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  1. Dear Journal I have to say, I am very upset... Vergil snuck down into the Coven's territory and got rid of a young one. There was a terrible ruckus, and I swear I heard Shizune roar... That is odd, as she has not said a word to the Clan since Halloween. When I went down there to investigate, she was being pinned by Vergil, but also had her claws at his neck, a stalemate. I had to cast a Stop spell to prevent them from killing eachother, or Genesis from killing Vergil. The eldest vampire had the most peculiar look of fury on his face. In other news, it is the Valentine's mating season. One of the Sisters left us recently, but Avalon produced an heir with Dante. That Red certainly goes around, ne? Those Valentines are curious creatures, with the ability to match two dragons together and have them be the most loyal mates. Avalon has been creating these things called 'chocolates' for the shedrakes to give to the males. Apparently, it is to show affection for another. Ah, young love... Several of our senior Silvers have spoken of leaving the clan. I'm not sure if they will, but it would be sad to see them go. My goddess, how times have changed... I am old, and my mate, while powerful in her own right, is tired. I don't blame her. Perhapse we should leave running the day to day things to someone else, and we shall make major decisions. But who... Ah, I shall discuss it with Dragonic. Shiro Saki Leader of the Valley of the Stars __________________________________ Those dark creatures of my dreams have been getting closer. The only thing that seems to keep them at bay is the cool touch of my Vampire adoptive family. They are a comfort to me, teaching me how to be silent in the night, the best places to hide during the day, and their fighting methods. The last came in handy. During our fight, I recall Vergil yelling out... "How can you live with creatures that kill other Dragons?!" Although he was physically stronger, I was quick, and managed to dodge a couple of ill-intentioned swipes. "Fa! Look at your own past before you judge other's!" I only heard a growl, before I was bowled over, his fangs at my throat and my claws at his. That was when Shiro appeared, and broke up the fight. The look of loathing on my uncle's face as he left was worth the injuries. Good, let him be angry at me. Genesis seemed especially mad, demanding that Dragonic provide more protection. She complied, although I could see how weary she was after the ordeal. After finishing her incantations, the female walked up to me, and said the oddest thing. "Blood and chocolate are a good mix... You should talk to Avalon before Sunday." Queen of Avalon? That was the Valentine, I recalled. Did the Scrollkeeper guess my innermost feelings..? I suppose I will go see what Avalon has to say. Shizune Dorkface Fallen Silver
  2. Uncle has done it again! Morgana, the newest female to join our family, bit an egg early this morning. I don't know how, but that snake called Vergil found a way through the wards, and stole the egg! Oh, I just want to tear his hide apart! Genesis is urging me to act calm about this today. I don't plan on it. Our last hatchling, which is too young to show a gender, is being held under constant watch. It is still eleven more nights before Genesis bites again. I vow to protect that future member of the Clan with my life. Shizune Dorkface Fallen Silver
  3. The wards don't seem to affect me. None of the Coven knows why, either. I take it as a small blessing in an otherwise dark world, as that means I can grab an egg for the monthly biting and not get held up at the wards. Genesis does not seem to mind, and Yami no Uta chuckled when I told her, as if she knew something. That dame knows a lot of things I could never hope to know... The small hatchling who is a cousin of mine has yet to gender. We are getting worried. It is an adorable, tiny thing, but is strong and hard-skinned already. Maybe because it was a Stone before being changed. I play with it when I the other Vampires are out hunting, and when they return, I go out with Genesis through the secret passage way. I enjoy my time with him... We talk of many things, fools and kings... But something he said late last night is bothering me. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love... And be loved in return." The waning moon, just now rising over the highest peak of the Eastern Border, cast Genesis' form in a silloette. But I could still sence his ruby gaze upon my silver hide, glaringly bright in the moonlight. "From the way you speak... Have you ever loved, Genesis?" I could only just hear his dark chuckle, and he all but dissapeared as a cloud covered the moon. I didn't recall him being close enough to any of the female Vampires to constitute as love, or even a passing fling, and I had been an adult far before Genesis was even an egg. "Yes, Disargeta, I have... But for who, I cannot say." The pet name, which I have never been able to figure out, made me cock my head. The Elder only used that name when he knew something obvious that I did not. I frowned, taking a step closer. "And why not?" I demanded cooly in my best even tone. "Well, dearest Shizune, I just don't feel the need. You'll figure it out in due time." His laughter, rare accept in the deepest of nights when the Coven hunted together, bounced off the rocks and was gone. When the moon came out from behind the clouds, I saw he was gone. Sighing, I was forced to go back to the Dungeon. I still can't figure it out. Maybe Yami knows... Shizune Dorkface Fallen Silver
  4. Things have been moving through the shadows. Dark things, I see them against my eyelids when I try to grasp the fleeting illusion of sleep, watching, waiting... loathing. My scales itch and burn at the fear I unwillingly possess at these creatures, these demons even my eyes cannot see clearly. I can hear them too-- scratching at the walls of the caves, leafing through the pages of my books, hissing inside my skull. I remember those noises, those feelings... All Hallow's Eve was when I last felt them. When my love was ripped from this life, and my parents transformed into monsterous beings, creatures devoid of life, of emotion, rotting, putrid puppets--- ...I shouldn't think of that. Dark thoughts such as those will only drag me into the Hells that await at the recesses of my shattered mind. Yes, I know I am insane, how could I not be seeing those monstrosities? Cursed, Dante, my Grandsire, has declaired war on my only remaining friends. Genesis and his kin are kind to me, and I feel connected to them in ways I have not been since my soul still bathed itself in light. I despise him for this. Genesis and Yami no Uta can also see and hear the shadows that rob me of sleep. They say that they cannot tell me what they are, as even they do not know... How helpful. If Dante continues to try and hurt Genesis, I will step in to defend him. After all, we walk the same path, he and I... I wonder if it is possible to become a vampire as an adult. Shizune Dorkface, Fallen Silver
  5. Journal The Coven's revenge is harsh and swift. I convinced Kazutaka, Vergil's adopted brother, and one of Zaahir's clan to give up a hatchling from both families to trade for a Vampire hatchling, to try and appease the Coven. Genesis' aura seemed less dark when I led the little female to him, which he named Erica almost on sight. The other hatchling has yet to gender from what I've seen. I have asked Genesis to stop this mindless revenge. He said he will consider it. I just hope Dante and Vergil don't start this up again once the two new vampires bite their own eggs. Otherwise this will never end. I need to talk to the Oracles... Shiro Saki __________________________________ Book of Shadows, With Winter, my powers grow. I have been peering into the future, and I have looked for the end of this war between the Devilslayers/Darkslayers and the Vampire Coven. I am not happy to say I see no end in sight. If Dante or Vergil choose to avenge their kin, I fear Shizune will get involved, whether it be on the side of her grandfather or Genesis, the Vampire she helped raise. My daughter sees a connection between the daughter of the Zombies and the Vampire Leader... I hope I am wrong. Fuyu no Hanabi
  6. Journal, It was as I feared! Full-blown war has erupted between the Coven and the Darkslayers and Devilslayers. The commotion I heard was Onyx, the second oldest Male of the coven, stealing and biting one of Dante's grandchildren. It was successful, and wards were placed around the Dungeon so Dante couldn't stop it. Oh, this is worse than I thought. Vergil's vampiric child turned female, I am not sure the name yet. I only hope I can stop this. Shiro Saki
  7. Journal, I have spent the last two weeks in a flurry of panic. I have been searching for another Vampire egg to replace the one that Dante and Vergil stole from our coven, but there was nothing. And I fear war has started... When the two weeks were up, I was already at my wit's end. Genesis was due to bite, and I knew Vergil's latest offspring, a hatchling, ment that he was going to go after one of Dante's decendants, because the Darkslayers have been sending all of their eggs to be adopted. You can imagine my surprise when he did not steal an egg from Dante's many children or grandchildren. No, it was a low-generation bred egg from the AP, which he successfully bit. I spent the next week in worry, almost waiting for the Coven to take their revenge a different way... Alberio, the young Vampire was named. I expected his first bite to be a faliure, probably a caveborn, as was the custom. But I had forgotten one thing. Vergil and Yuki just had another egg, a Winter like its mother. It happened yesterday. All was quiet, most of the Cave out hunting in the period of above-freezing conditions, and suddenly there was a screech. "Where did my egg go?!" I heard Yuki exclaim from the Library, and I rushed down to the nursery to see what happened, dread pooling in my gut. When I arrived, Yuki was wailing over a nest filled with all the new eggs, but no glimmering Winter egg in sight. From the corner of my eye I saw a rush of silver, and the fear materialised. They took the egg. I turned, nearly flying in the same direction Vergil had left, to the dungeon. ..! Hold up, I hear something. I shall continue this soon. Shiro Saki
  8. MALES: Genesis the Elder (Named after a FF character) Onyx the Envious (...that's just the vibe I got.) FEMALES: Yami no Uta (Lit. "Song of Darkness" A volcaloid I like.)
  9. Journal, Uproar in the Cave. The Vampire coven has been discovered. Onyx bit an egg just as Dante and Vergil were going down there to investigate a 'strange aura' as Vergil put it, and Dante didn't take it well. Demons, Vampires, any mention of Zombies, they all make his eyes go hard, and anger fills his very being. "What right do you have to take another's child, and turn it into a monster?!" I could hear him roar from my study, as Dragonic and I had been previously talking about the new pair of Christmas Dragons. It felt as if ice drowned my insides, as her and I rushed downstairs to find out the commotion. Vergil was already gone, with the egg, as Dante fought with the two male vampires on his own. Granted, they were weakened by the hour of day, it was already past noon by then, but still. I had to jump in there myself to pull Dante off of Onyx, while Dragonic used a spell to stop Genesis in his tracks. Yami no Uta was crying, raging, but made no move to join her coven-mates in the scuffle. "My grandchild! You're the monster!" "He was from the Main Cave, you fool! Humans touched him, and his parents abandoned him!" Onyx roared, looking as if he was ready to attack again. I could see pain clear in his eyes... That had been his child, he had sired it successfully after his first fail a moon ago. "He would have died out there!" By then, more dragons were coming down to see what had happened. All was silent after that last outburst, and the youngest Vampire spoke again, bitterness in his voice. "You daywalkers don't know what it is like. You get to have children whenever you want, but we can't. Those in the coven are our only family... And you just stole my son." Dante shook me off, and marched to the stairs, before glaring over his shoulder. "I couldn't care less about you and your 'family'. If I can't have my daughter back... Then neither can you." With that, he dissapeared up the stairs, and I shivered. I had never seen him like that, ever... "What are you all staring at? Go back to what you were doing, now!" I heard the voice of my mate, and the dragons filed out, spell of silence broken. Dragonic let her spell go, and Genesis looked up to the cieling with distain. "I am not pleased with this, Shiro. I expect a replacement within a half-month, or else there will be trouble for that damned Red and Silver." I felt myself shiver again. I knew how powerful Vampires were, and just how nasty they could be. So now I write this, while Dragonic tries to arange a trade for a replacement, or find the person who picked up the egg. Shiro Saki
  10. Journal, Another month, another failed bite attempt, this time by Yami no Uta. Ah, I still recall her shriek of rage and sorrow... That nearly broke my heart. She was originally a Purple, you know. Her personality is a bit different from the other two males, more caring, motherly. I feel for her. The Winter Festival has begun! Our Yulebuck brothers bred, and produced more of their kind, which we releaced to spread the joy. The Castle is decorated in evergreens and holly, mistletoe hanging from every door. It is such a nice festival this year... We are eagerly waiting the return of TJ from his winter travels, and he will bring to the cave a new variant of the Christmas dragon to join the other two. Hollies, which only number in the hundreds, are in astrinomical demand. Dragonic wishes to procure an egg, but it is unlikely. Maybe she will make friends with an owner, and they will gift to her one next year. Winter Seasonals have returned in force. Yuki and Vergil are pleased, as they look forward to keeping a Winter child. The Darkslayer clan is etstatic, as they now have a new silver member, the first since a few of their number left with my children to the Wild. I am happy at this. I plan on visiting the Necropolis Waterfall tonight, Christmas Eve. I want to pay my respects to Gabriella and Lucian... The fates were cruel. Shizune still mourns their loss and transformation into the undead. Dante, while better now, obviously misses his daughter. Well, I must make preperations. Shiro Saki
  11. Journal, Ah, I forgot to update the rest of this. I suppose I'll do it now. The intruder was a small female Magma hatchling, who had wandered down into our dungeons in search of her element to reside in. The lava pit had not been completed yet, I assume. However, now it is and the female is in her own part of the castle. I made her promise not to tell any of the living dragons about us. I tried to bring another egg into our coven... But the cold had weakened the egg's shell, and it broke open when I tried to bite it. Damn. Next time, I'll be sure not to try a water-walker. Yami no Uta, my first turned, will be attempting her own in six days, with Genesis a few more after that. Hopefully, we'll have more luck. The days are getting colder, and it is getting harder and harder to find prey big enough to satisfy our thirst. It seems we will have to start hunting wild dragons... Not that I am opposed to this. Shiro might, though. The smell I mentioned in my last post was that of an odd human, stinking of dark magic. Tonight, I hope to find the older coven that Shiro went to for information, when I was but an egg. Maybe they know more about it than I. Genesis the Elder
  12. Journal, I smell something in the air. It is as foul as a week-old carcase, and cold as the fish in the valley's bay. My Coven and I have been fairly quiet as of late, as Shiro warned us against making ourselves known. Bah. What does that old fool know? I digress. A while back, we found the dragoness that has been around our part of the castle, a female Silver named Shizune Dorkface. As most Silvers are more interested in their looks than power, I was surprised to see she had a great deal of strength. Not only in magic, but in rage. I now know that she took care of me while I was an egg. I will have to repay her, but for now, she is good company. Unlike other silvers, her attitude is dark as my scales, and she has a sharp tongue. ...hold on, I'll finish this later. There is an intruder. Genesis the Elder
  13. Journal, We finally have a dragon from every species in the cave. (Minus the Dinos. Maybe that'll be Dragonic's next goal?) The Icicle egg was just traded for a Cheese, which completes the list. Well, until more dragons are discovered, that is. The commotion I was talking about earlier was between Vergil and Dante, again. Those two get into so many fights, it's unbearable! Makes me want to tear my feathers out. Vergil has been hostile towards Dante since the incident last year with Reign's spell, but they do consider eachother brothers. (They are not related by blood, but they are both Caveborn, and when Dante was a hatchling, he cslled him 'big brother' a lot.) I do wonder if the spell's remanents have caused him to be sour with the Red. Then again, Dante doesn't exactly try to be un-annoying. When those two fight tooth and nail, though, it's scary. I recall one time, where Vergil managed to partially impale Dante on a stalagtite. The red was down for weeks... Then there was the time where Vergil got clawed on the ribs, cutting down to the bone. Ah, those two will be the death of me yet..! The New Moon is next Wednesday. I plan on doing some blessing then, and some spellwork. Maybe some divination? Well, it is late. I must go. Shiro Saki
  14. Journal, After much convincing, Genesis let us trade the Vampire Hatchling for the remaining two Trio eggs we needed. In exchange, I cannot trade the next egg he sires, and he gets to choose the egg that will be bitten. We are digging out another room near the Reds for the future Magma, and trying our best to make it like it's natural environment, a volcano. The Thunder egg is being taken care of by Dark Quartz, as they are of a similar elemental group. Ah, there is a comotion. I need to go. Shiro Saki
  15. Journal, Dragonic managed to snag another Vampire egg from the AP yesterday, bringing our count up to four total Vampires. Genesis, of course, is very pleased. Onyx has been less moody, now that he has a younger Vampire below him. I think he was getting tired of being the Omega. Well there has been a severe cold spell, and I've had to enchant the stones in one courner of the basement to keep warm for the Coven. After all, they are needed to defend against them, and it wouldn't due to have them freeze. The Icicles and Winters are enjoying the weather, using it to root up animals who are hibernating, and bringing them back. More food for the winter. Dragonic has asked if she could make some pillows and blankets for her world from my discarded down. She says that without my warmth, she has a tough time getting to sleep. I'm letting her. But, with all this good news, there is one dark piece of news. Fuyu no Hanabi, the Oracle of Winter and our Seer, came to me with a dark message. "Where be there five, four will remain, and the pearl will mourn for the jet's loss." I don't know what it means, but he can't tell me more. What do the Heavens have in store now?
  16. Journal, Well, it certainly has been a while. Between our three Vampires, and two new Ices, we have been busy. The Ices, Blessed Masamune and Blessed Glaceon are beautiful, glittering and shining like gemstones polished to perfection. We've yet to get any of the other two of the Trios, as the three new Elemental Dragons are being called, but we have a third Ice egg in the nests. Genesis has been rather... Upset. Since the newest member of the Coven, Onyx, killed the egg he had tried to bite, they have to wait two weeks before they can get another Vampire in the Coven, unless we take one from the AP. Of course, everyone avoids the Dungeons. Helio and Fayted had another egg, a Magi which they've kept. The pair have never had a child stay in the Valley before, so they are excited. Perhapse I should consider doing the same... Winter is approtching. The Winters have been stiring from the Castle, while the Autumns have been less and less hyper. Winters, as they are the same element, get along well with the Icicles. We now have a well-growing garden, and plenty of dried meat saved away. Soon, the first snow will fall, and Winter Festival will start. Shiro Saki
  17. Journal, We have gotten one of the Legendary Trio! A Scrollkeeper whom Dragonic is familier with gave her an extra egg, one with icicles hanging off of it's sides. Otherwise it looks like a normal Water egg. I wonder what will hatch from it..? The Vampire hatchling has yet to gender, and no one from the Clan knows of it's, or Yami no Uta's existance. Hopefully they will stay that way. Shiro Saki
  18. Journal, Two vampires now live in our cave, the new female named Yami no Uta. (Translated: Song of Darkness.) A third, ungendered hatchling resides with them, and Genesis has procured a caveborn Frill egg for the baby to bite. There are rumors of three new eggs in the cave, called the Legendary Trio. Dragonic and I are going to go hunt for these new eggs now. All that is known that one bears fire, the second ice, and the third lightning. Shiro Saki
  19. Journal, It seems Genesis is taking care of his egg well, and on his own. Well, not entirely on his own, as I heard Shizune keeps sneaking down there while the male is away. I've never heard of a Vampire having a non-vampire mate, but... I'll have to ask Fuyu about that. He is the Oracle of Winter, after all. The clan continues to hunt and preserve meat, all of the Fire and Magi dragons being rather busy starting the flames for everyone. The garden is going quite well, planted away from the vines and such. We'll have fresh greens althroughout the winter, as well as dried fruits and preserved vegitables. Finally, the Falls have been lining the nests of all who ask with crisp, dry leaves that'll keep everyone warm and dry. In a little over a month the Winter Festival begins, and we can expect new dragons coming into our cave. The Mighty TJ seems to be the only one who knows where the Wild Holiday dragons nest out of season. He remains a mystery to all, it seems... Shiro Saki
  20. Journal, When I was but an egg, I remember two dragons that took care of me. One was a huge female, the color of steel blue pearls, who I now know is Fayted, the Valley's Head Guardian. The other was a serpentine beauty, who used to curl around my egg during the times Fayted was gone. She was the only one that didn't fear me, who kept my shell warm despite my nature. She didn't come back after I hatched, but I have caught her scent all around my home and my egg when I came back from the hunt... There was no mistaking that scent. There are many female Silvers in the cave, and I have no clue which one it is. Maybe later I will ask Fayted... For now, I have to sleep. Genesis the Elder
  21. Journal, Well. I've finally met the girl that almost single-handedly raised the dragons in this Cave. Dragonic, they call her. She was very polite, and was not fearful, even one bit. She told me that if I was willing to wait, she could get one of the Pinks to bless my egg to be either gender. I refused. I want this one to be decided by fate. Plus, it doesn't matter either gender, as we are the same in terms of ability. My first-bitten egg has some cracks in it, I saw when I came back from hunting last night. When I woke up from sleeping before I left, there was the faint smell of a female... I'll have to look into this later. Genesis the Elder
  22. Journal, Well, this is my first entry in the thing Shiro calls a journal. I suppose I should introduce myself, then. I am Genesis the Elder, first Vampire of the Valley of the Stars. Last night, I finally matured. It was about time. I've realized that for all his talk of goodwill and acceptance, he truely is afraid of me. Hn. Last night I wandered outside the castle where I grew up, finding myself drawn by some force to a hilltop near the northern edge of our territory. When I arrived, I saw a man, dressed in black, speaking with some members of my race. To state the obvious, I was surprised. Shiro never told me there was another Coven near my own. "Take you and your black arts with you. You've caused enough damage." I heard the Elder, a large male, hiss between his fangs. The human smirked under his hood, and dissapeared. Not wanting to intrude, I left as well. Soon after that, I came upon a cave that was piled high with eggs. Nobody was there, and some primal part of me wished to bite one of the eggs. Needless to say, I agreed. Taking a purple with no dragon-scent, I bit it, and took it back to my lair. I feel I should give Shiro more reason to fear me... And how else but by creating more Vampires? I am keeping my egg with me, as I sleep. Goodnight. Genesis the Elder, First Vampire of the Valley of the Stars
  23. Journal, The Vampire hatched and gendered Male rather quickly. Dragonic named him almost as soon as she set eyes on him, a smirk on her lips. "We shall call him... Genesis the Elder." Whenever a new breed enters our community, she gives them a name that means something to her. I've yet to discover the meaning of this name, but she will tell me in time. As ordered, I left a large mountain lion in the dungeon in our Castle, where our Coven will live in the future. That night, I had Helio cast an invisibility spell over me, and I stayed down there. The hatchling that previously appeared dead was quite alive, a deep grey with shining fangs in it's mouth. The lion, a bold male that had managed to give me a good few slashes, was knocked out in the corner, a small wound on his flank. The hatchling stumbled around, blindly, until it stopped, head pointed at the lying form. Quicker than the eye could see, it darted across the cobblestone, latching onto the lion's neck... I left swiftly, feeling my stomack lurch. The next morning, the lion was gone, and the hatchling was back in the nest, curled up under some fluff and feathers. Tonight I'll stay up again, to show the little one it's new home, and show it the secret passage to the area where it'll hunt. Also, I'll be setting up the shelves where the ancient tomes the wild Vampire coven donated will be resting. When it becomes an adult, I shall have to grab an egg to have it bite. It would be dangerous to have it as our only protection against the Zombies. Shiro Saki
  24. Journal, Unrest in the Clan, mostly centered around the Nursery. The Vampire egg has a huge hole in it. The females that cooed and giggled at the Pumpkin hatchlings are now avoiding the nursery, whispering in the background. I can hear them, even as I write. Fayted ordered that she be the one that raises it, and I don't blame her. The other Guardians would likely smash the egg to try and protect the others. The only one that dare goes near it besides us is Shizune, our dark Silver. When Fayted leaves to eat or rest, she curls her serpentine body around it, whispering to the baby inside. Perhapse she feels some companionship with it. Either way, I am grateful. I wish I knew what to do... I have not felt this useless since the Lagmonster and Datamonster attacks. Shiro Saki