope we find her soon. Shiro Saki.
  4. If I'm unlocked and have nothing better to do, then yes. But only after I freeze a pink and purple for myself.
  5. Dear Diary It has been quite a while since anyone wrote. Well, we've been busy. The meeting with Reign went as expected. We have managed to keep our clan fed, and this has been a good learning experiance for my son. We have named the red hatchling Dante Devilslayer, as he gendered male. Cute little thing he is, if a bit of a perv. I guess they start off young. Vergil finally woke up. Oh, how happy Dante was! Yuki looked relieved too. I think the girl has a crush on him... It would be sweet if she ended up with him. The poor girl has been so depressed lately. Although most have been celebrating, Aki Serei and Fuyu no Hanabi have been muttering to themselves, and casting Vergil odd looks. I wonder, do they see something we can't? Black Inferno Temptest
  6. Ah! It's another part of the note! Ahg! It cuts off there again.
  7. This last one only has a date... and it's been ripped in half. I wonder whose it is? After that, it's torn... But it don't look good...
  8. Journal, Not good. Not good one bit. Isabella and Reign are together... And they just had an egg. A silver egg. Under normal circumstances, there would have been celebration, but seeing how it's Reign's child... Not good. This might persuade some other dragons to join his side... Seeing him as a proud father, I couldn't blame them. I talked to Fuyu again today... He claims there will be something odd about the child. What it is, even he does not know... And Tarnished, Muraki's little sister, has joined with Reign. As has Tsukiko and Shiro Mage. All who follow Reign seem to have something odd about them... An almost glazed look in their eyes. With the two Christmas dragons, Prince of Yule and High Holly King, I am going to look through Dragonic's scrolls... Those two have been guarding it well, but I fear that Reign has already gleaned some aweful spell from our vast library... No one has told her yet of this. Hopefully, no one will. Vergil Darkslayer