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  1. Dear Paper, Yesterday we got to do some trading. Apollo's little gold egg and Diego's blue striped was traded for an alt black hatchling, who has gendered male. The two pairs didn't mind, and has agreed to jointly take care of the little one, who we have named Obsidian Crystal. Jasmine Star has been playing with him, seeing how they are both Alt Blacks. Maybe they'll be mates when Obsidian grows up. The water level has gone down drastically. We are now able to walk outside without fear of drowning, but the sides of the mountains not made of rock has become unstable due to all the water. This makes me worry... Shiro has stated that none are to go near those unstable areas until it can be fixed. Last night sounds of battle reached our valley. The Black Scouts were sent out quickly to find out what it was. When they arrived, a horrid sight greeted them. Broken shells of eggs, and the corpses of dragons of all shapes and sizes. There was one dragon alive, an elderly silver dragon... He said that a large force of dragons stormed the cave, killing anyone that resisted and dragging off those that were able bodied. The elderly silver died soon after. This news has sobered any hope of ending this quickly. Once again Mercury's Legacy has been sent out to our allied cave, to both warn them of this development and ask them for any more information they have. I am going with him, in the place of Dragonic. Blaze of the Soul
  2. Dear Paper, The level of the ridge has been lowered enough so that the water has started to spill over. This means that our work is done, as the process of erosion will finish that job. The storm seems to be starting to slow down a bit... Maybe this means that whatever started it will attack. No other intruders have been found in our valley so far, although I still have that creepy feeling like someone's watching me whenever I accompany Dragonic to the Main Cave. Uhhhg. Creepy. Well we went on a hunting spree last night. In addition to the Green Striped hatchling, we now have a whiptail, a male New Pink, and an old pink. A pygmy egg (yay!) has joined our ranks, as has a fresh-bred Blue Stripe from Diego and Summer Huntress. Lastly, a new pink egg has been bred by Royal Payne and Lord Jacob. Mercury's Legacy is excited to see we now have a new member of his species. He's been training the little one to help him deliver messages. Well, I need to go get some food from the fresh-kill pile or else I won't have anything to eat... and I'll have to go catch a rat. Yuck. Blaze of the Soul
  3. Dear Paper, Legacy traced the water route the dragon that attacked us used, and it empties into the lake. If it keeps rising, there will be problems. Mercury had mentioned that our allied cave used some spell to carve a hole in their valley wall to let the water out... We currently have no spell like that, but I have a plan. On the far side of the wall the Fires will start melting the rock on the lowest ridge of stone and earth. That will flow downhill and be cooled by the rain rather quickly so it does not catch anything on fire. On the opposite side, the Stones will be carving away on the bedrock, while the Pebbles move it aside. Our few dragons who can manipulate weather will be protecting them from the weather... If they move steady, then maybe they can open up the ridge by sunup. Blaze of the Soul _______________________________________________________________________________ Journal, I'm making a few updates in regard to egg count. Apollo bred a gold egg with our Alt Vine friend. Dragonic gave one of Lady Arya's children to another Scrollkeeper. Both the Dark Pink and the Green Striped are due to hatch any hour now. Our summer hatchling gendered female, and has been taken away by the Oracles. I believe we have our last oracle... Good. About time. Now maybe we can get some rest... Fayted _______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Something-or-Other, It seems our Pygmy friend Blaze of the Soul makes up for his small size with brains. He has come up with an excellent plan to bring down the flood waters. Granted it'll take a long time, but it is a good idea nonetheless. It has been decided on what will happen to the Wild Dragons we captured. Our Daydreams are going to cast a sleeping spell on them until we can try to reverse the damage done to their minds... If it proves irreversible, then they will have to be killed. It is late, I must cut this short. Shiro Saki
  4. Dear Paper, I now see why Dragonic leads the Valley of the Stars with Shiro Saki. Despite her physical form being limited by her bad knee, she has powerful magics that even Vergil did not know about. (I say Vergil and not Shiro because Vergil is one of the few dragons hand-raised by her, myself included in that small number. Shiro apparently knew of this the whole time.) Vergil, Zaahir, Dragonic, and myself were walking through one of the caves that was about to be flooded by the storm waters when we heard this rumbling in the water next to us. The next thing I knew, a huge fireball exploded from the water, creating a cloud of steam that filled the entire cave. There was sounds of claws scraping against stone, and something heavy hitting something metallic with a huge BANG. I saw a pair of gleaming red eyes peer from the steam, and Vergil charging at it. Zaahir was buried under a mound of rubble from where he hit the wall. I cannot imagine how much power it must have taken to launch that huge Gold Male that far... I didn't catch a glimpse of what did it, but a massive paw slapped Vergil to the side, where he landed in the still hot water. I heard a low growl escape my friend, and then there was a bright flash. I, surprised by this, jumped off her shoulder and flew back. When the steam cleared a bit, Dragonic was gone, only to be replaced by a massive polar bear. To cut a long fight scene short, Dragonic was victorious in defeating the attacking Dragon, who disappeared into the water again. (We have Legacy of War and his small Water friend whose name escapes me pursuing him.) I ran to get help to dig Zaahir out of the rubble and pull Vergil from the water. By the time I got back she was in her normal form, swimming out to hold the great Silver dragons head above water. Vergil has minor burns and a few broken claws. Zaahir's scales protected him from most of the damage, but some of them were torn clear off. Oww. It seems like this attacker was intelligent... Maybe only the Wild Dragon's foot soldiers are mindless, and the higher-ups are doing the brainwashing? Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions, and the attack was unrelated to the Wild Gang. Either way, the Black Scouts have been asked to split up into three groups and do perimeter patrols. Will update later. Blaze of the Soul
  5. Dear Paper, The results of the autopsy have come in... It is what I suspected. These dragons have had their minds broken. They are no longer who they thought they were, only puppets to someone else's whim. The very thought makes me sick. Tonight there will be a council. We have to decide what to do with the dragons the Black Scouts captured, and decide on a course of action. I'll be sitting on Dragonic's shoulder as always... She rarely goes anywhere without me. It makes me feel kind of important. Well anyways we are sending Mercury's Legacy with a message to our Allied Cave with our findings. Dark Quartz is going with him to protect him from the still-ongoing storm. Dragonic has expressed concern about our lack of Whiptails and Storms... She said that as soon as she could, she was going to go hunting for ER eggs and hatchlings of both species. I hope that we are successful in that. Blaze of the Soul
  6. Dear Paper, The Black Scouts were successful. Early this morning, they returned, sopping wet but bringing back prisoners. Most of them were made up of brightly scales Dragons, those who don't blend in well with the surrounding oaks and pines. All together there was seven prisoners, and one fatality. A young male Pink of the Wild Dragons... They have been placed in a cell the Stones carved specifically for them, walls made up of crushed diamonds. All of them were thin and underfed, but snapped at anything that tried to move past their cage. We tried to speak to them, but it's as if we are talking to wild animals. They have lost all intelligence, and seem to react most violently to our Sunset Oracle. Nishi Kyoko is the one who helped us survive the last war... The Healing Squad is currently performing an autopsy on the dead Male Pink. Hopefully there will be news on what has caused this. Dragonic is organizing the Dragons in the cave. The existing groups are the Silver Corps, the Gold Guards, the Black Scouts, the Healing Squad, and of course the Nest Guardians. I'll list the new sections and the breeds included. Silver Corps: Main fighting force, normally paired with the Gold Guards and the Black Scouts. Gold Guard: Trained to be juggernauts, paired normally with the Silver Corps and Black Scouts. Black Scouts: Silent yet deadly. Recognizance and assassinations. Stone Gargoyles: Eight Stone, Two Twin-Headeds, and Two Geodes, they guard the Cave Entrances. Firestorm Frenzies: Fires, Non-Oracle Sunsets/Sunrises, Storm, Skywing, they are the first to go into battle and raze the enemy troops. Magical Mercenaries: Magi, Seasonal, Oracles, Valentines, Daydreams. They use their magic to fight from afar, destroy any possible magical threats before they occur. Gorilla Group: Whiptails, Stripes, Albino, Ochredrakes, Frills. They strike hard and fast, then dissapear into the mist. First Line of Defense: Waters, Earths, and Vines. Defend the Cave incase the Gargoyles fail. The rest are still being organized. I have to go take notes of what'll be happening tonight... will report then. Blaze of the Soul
  7. (Ahg, it deleted my earlier entry.) Dear Paper, The storm hit again earlier today. Mercury's Legacy returned right before the storm hit, but he reported seeing shadows tailing him in the tree cover. Poor boy must have really booked it here. Our allied Cave was kind to our Whiptail messenger, and stated that the Wild Dragons are becoming more aggressive. Judging from Mercury's tale, this is true. Reign has backed up the story, and says that the leader of the old Wild Army might have appeared again. This cannot happen. If he starts another war, then the landscape might never recover, even with the dragon's advanced magic. As soon as the news got out, the Silver Corps (over twenty strong with the new addition of Kyrie Imperceptus) and the Gold Guards (about 15 strong now) have begun training to wipe out this menace before it gets too bad. The Black Scouts (a grand total of 13) have been ordered by Dragonic herself to go scout our valley during the storm, and bring back any trespasser alive. Now that I am past the heavy news... Adorna produced an Old Pink egg today, and the Summer hatched. There is something strange about the hatchling... A magical aura, that speaks to me like that of the Oracles. The Albino gendered and grew up (named Angel of Purity), as did the new female Silver (as mentioned earlier). There is another new Nightingale in the family, an Albino egg from Angel of Purity and Harvest Moon Nightingale. Song of the Heart has been singing to put the hatchlings to sleep, and keep them calm during the storm. My clutchmate really is a sweet thing, despite not being as bright as the actual Dragons. I don't see why some Scrollkeepers look down on them. They are just as good as the rest of us. Well, I'm off to learn some defensive magic with the Frozen Hatchlings. Got to be prepared. I'll report back once the Black Corps have returned. Blaze of the Soul
  8. Dear Paper, The storm outside our cave thrashed as if it is a live animal, tearing up trees and lifting boulders like they weighed no more than a hatchling. It seems we are caught at the center of it at the moment, as we can see sky bluer than the ocean herself, surrounded by a ring of thick oppressive clouds. The rain has made a lake around our temple, although it appears as if there has been no damage to the graves underneath. Reign Crystal returned last night, damaged but very much alive. He was covered in cuts and slashes from other Dragon's claws... He claims to be the victim of a mugging by a group of wild dragons, but we cannot be sure. We have sent a message to our Allied Cave with questions on the activities of the Wild Dragon groups with Mercury's Legacy. Reign has been put under the watchful eye of the Geode pair and the Yulebuck brothers, until we can decide what to do with him... If you ask me, there has been far too much leniency with him. Blaze of the Soul
  9. Dear Paper, Large storms shook the Cave to it's roots today... Even Dark Drake and Dark Quartz, our only Skywing and Storm Dragons, couldn't stop it. The three hatchlings in our cave were covering all day behind the Frozen hatchlings, who always stick around to play with them. We haven't seen a storm this big in ages... The confined dragons have been getting antsy. Already there has been a shouting match between Zaahir and Vergil, which Dragonic had to break up. She's been limping badly due to the pain in her knee caused by the storm. Fuda Spell, our oldest Paper Dragon and one of the few Gendered ones, was telling stories to the children. I listened as he spoke. It was an old tale, the one of Dante and Vergil's namesakes, who were said to be sons of a god-like demon named Sparda. It was a really interesting story... And our Dante and Vergil seem to fit their namesakes quite well. He only told us a part of the story... So far, Dante has found out it was Vergil that resurrected the door to the demon world, Temen-ni-gru, and has climbed the massive tower to fight his twin. That's where he stopped... Said he would continue the tale another day. Damn, just as I was getting into it. Blaze of the Soul
  10. Dear Paper, Today we woke up to find that our first Albino hatchling grew wings and matured in the same night. He is a male, and has been named Xavier Rosa. I heard Dragonic say something about hooking him up with one of Zaahir's children. Nightingale and Rose? Wasn't there some legend like that? The Silver, Albino, and Black eggs have holes in them, while the Red only has a few cracks. This does not bother me, for that egg still has some time left before it has to hatch. Dragonic does not know why we still have the Black egg... We're trying for an Alt for her, since our cave only has one. Higher ranked Caves have as many as fifty! Wow! The Library is looking fine, and some of the Stones have moved on to the rooms for our Oracles. Our Magi and Vines are helping with those, to make them more comfortable. Aki Serei, our Oracle of the Autumn Goddess, will have a room with plenty of red maple trees. Her mate Fuyu no Hanabi, the Oracle for the God of Winter, will have a room filled with snow and ice. Their daughter (whose name escapes me), the Oracle of the Spring Goddess, will have a room filled with spring flowers and such. The last Oracle and the Oracles of the God of Light and the Goddess of the Night's rooms have yet to be decided. Well, that's all for now. I have to go help the Frozen Hatchlings with making room in the nest for the new hatchlings. Blaze of the Soul
  11. Dear Paper, I have been reading up on the older Journals in our Library while Dragonic spoke with the Papers about all the ongoing construction. Our Cave does have a rich history... It has survived a lot. But one thing bothers me. Reign, the third member of the Original Four Dragons that our Scrollkeeper raised has been missing, since before I was even laid. Apparently he tried to create a schism in the Cave by using an ancient spell to take control of the stronger Dragons, including Vergil himself! Apparently this is why he and his bond-brother Dante don't get along. The journals take a break from there, but according to the Yulebuck Brothers, Vergil eventually broke that spell and gave Reign quite the thrashing. I've read the more recent ones, and he wants now to create a new Neglected... But no eggs have been missing, nor has he been seen. His mate is under custody, but apparently there has been a break in, and an attempted escape. I have no doubts that was him. Blaze of the Soul
  12. Dear Paper, Well, it seems that Lord Jacob got to Royal Paine. There is a new Pink egg in our nursery, and it belongs to Royal Paine. There was some question as to who the father was, until Jacob walked next to her and the egg and put his wings and tail around them. I saw the look his brother, Lord Adam, gave the pair. He is not pleased. Dragonic, on the other hand, is ecstatic. She couldn't be happier for the pair. When I asked her about it, she gave a huge grin and said "Royal is the full blooded sister of the legendary Missingo, and a daughter of a Holly Christmas Dragon. Jacob has two other Holly Christmas Dragons in his line, as well as a Yulebuck. That little egg has a gold mine for a lineage." "And that means people are going to want to adopt that egg's siblings and eventual children." Shiro said afterward. I'm happy for them... I know that eventually I will get a mate, as will Song of the Heart. But I have to wonder about Dragonic herself... She has no mate, and put all her heart into raising us. Doesn't she deserve a mate? I'll write again soon; the others want me to play. Blaze of the Soul
  13. Dear Paper, Yesterday I matured, and as the first of my breed in the Cave, Dragonic has named me Blaze of the Soul. I love my name, it makes me sound bigger than I actually am. Since I am so much smaller than my brethren, I stay near Dragonic while she recovers with the Frozen Hatchlings. Some would think that they would be in a constant foul mood due to being frozen and never having a chance to get bigger, but these dragons are not. She is feeling better, and has been able to walk on her own, although she has a stiff limp. She was muttering something about having to go to the human Healer once the Summer was through. It made her happy, however, when one of our Silver pairs produced a silver egg. She says that we have not had a Silver egg in the cave in months. Lady Arya produced another egg today, a Red, while her son Lord Jacob has matured. He is eyeing a small New Pink female named Royal Paine, the same dragon his older brother Lord Adam has been trying to woo for the past two weeks (according to Dragonic). That can't end well... The other eggs include another Albino, a Black, and of course that Silver. The Albino hatchling has another day or two before he grows up, but he still hides under the bedding in the Guardian's nest. He is a shy little thing... Work is going smoothly on the Library, and so far it looks like a castle on the inside. The Geode pair is working on the decoration, while the Stones have started to carve the outside to match. Maybe one day it'll be the best Library in the land... Shiro has already requested that a few rooms be made as the infirmary on the second floor, while the Magi have asked for specific quarters on the East Side. After this project, the Oracles have asked to make rooms in the Temple for them. The Pebbles have already started to carve out the rough forms of those rooms. Well, I must be going. I need to fetch something for Dragonic's breakfast... It's sweet, she hates being waited on so she tries to do it herself. Blaze of the Soul
  14. Dear Journal, It seems like things have gone from bad to worse in our Cave. Dragonic, our Scrollkeeper, has been injured. Apparently, she dislocated her knee, and put it back into place herself. She is being tended to by humans and dragons alike, and the Pygmy refuses to leave her side. It's due to grow up today, and gendered male. It has been named Blaze of the Soul. We will have to ER it, along with that Ochredrake. Speaking of that little thing, it has been singing beautifully for Dragonic since she got hurt. It reminds me of a human child, hyperactive and untrainable. Our dear Scrollkeeper said that this was not the first time this kind of injury happened, and she will likely have to go to her human medic. When examining her knee, I noticed she had three scars on it. She said that those were from a surgery to fix her knee, but I think it didn't work. I was the first dragon raised by Dragonic... And this happened far before she had even seen this valley. This makes me wonder what she is. She has lived through the many lives of her dragons, and does not age a day. I wonder if she is a true human, or just happens to look like one... Shiro Saki
  15. Journal, I have come with some sad news. As I was out gathering herbs for potions, I heard a pitiful cry... Looking around, I saw a small fog hatchling walking around, thin and close to death. I rushed towards it and got it to the Cave as fast as I could, but as I stepped paw in the White's Den, the hatchling died in my arms. I tried to revive it, but the little one stayed dead. It has been identified as the one stolen from our cave, before the Datamonster attack. Reign's scent was found on it's body, as well as traces of the spell used to fog sick eggs and hatchlings. There is no doubt... He is trying to make a Neglected. The purple hatchling woke up as soon as she matured. She remembers nothing of the time she spent in that villain's mis-care, only a thick gray fog. The mate of Reign, Isabella Dawnwalker, claims to know nothing of it, but we are keeping her captive anyway. We have put out a warning to other caves of Reign Crystal. We hope he is found soon. Shiro Saki
  16. Dear Paper, It seems that I was dead. No, not dead... Just floating, perhaps. That's what it felt like, anyway. It felt like I was floating in a solid cloud, but I couldn't remember anything... Then, I saw a bright flash. In the center of the flash was a man with a powerful aura... The aura was steely and blue, and took the shape of a dragon around him. I half wondered if this was a Human or a Dragon... I couldn't tell. He said that I was greatly missed, and that I could go back to my loved ones if I wished. I remembered then the human girl Dragonic that raised me, my friends, and Diego... I said I did. Then I was standing in a ring of dragons. I saw Diego, and he rushed towards me. The first thing out of his mouth? "Please be my mate!" I said yes, of course. Summer Huntress _______________________________________________________________________________ Journal, Summer Huntress has returned. Diego asked her to be his mate first thing (smooth, kid) and she agreed. We have left her name up on the memorial, in a reminder of what can happen at any time. I have spoken to several dragons that were resurrected... Their memories of the event are iffy. Some don't remember it at all. Nobody seems to remember exactly what TJ looks like... some called him a dragon, others a man. Just what is he, exactly? I wish I knew. Terra Jade had another egg, this time with Prince of Yule. Waiting for the Rain's grand-dam has returned to her clan, and Dragonic is happy about that. She seems even more attached to the Pigmy. Maybe that'll be one of those lucky dragons that constantly stay around her... It's certainly small enough. She's been talking about getting a 'curled' alt. black to All of the records of the ceremony was logged away by our Papers, and the work has begun on the library by the Stones and Geodes. All is well, except for one thing. Reign is still gone with the gray hatchling. Vergil Darkslayer
  17. Dear Journal, Terra Jade Arlenn went to the main cave today. Now she is not like the other Magi in our Clan, her and her son and granddaughter. They are descended from the legendary TJ Clan. Yes, the god-like man who rules over all of the Scrollkeepers, and has every dragon in exsistance---even some that we've never seen. She is as powerful as it gets, more so than even Helio Aurora. She brought back some news. The great TJ is orchestrating a ritual in which those lost to the Datamonster will be returned to us. I have informed Diego of this, he will be coming with us. The Papers will come to record this event, as will the Yulebucks, the Valentines, and any dragon that wishes to view it. Not all dragons will be resurrected... Some are just too far gone to retrieve. I hope Summer Huntress will not be of that small percentage. Dragonic has been contacted, and has returned to come with us. In other news, the Pigmy and Ochredrake have hatched. While the Ochredrake is staying in the nest, the Pigmy has been taken with Dragonic, due to it's small size. The little one is rather fond of her, and I am reminded of how she tended to me as a hatchling... Well, I must be going. We are leaving soon. Vergil Darkslayer
  18. Dear Journal, Now that everything has calmed down, it is time to update the Cave's Status. We have an Ochredrake egg, a Pigmy egg, and the Stone son/daughter of Lady Arya. It seems that Arya does not take after her mother in the aspect that she stays with one mate. Waiting for the Rain, her mate, has been mourning, however. His Granddam was a victim of the Datamonster... This is a disaster for Dragonic. It was through her that he was related to a pair of Holly Christmas Dragons. I see no problem with it, but she adores interesting lineages. We also have a new egg, one of the new four. It is an odd translucent egg, and we can see the tiny dragon curled up inside... I have been gathering information on the new breeds for our Paper Trio, so we know what to expect. I have heard the Stones talking with them to improve the looks of our library. Vergil Darkslayer ___________________________________________________________________________ Dear Scroll, While I was out hunting, I found a small purple hatchling, wheezing and coughing. As I rushed it back to the Cave, I realized that this was the missing Hatchling! The one that was taken from the Cave so long ago, found her way back to us! I have put her in the care of my mate and the other White Dragons... Maybe when she awakes, she can shed some light on the situation. Black Inferno Temptest
  19. Dear Journal, It has been a long week... And there is far too much for us to handle. I spoke to Diego, Dante's son yesterday. Now since the first incident in the winter when my mind was controlled by Reign Crystal (may his wings rot and fall off), Dante and I haven't talked much. And Diego, his Red Stripped son, doesn't care for me much either. I saw him looking at Summer Huntress's name carved in the wall with a forlorn face, and walked over to him. "You miss her, right?" "Yes." He said, with more maturity than I ever expected from any child of Dante's. "More than I can stand." "Did you love her?" It was a moment before he answered. "Yes." "And do you wish for her to come back?" When he replied again, there was an edge of venom to his voice. "Of course! But you and I both know that's not possible..." Ah, the poor boy looked like he was going to cry. "The Gods never take something away without giving something else in return. Maybe she will come back... But she may or may not be in a form you recognize." With that, I strode away. When I saw him later, he was alert and playful again. Here comes Dante. I had better go, it looks like he wants to talk. Vergil Darkslayer
  20. Dear Scroll, The Lagmonster was not the only one to attack. And I am sorry to say, this new monster created more damage than the Lagmonster... The Scrollkeepers call it a Datamonster. It has killed hundreds upon hundreds of Dragons, including one of our own... Summer Huntress, the first colored Stripe in the cave, was killed. All that is left of her is a small emerald she treasured... She was given to our Valley by a friend of Dragonic's, as a small egg. Now that the static is cleared, we are carving her name in a wall in the temple, and setting her emerald into the wall next to it. The other stripes are mourning the loss of their eldest sister. Also, the eggs and hatchlings that went missing are still gone... As is Reign. We don't know if he disappeared during the Datamonster attack or something else, but we do know this. The father of the Storm hatchling was eaten by the Datamonster... We are sending out the Oracles to the other Caves that lost members, to comfort them. Hopefully this tragedy can soon be put behind us. Zaahir Nightingale
  21. Dear Journal, The Lagmonster came back! While I was in my cave, tending to my mate who twisted her paw yesterday, I heard the most horrible screech. I had only heard that one time before, back when I was only a young adult... Rushing outside, I saw the thing I dreaded most. The sky had gone blank, and the valley was filled with static. Among the waves, I saw a few Dragons, but I didn't know who it was... Vergil came up to me, eyes wide with a fury I seldom see in the stoic Silver. "The Lagmonster is back!" He roared, a low whine in his voice. "And I can't find Yuki!" "Where did you last see her?" I asked, trying to stay calm. "Near the Temple." He pointed with his tail, to the center of the valley... The temple could not be seen. Looking up, I saw a flash of silver and blue. My eyes widened. It was the beast! It's serpentine body was torn and jagged, like those pictures I had seen of Zombie Dragons, and it sported a pair of torn metalic wings. I have to go. There is more rucus outside. Zaahir Nightingale.
  22. Dear Journal, Shiro has made me the acting Commander of the Valley while he goes to see these 'Neglected Experiments' for himself. I suspect he will be gone for most of the remaining month, maybe more. We received a letter from our allied cave, expressing worries over another population boom. I worry too, but it is likely that the Wild Dragons are still recovering from the slaughter that ended the last war. Nonetheless, I have organized squads of blacks, golds, and silvers to seek out and destroy any remains of the Wild Army. Still no word on that old dog Reign Crystal, but we have sent out word to our Allied Cave to look out for that yellow-bellied Skywing. Fuda Spell gave me all the information he has found so far on Neglecteds. I will give you a snippet of something I found rather interesting... "...[the] Neglected are mentioned in several legends of the Gods and Goddesses, one most notably presents the god of Death and Discord as a Neglected. He has no special powers of his own, but brings illness and death upon any family of Dragons he sees. Since there has not been a Neglected Dragon in well over five hundred years, there is no Oracle for this God. None know how to create a Neglected, so that means this God is the only one to be without an Oracle." Interesting. So this is what he wants to do. Zaahir Nightingale
  23. Dear Journal, We sent a letter to Dragonic last night concerning the missing eggs and Reign Crystal's absence. She sent one back this morning, expressing worries that he might be trying to create a Neglected... I have asked our librarians to pull up any information on Neglected Dragons, including legends, myths, even the most obscure things. I need to find out what he could be doing with one. She sent us back a sample of what the other Scroll-keepers are coming up with... apparently, they have had a success, despite the egg dying. She sent us a picture of a nasty dark green egg, whose color resembles water in a sick pond. Apparently, the dragon egg was a purple before it turned, and they ignored it until the very last few seconds of life... I hope that Reign is not attempting this. It would result in the egg's death, most assured. The parents of the missing Geode egg have to be monitored, so they don't go on a rampage. That would be disastrous... Zaahir Nightingale
  24. Dear Journal, It has indeed been a while since anyone wrote in this. Oh, all of the journals have been combined in the library, in case anyone wanted to know... There have been a few attacks by some groups of wild dragons, although we have yet to see any signs of another war. Mercury's Legacy has been keeping tabs with our allied cave, and apparently their leader was injured some time back. Our leader of the Hunting Guild, Reign Crystal, has been missing. I hope he does not try to start something again. I am actually much younger than him, but I have heard of what he did to my long-time rival, Vergil. Rumors are spreading that humans are trying to figure out how to 'create' Neglected dragons on purpose... I wonder what use that has. Dragonic sent us a letter concerning that, and that she is watching the experiments. Three eggs have disappeared from our cave. One purple that was pulled from the Abandoned Cave, a geode that is a son of our Geode pair, and a Fog egg that was an AP egg as well. The first two were new eggs, but the third was about to hatch. Every one's on guard. I smell something going on... What could it be? Zaahir Nightingale ______________________________________________________________________________ Something has been going on. Missing eggs, Neglected Dragons, and this mess with four new eggs in the Wild Cave. I don't like it. Shiro has expressed concern about another war due to yet another population boom. I hope not. Last time, there were seven species. This time, there are only four. There has been a problem with our allied cave. Apparently, some of their members were attacked. Our five Oracles (five because we do not have a Summer oracle yet) are going to visit them, with a few charms. Gifts for their injured members, I suppose. Well anyway, I have to go train with my family. Vergil Darkslayer
  25. Dear Something or Other, Our cave is now huge, with over 150 individual dragons. Two new Golds have joined our ranks, and Dragonic is rushing to push the Nightingale Line further before she leaves. Our progress on the new caves are fast, and they should be done by the end of the Summer. Speaking of that season, the Summer Dragons have replaced the Springs. Our current Summer egg is not our Oracle, Fuyu no Hanabi stated, but we shall have one soon. Lets see... Dragonic has been working on getting dragons decended from the old Christmas Dragons. You know, the Holly ones. Well, we have Waiting for the Rain, a red that has not one, but two '07s plus a Yulebuck in his lineage. We have a new pink egg that is a full sibling of Missingo, the dragon who is never unfogged (although it is rumored that he himself is a '07 Christmas), and the son/daughter of a '07. Since we have Lady Arya interested in Waiting for the Rain, we are planning on working as many Yulebucks and '07s into their decendants as possible. Hopefully that'll work out well. Everything is peaceful, and hunting has been good. I hope that this peaceful period lasts for a long time. Shiro Saki, Leader of the Valley of the Stars.