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  1. Journal, I just returned from the coven of Wild Vampires who saved my mate on All Hallow's Eve. I told their Elder (that's what they call the oldest, strongest of them) that we had aquired one egg of their race, and requested that he give us some much needed information. "That I can do, my friend. As this will be the first fledgeling of your coven, it will be your strongest, and grow into a powerful Elder in time." We were sitting about a hundred yards from the Waterfall that held our lost members, on a moonlit hill made mostly of hard rock. To my right was a cliff, worn that way from the rushing river. "When the child first hatches, it will appear dead during the day. The first night after it has hatched, though, it will strike out at anything with a heartbeat. I suggest you sedate a large predator, and leave it near the fledgeling. The stronger it's first meal is, the stronger it will grow." I nodded, feeling a bit nauseated. I am a herbivore, so just the thought of a dragon drinking the blood of another creature made me sick. We had to make sure it was strong, though... In case Lucian and Gabriella ever escaped. "When it shows it's gender, it'll be a quiet thing. At that time, give it all of the scrolls I am giving to you now. That will teach it the things it needs to know about our race." I looked up to the waning moon, nodding that I understood. "When it grows into a full adult, you need to keep mortals away from it during the day... Vampires, when awoken during the day, are very violent. Also, the first thing he'll want to do is to bite an egg... That is how we reproduce. After that, it will take another month before he has created enough venom to bite again." Below, the three female members of the Elder's coven played in the moonlight, pale scales glimmering. It was odd how different the colorations were for females and males of that race. "He will need to feed every night, unless he finds a strong donor. Then, it'll be every three nights." We spoke of more normal things after that, and eventually he said that the sun would soon rise. I asked him if he had seen the Necromancer after that night. He replied: "He wanders the shadows of the night as if he was one of us. I often see him by the waterfall, and when I approtch him, he dissapears into black mist, chuckling." So he still hangs around. I'll ponder more on this later, for now, I am tired. Shiro Saki
  2. Journal, We have done it. With the reaction time of a cobra, Dragonic snagged a Vampire egg from the abandoned pile. It is a caveborn, which is somewhat rare, and newely bitten. In fact, before we got back, I saw the two rapidly closing holes where the sire bit into the shell... That still creeps me out. The hatchlings and adults avoid the egg like the plague. We're going to have to make it a custom area, perhaps a dungeon under the Castle. I'll ask the Stones and Geodes to get right to work on that. The others who do not know the reasoning... They ask me why we brought it in the Cave. I cannot answer them. The rest of the Founding Four, Vergil, Zaahir, Dante, and Shizune are the only ones that know besides Dragonic and myself. Tonight, I plan on going up to the Necropolis Waterfall and speak with the Vampire Coven there. I'll ask their advice, and see if they have any scrolls to teach the youngster about his race. Shiro Saki
  3. Journal, Our two Pumpkins grew up, each one choosing the largest, nicest pumpkins out of the patch to carve out and live in. As we cannot provide these gourds all year 'round, each one shall be enchanted to not rot, and regrow any parts cut from it. Obviously, the spell will be cast AFTER they are carved. It's less than two months until Christmas, yet there are already lists so newer Scrollkeepers can get eggs from older Christmas Dragons. Dragonic is going to ask one of the Yulebuck Brothers if they would mind giving up one of their offspring for her mate, XKyubiX. I think it's a sweet gesture. In a darker note, the investigation into the Necromancer who took away five of our members continues. I have been looking over the accounts my mate gave, and I think that the Necromancer may be of the same species as our caregiver, Dragonic. An Ursa Changling. This would explain why he was able to kill five dragons, and injure two others. Cloud and Blizzaga still have yet to talk... But I think what they will say will only confirm my suspitions. Well, I must be going. I need to go talk to a drake about an egg. Shiro Saki
  4. Journal, Dragonic gave the remaining Pumpkin egg to her mate, a fellow Scrollkeeper. I find that awfully sweet. The poor girl was too sick to go hunting by herself, so our dear Ursa friend helped her out. She plans on telling the rest of the clan her true form once the Winter Solstice rolls by. Dragonic is what is called a Changling... An Ursa Changling, to be precice. They are rare creatures, and depending on the type, can change into different animals. Hers is a large white polar bear. (I have the sneaking suspition that the Great TJ has a second form of a Dragon, but whether or not it is natural or due to his magic I know not.) She is talented in magics, although she prefers the cold over heat. In the heart of our caves-made Castle, the Summers, Magi, and other magical dragons have been striving to create a small, indoor forest for the Dragons that would not survive the winter otherwise. The Magi are creating magical heated stones to put under the soil, while the Summers and the others have been fast-growing small trees. Half will be Maples, oaks, and pines, while the other will be more tropical. It seems the Halloween Madness only postponed the split between the Silvers and Golds. Most of the cave stays out of the way of the two warring sub-clans, but I fear there will be true bloodshed soon. At least they're in the same Castle again... Shiro Saki
  5. Dear Journal, Two of the sweet-smelling honey-colored eggs hatched today, and all of the Females in the cave are swooning over the cute, small things. Well, all accept for one, but I will touch upon that subject in a bit. Their color as hatchlings remind me more of a pumpkin, rather than honey. This does not surprise me. We went to see the first eggs of it's kind, taken care of by the Mighty TJ, and it has grown up, adopting one of the carved out pumkpins left there by human children as it's home. It is a small breed, although not as small as Pygmies, and is connected with the Fall Harvest. With the end of that rush, the new one begins. The smell of wood smoke is in the air as dragon caves all around are prepairing meat to be stored over the winter. I have asked that the ashes from these fires be saved, as I want to use them for the small herb garden I am planning, so I have plenty of things to eat over the winter. Now, for the one female that was not crying over the Pumpkin hatchings... Shizune Dorkface, Lucian's and Gabriella's daughter, has taken a turn down a darker path... The Yulebuck Brothers have reported that she was in the Library on several occasions, and the Papers have said she read books on holy spells. She was one of the few told about the fate of her parents... The others were told they meerly died, as a percaution for wandering eyes. We do not need those two escaping from the Necropolis Waterfalls, due to some curious hatchling. I wonder what she is up to. When I saw her earlier, she had a dark look in her eye that I normally only see in Vergil's. It saddens me to see her so... And it worries me. I fear she'll go after the Necromancer if she sees him. I will speak to her tonight. Well, anyway, need to go. Just to make sure the hatchlings are not too scared of all the fauning females. Shiro Saki
  6. Journal, Well, I suppose I should update a few things. Dante... He was not himself. Gabriella was his firstborn, so hearing what happened to her... He's taking it hard. No longer the joking, lighthearted fellow... But now a serious, harsher dragon. When he smirks, you can't tell if he's laughing... Or he's about to kill you. The girl's mother, Amaya Muraki, didn't take the news well either. She had to be sedated at first, but now... She's leaning on Kazutaka Muraki, her father, for support. The friends and families of those killed or zombified have been up at the Temple for some time... Funny, how they all died during the human holiday, that ges by several names. One is Samhain, another Halloween, and the third is a Spanish ritual called Dia de los Muertos... Day of the Dead. Everyone gathered the few flowers they could and set them in front of the memorial, where the names of the victims have been carved into the stone, along with those lost to the Datamonster. The only difference between the sets of names is that the Datamonster Victims came back... These dragons will never. Dragonic has set herself to the grim task of hunting Vampire eggs... They are not common at all, most of them created and taken yesterday. However, in addition to the two sweet smelling, honey colored eggs, she has brought back a third like it. Blaze of the Soul says he found the second half of a journal of an ancient Scrollkeeper... But I will report more on that later. For now, I am tired. Shiro Saki
  7. Journal, My apologies... Dante found out about Gabriella. She was the last of them... Three dead, two severly injured, and two monsters running around... Anyway, continuation. "His robes were pitch black, lined with rich black furs, the same shade as his thick curly hair. He couldn't have been older than 18, yet a wise, ancient, wicked look gleamed in his eyes. I realized with a shock that the touches created a barrier around the circle of stones, sealing me in and my corp out. 'Yes, I am from the Valley of the Stars... Who are you, and what have you done?!' I hissed, my wings flairing out. The body next to him, who I saw was Gabriella Muraki Devilslayer, Lucian's mate, heaved a final, choked sob and was still. I had been too late for her... For both of them. 'My name is unimportant, but you may know this... I am a Necromancer, and I was simply experimenting. Nothing more.' I clawed the ground in frustration at this monster's words. How could a human be that evil?! Lucian... Oh, Shizune, his and Gabriella's daughter, would be heartbroken. 'And it's a good thing you came! I was afraid I wouldn't have enough power to perform the ritual... But your anger will do nicely.' As I opened my maw to respond, his eyes flashed, and a pain exploded throughout my body... I collapsed, the pain feeling like nothing I've ever encountered before. Lights flashed before my eyes, and for a split second, I saw Gabriella, alive, with the most heartbroken look on her face, as she looked at Lucian. Even now, I can't be sure if it was a dream or not. Then, her face twisted in agony, and I came to... Only to see a second Zombie where Gabriella had laid. The human cackled, and I saw the shadowy shape of a huge black bear behind him... Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me before, but the shape turned into a dragon, and red eyes glowed. I realized with a jolt it was a Vampire Dragon, and the flames sputtered out. I'm not sure what happened after that... But when the lights reappeared, this time a natural red, the human was gone, and the two zombies frozen in place by the gaze of two female Vampires. The male turned to me. 'These two were in your clan, but they cannot return, unless you want more deaths. My coven will seal them in here, this Necropolis, and they'll never get out... But I suggest you recruit a few of our kind... Otherwise, if they get out, you'll be doomed.' I nodded shakely, getting to my paws. The rest of the Black Corps were almost instantly at my side, guiding me out. I could feel the crimson gaze of the Vampires on me untill we reached the waterfall..." I've looked her over, and she is not injured. Nobody is to go near the Northern Waterfall... I believe the name Necropolis Waterfall would fit that place better. I will follow the Vampires advice. We need to hunt for those eggs. I need rest, before tonight. We're to have a propper funeral for those lost in the night. Shiro Saki
  8. Journal, I have come to report the happenings of last night... And the final death toll. The Blacks went out, as they are the closest thing to dragons of the night we had. My mate went with them. From the site where we found Ridiculous Cloud and the still unnamed body, they tracked the scent of a human and blood to the Northern Waterfall, finding about half way that there was a faint scent of the Winter Dragons with them. Then, on a moonlit hill, they found an injured but alive Ridiculous Blizzaga. So that ment the body found was Masamune... Dear gods. He is being tended to as we speak, and is suffering from the same injuries that Cloud had. Half of the force taking the injured Winter back, the rest went on. I'll transcribe what my mate said from here on. "With the mental image of Blizzaga in our hearts to drive us on, the strongest of us Blacks continued on, fearing the worst was coming. The trail took us to the edge of the Northern Waterfall, where the spray from that cresent-shaped fall almost made us loose the trail. But then we heard a keeling wail, belonging to a she-dragon, coming from the cave. Sparing no time, we flew into the icey depths of that cave. The walls and floors were slick with mist upon landing, and it was pitch black, save the light from the cave opening. Conjuring a ball of light, I led the group further, ignoring the strong scent of blood that pervaded the air... We came upon a large chamber, which I knew to be a Draconic Burial Ground, more commonly refered to as a Dragon Graveyard. The stones around us were ancient, but small. Graves for stillborn eggs and dead hatchlings. The room was huge, so that the light from my spell didn't reach even half-way. Dread settled itself in my chest, curling around my heart like a serpent. We went forward. The ground sloped up in the center, and gravestones became vaults and masoliums, with huge obelisks piecing the empty sky every now and then. The youngest of my warriors were whispering about curses and vampires, but I silenced them with a stern glare. There was no room for that kind of talk in my corps. The air was stale in our lungs, thick with a musty smell reminicent of rotting flesh... Then we came upon the top of the hill, bare of even one crypt. Instead, it was a small circle of stones, with three figues huddled in the center, their backs to us. The rotting smell and blood was twice as strong now, thick on my tongue. I noticed one was a human... And the wail sounded again. I've never heard something so heart-breaking, so hair-raising, as that one sound. I'll never hear anything like it again, I know. The human raised what looked like a blade and struck down, and I ordered the attack. My sons and daughters went to tackle the second dragon, but stopped, as several torches flared to life, green flames instead of red. The second dragon... Was not even alive. It's flesh was peeled from it's corpse, bone showing beneeth the muscle, but it still moved. It felt as if ice had been dumped into my stomach and mind... A Zombie. I couldn't move. I couldn't see anything but that dragon, whom I recognised as Lucian Dorkface, one of the missing... And the human's smirk grew wider. 'Ah, it seems we have company. If I recognise your scents right, you belong to the same clan as dear Lucian, right?' I snarled." Wait, I'll do the rest later. There is a comotion in the Caves. Shiro Saki
  9. Journal, By the Goddess, has the world gone mad?! Blaze of the Soul rushed to me earlier today to report two dragons dead, and three more missing. The dead? Yuki's parents, Tsukiko of Shiva (White) and Marigold Leaf (Autumn). The missing was Lucian Dorkface, his mate whose name escapes me, and three Winters. This isn't the worst of it. Rumors are flooding in of disgusting creatures, dragons that were killed and brought back by Necromancy... Zombies. Rumors say they've been attacking caves and multiplying. Dragonic is panicing, and Yuki is... Well, she is being tended to by Vergil. I hope she is well. All the remaining dragons have been pulled back into the main Cave system, and sealed off. I'll update what has happened later. Shiro Saki __________________________________________ Journal, Goddess help us! Ridiculous Cloud has been found, along with the dead body of another Winter. We're not sure if it's Ridiculous Blizzaga, or Ridiculous Masamune. Cloud is suffering from extream bloodloss, and the second body was torn apart, by the claws of dragons... At least, that's what I can see. It's hard, with the body disintigrated. Revival magic was performed on the corpse. The Death Count is at three. Will the maddness end? I have the sneaking suspition that it's about to get worse... ...hold on, I smell death in the air. Report back later. Shiro Saki
  10. Dear Journal, Dragonic came into the cave today happy as a plum, despite the absolutely freezing weather. Her eyes were bright as two pieces of amethyst, and she had a spring in her step that I have not seen for quite some time. As I was her first dragon, she immediatly sought me out, and told me her news. She has a girlfriend! From my experiances with humans, a 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' is like a mate, only they are not as permanent as a life mate. I honestly didn't know Dragonic was bisexual. She looks ready to take care of any problems this Metalic Split has in store for her now. As the weather has been unaturally cold, the Vines have been moved into the deep caves, where the earth is soft and warm, due to it's close proximity to the Fires nest, and damp due to it being close to the underwater lake. The Autumns have been relishing in the beautiful colors of the season, as short lived as they will be. For the moment, they've been taking all the dead leaves and using them to line their nests, so they'll be warm when the Holly King takes over for the Oak King. Dragonic actually wants to get Vampires this year. She said they are not as bad as believed, and I'm a bit sceptical about this, but... I trust her judgement. Shiro Saki, Leader of the Valley of the Stars
  11. Journal, Another scuffle broke out. I've taken over my mate's duties for now, as he is still tired. I don't see how he does it, as I'm about to pull my scales out over all this drama. Vergil has asked the Geodes, Pebbles, and Stones to create another cave system liken to this one across the valley, meaning it'll resemble a castle on the inside. Our three Pygmies have informed me that the great Silver has told Kazutaka Muraki, our second-oldest Silver Male, to go into the library. For what, I know not... They've been slowly but surely splitting from the main Metalic Group, with Vergil leading the way. Yuki was not able to convince the old silver from hating Zaahir so badly. Stubborn old fool... Leila tried, but failed, to talk to her mate to stop the grudge. What started as a pride issue between the Metalics has turned into a fued. I've actually talked to Reign in the first time since the Neglected incident. He doesn't want to see the clansplit again, especially after what's happened. Is this going to rip our clan apart? I hope not... Black Inferno Temptest Alfa She-Drake of the Valley of the Stars
  12. Dear Journal, My mate and the rest of the Whites and Magi returned, and not too soon. Vergil and Zaahir had another scuffle, this time after one of Zaahir's many decendants insulted Vergil's mate, Yuki. Of course, the Silver Dragon would not suffer the indignety, so he attacked the young Gold. Zaahir got involved, and it was a few minutes before Small Dark Lady saw and ran to get me. Of course I broke up the fight, but there were some injuries. And now, the Golds and Silvers are keeping to different parts of the main Castle, which I ordered them to, or else they would taste my claws. I am glad the she-drake Phantom is alive. However, my mate is dead tired, and I'll still have to keep up the Cave duties with Fayted, who is the mate of Helio Aurora. Tonight I'm going to talk to Yuki and Leila Lilith, who is Zaahir's mate. Hopefully we can try to patch the hole in the relationship between the two Metalic Clans. Black Inferno Temptest Alfa She-Drake of the Valley of the Stars ___________________________________________________________ Dear Paper, Our efforts were a success. Phantom is awake once more. I left my tome with our allied cave... They need it more than I, and I can always ask our papers to compile another copy. Shiro Mage did a wonderful job, and I am making her my successor White in case something happens to me... I have no white children in the cave that are old enough to take the possition. Tomorrow, I am going to ask the Geodes to make the female White a Moonstone staff, like my Pearl staff. Now, I must rest... Good dreams await me. Shiro Saki, Leader of the Valley of the Stars
  13. Dear Paper, While I was taking a break, I decided to write in here, to update our progress. As we Magi are not that good with healing spells, our jobs are to 'recharge' the Whites so they can keep up the spells. Right now, the other Whites are working on keeping the old black dragon stable, and Shiro Saki and Shiro Mage (Shiro Mage is the second oldest white, and is trusted with this) are working on repairing the damage done. She has yet to wake up, but the two elder Whites have been hopeful. She would have died without this help, I believe. I don't like being this far away from my mate for this long. However, it is necessary. I hope nothing bad happens while we're away... I spoke to them as I said I would, and it seems they do have a plan. I am glad. Now, I must rest, for my shift is due soon. Helio Aurora
  14. Dear Journal, I returned from our allied cave just last night. Their leader, Phantom, is in a serious condition, and I'm not sure that she'll survive all that long. They have been taking care of her the best they can, but she seems to be suffering. So I have rounded up all of the Whites in the cave, as well as all the Magi, and we're heading back as fast as we can. I've not needed to use it for quite some time, but I'm bringing my medical tome and my pearl-topped staff with me. My mate, Black Inferno Temptest, has sent her blessings. I think that as she is also an old Black dragon, she feels some connection with Phantom. Helio Aurora, my long-time nest brother and Second in Command expressed concern that she (Phantom) might not make it... While I take care of her, he said he'll discuss plans with their temporary leader, Master of Mages, on how they should go abouts if she really does leave this world. I need to go, time is of the essence. Shiro Saki, Leader of the Valley of the Stars __________________________________ Dear Paper, Shiro has been worrying himself sick over this. He is wise, old, and powerful, and his intentions are good, but he is an optimist. He has spent most the night gathering crystals, herbs, medicines, and his texts. I, on the other hand, have been prepairing for the worst. I've given myself the grim job of asking their plans if it does happen. We dragons have long lives, but we can die. My brother knows this, but he has hope... I wonder if that comes with the breed. I do not look forward to this... But I can hear Shiro calling. I must go. Helio Aurora, Head mage of the Valley of the Stars
  15. Dear Paper, I wasen't able to find the other half of the description just yet... But we're making a trip. Shiro has decided to go meet the leader of our allied cave, seeing how our only tie with them is Mercury. Shiro Saki is our oldest dragon, our oldest White. He has not gone out of the Valley since before I hatched. The other three Founders have decided to go with him, as well as Zaahir and Vergil. I hope it goes well. Blaze of the Soul
  16. Dear Paper, Mercury returned with the news sometime yesterday. Apparently, there have been Pygmies trying to steal frozen hatchlings, using human drugs. The thing that makes me blanch is that I can't figure out why they would do that... Since the news was delivered, the rest of the clan looks at us three Pygmies weirdly, and Obsidian Crystal keeps finding excuses to keep Small Dark Lady and the other Frozens away from us. I don't like to be accused of crimes that have yet to be committed... Dragonic does not know of that last part. She has ordered the Hatchlings to stay near the Guardians, however. I'm glad she still trusts me... In other news, there still have yet to be more on the rumors of Vampire Dragons and Zombie dragons. While researching the latter of the two breeds, I found a sketch of one, plus a description from an ancient Scrollkeeper who had stumbled upon one. "It was near midnight, the full moon high in the sky, when I heard the terrified shrieks of a fae-drake. Struggling to my feet, I quickly looked around, counting all the dragons that slept in the cave. There was one missing, a frozen silver fae-drake by the name of Arget Mei'an. Quickly waking her father, Brsing Co'et, my strongest and oldest Drake, we rushed outside. The sight before us was truely the most frightening thing I have ever seen, and likely will remain that way. The small serpentine dragon was hiding between two boulders, cowering, while a lumbering beast faintly resembling a dragon pounded away at the rock, a gurgling growl revieling it's outrage. With a mighty roar, Brsing Co'et charged, breathing a lungfull of fire at the thing. It turned to face the flames dead on. I realized it was once a dragon, although it was far beyond anything natural. Flesh, too decayed to stay under the scales had fallen away to reveal part of it's skeleton. Wicked claws gleamed with fresh blood, and it's eyes were sunken into it's skull. The fight was fierce, but---" It was there that the entry ended. Me and Fuda Spell are going to search the library for the other half... I want to know more. Blaze of the Soul
  17. Dear Journal, It has been a long time since I've written anything here, but I have heard some disturbing rumors. Last time anything like this happened, there were deaths, Golds and Silvers killed by hatchlings that slept at day like the dead, and stalked the night like a feral Black... These rumors concern the Vampire Dragons. The last time they were in the cave, we were a small cave, not even ten strong. They say that the Scrollkeeper TJ has invited them back into the Mountain Range, and they have an ability to bite the eggs of others to change them into more Vampires! I am appalled. By the Gods, I fear for the eggs... All Hallow's Eve is in less than a month. We must prepair. Shiro Saki
  18. Dear Paper, Some great news! The little Black Egg we rescued hatched into a Curled Alt! Dragonic was so pleased. When she gendered female, she froze her and named her Small Dark Lady. She seems to have a lot of fun with our normal Frozen Black, Black Creation, but I sense that our Frozen Female Silver, Ginji Hanabi, might be getting jealous. Little thing has been Black Creation's friend since she was frozen, and now has competition. I find it so cute. Mercury's Legacy has been sent to our Allied Cave to catch up, seeing on how we've been so busy as of late. Our Breeding Lists have been updated, so that the dragon that the breeding dragon has had the most eggs with is at the top. This makes breeding times so much easier! Angel Nightingale and Cinnibar Dorkface have produced a Gold Egg, which Dragonic has already spoken to them about. It will be given to a Scrollowner in return for a Cheese egg, which is the only species of dragon we're missing in our Valley. They don't mind, and look forward to watching their baby grow up in a different Cave. The last news for today is we found a Purebred Autumn (Dragonic was happy, as she's trying to encourage a pureblood Seasonal line) and a CB Autumn, which will likely be frozen. Blaze of the Soul
  19. Dear Journal, Last night, I saw something odd... I was half asleep, as was most of the others in my particular part of the cave. The only ones that are up that late are Vergil, Zaahir, and the Four Founders. Even the Oracles are never up that late. Well anyway, I had gotten up from my nest, careful not to wake Jasmine, my mate, for I couldn't sleep and didn't want to disturb her. Blending in with the shadows that seemed to make up the walls cave, I slowly made my way to the main chamber that connected the castle with the natural caves. But I stopped as I heard voices, and ones I recognised at that. With two hundred dragons, it was not uncommon for us not to know a few of those who we have not met. Just in the last moons, my mate Jasmine has said we are turning more and more into a dragonic village. "Shiro, did you ever imagine that we would ever get this big?" Dragonic's voice could be heard in the silence, and I peered around one corner. The human that had raised us all was laying across the scales of our leader, Shiro Saki. Nobody ever got that close to the White dragon, which showed just how close the two were. Lounging next to them was the other three Founders, plus the two caveborn metalic males, Vergil and Zaahir. "No, I haden't... Especially when those Wild Dragons attacked. For a few days, I thought we were doomed." I could hear the mirth in the White's voice. "Oh, you know I'd never have let it happen... I'd just love to get my claws around that fool who organised them." Wait, claws? Dragonic was a human. She didn't have claws. It was then that I saw an odd glow around the girl, almost in the shape of a bear... As much as I wanted to stay, I knew I had to go before they discovered me. But before I left, I heard one more thing. "So, when are you going to show the rest of the clan your power?" "Not anytime soon, Shiro... I don't think they're ready. Sometimes I wonder if TJ hides his power from his clan..." Retreating back to the nest, I had that to keep me up for the rest of the night. Today I'll try to ask the Oracles if they can see that odd white aura as well, and tonight I'll see if I can't spy on them again. Obsidian Crystal
  20. Dear Journal, I am honestly worried about our Scrollkeeper. She has been researching new kinds of Dragons that are not yet in the Main Caves, so she won't be getting any anytime soon. But she goes to meetings with other Scrollkeepers, trying to catch glimpses of them and frantically trying to sketch them before they dissapear. Apparently someone has made a comment on the anatomy of her special project, and she is quite upset over it. I am glad I am a dragon instead of a Human... They seem to be rather vicious to their own kind. But this is not he only reason she is tense... She says her relationship with another scrollkeeper is deteriorating. Apparently they have known eachother for quite some time, but this other scrollkeeper puts Dragonic down frequently. When she enters the Cave, I hear her muttering about all the nasty things this other human has said. I've known Dragonic the longest, and I'm not sure her mind would survive another bad end to a friendship. In other news, we finally have all of the new eggs. We are close to getting all the breeds that come to the main cave, all that's missing is a Cheese and a Balloon. Three hatchlings and three eggs reside in our nests. Shiro Saki
  21. Dear Journal, Damnit all to the deepest pits of Zandru's hells! While our Blacks and Silvers were out on a mission to try and rid our valley and others of the Wild Dragons, they attacked our cave. I've been busy running messages all over the caves with my mate, Fire of the Spirit. To make matters worse, there are five new eggs in the caves, and none of them are land dragons. From what Dragonic heard from TJ's notes left in the main cave, they're all water dragons, each and every one of them. There's a possibility of one being a Drake like the Ocredrakes, but slim. Injuries are being assessed. Defences are being strengthened. No dragons were lost, to our knowlage. Blaze of the Soul
  22. Dear Paper, The mission that took our strongest fighters into the Storm was a complete failure. They just couldn't get past the walls upon walls of clouds blocking the way... Grah! It's rather frustrating. We can't hunt well in the storm, and we've started to ration our meals. Those in the last war remember well the hunger they had to endure, so they are not bothered much by it. Our current egg count is as follows. Two hatchlings, the Guardian and my fellow Pygmy. Three eggs, one Stone, one White Striped, and one Red Striped. The Guardians have been on edge since we found the cave with all the dead dragons. They do not want to see this happen to ours as well... It won't. Our numbers are large. I have confidance. This storm is making it hard for us to recieve a Red Stripped hatchling with an '07 parent. Dragonic's been rather upset at that. I can't blame her. Well, must be going... Blaze of the Soul
  23. Dear Paper, Last night's raid was successful. We managed to take down quite a few of their numbers, and they didn't even know what hit 'em! Man, I really wish I was a Black, so I could have gone with them. This time we're not going to run with our tails between our legs! We'll fight these tresspassors untill the very end! Our allied cave has retreated into their cave, it seems their members can't fight in this freakish storm. I'll admit it was hard for us at first too, but it's a damned good flying excorsize. Tonight's mission we're sending our best fliers into the storm, to find and kill whatever's making it. I hope that we are successful... But just in case, we are sending Mercury's Legacy and Hermes' Myth to ask our allied cave for assistance. In other news we rescued another ER Guardian egg, who hatched healthy and happy. He'll be a fine addition to our ranks once he grows up. We also found a White Striped egg, who we hope will gender male. Blaze of the Soul
  24. Dear Paper, The corpses have been piling up after our sneak attacks. Our Black Scouts are as effective as always, and with the speed and added numbers of the Stripes and Whiptails, they're a force to be reconed with. Tonight they are launching a series of assaults in which they will try to lure them away from our allied cave. If that don't work, then at least we'll have thinned their numbers a bit. Dragonic says that when they get back, there is going to be an announcement. Wonder what it is? Greed of War (Green Striped) grew up, as well as Obsidian Crystal. Jasmine Star saw him this morning, and had a smile on her face the whole day afterward. I wonder... The whiptail hatchling gendered male, and has been named Hermes' Myth. He'll soon be a fine adult addition. The pygmy hatched, and I am rather excited about seeing it's gender. I hope it is a girl. Blaze of the Soul
  25. Dear Paper, Our allied cave took the warning. They have started to ration their food from what I heard, which is a very good plan. After all, Dragonic said that we had food problems last time as well. The Black Scouts have joined forces with our Gorrilla Group, and has started hit-and-run opperations. Meanwhile, the Vines, Guardians, and Stones/Geodes have been switching off with guard duty. Besides the water exit, only one entrance has been left open, the main one. The rest were collapsed. So far we have managed to keep the Wild Dragons away from the cave. I fear for the other caves, however. Perhapse another alliance is in order? Blaze of the Soul