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  1. Dear Something or Other, The forest is back to it's full size once more. Our Magi and Vines are exhausted, but happy. We still have to fly miles outside of our valley to hunt, but that is so we don't tax our new forests. It has been discovered that we really are alone in this small valley. The nearest Cave was our allied cave during the war, in the next valley over. So that means we have room to expand! While the Frozens and the Guardians still have the front of our current cave, the Stones have decided to stay in the back of that. Speaking of Stones, we have a new addition. The stone Hatchling Dragonic got from Lady Petra gendered female. Her name is now Lady Arya of the Forbidden. She has kept from choosing a mate just yet... I wonder why. Is she waiting for someone? Our Pebbles are scouting out potential new caves as we speak. I'd better go check on them. Shiro Saki
  2. Kuro Mage. Code MAGe. It was epic.
  3. White (Shiro Saki), Magi (Helio Aurora), Guardian (Fayted), and Skywing (Reign Crystal). All are still living on my scroll.
  4. (I'm a geek for saying this, but I'm really itching to RP this little plot.)
  5. This is from that little Sunset that the Oracles were talking about...
  6. Aww, I didn't know he was so worried about me. But it's true. I've spoken to Fuyu no Hanabi, and all he had to say was that there would be two new Oracles in addition to the Summer that has yet to come. Maybe the Sunrise and Sunset dragons?