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  1. Torm. I can't seem to get ANY other Forgotten Realm Gods' name, but for some reason I was able to get Torm on my old CB Gold.
  2. I have to say, I love the new sprites. All of them. The female Sunset no longer looks washed out, and I love the male. Can't say anything about the Sunrise, I only see shading improvement. He was never one of my faves. The golds, egad, the golds are stunning. So shiny. They managed to surpass the Silvers on my Fav list.
  3. I didn't care so much about lineages when I started. If I looked back, and there was a gold or a silver, sweet! Awesome! But back then, we didn't have a Lineage Checker, so it didn't matter as much. CBs were still in demand for things like Golds and Silvers, but I was astounded to get even a 7th gen Silver Egg from the AP. The four CB metalics I got were entirely on accident, when it wasn't near impossible to get them. When Lineage came around, I started caring more for them, but not so much the looks as making sure I didn't accidentally inbreed or the like. I went AP diving looking for fun/interesting things, IE Holly Decendants, Purebred Unevens, things like that. But when I took a break late last year, I left my scroll as is. And I came back, not too long ago. I find that the game's changed, that Spiral and Staircase are sought after, that there are 8 different Rares I can trade and breed for, as opposed to just the Silver and Gold and stuff. I had near 300 dragons coming back, and I'm still going through them, throwing out long lineaged, messy dragons. Left with 4 silvers, 4 golds, and odd numbers of different Trios. Right this moment I'm building up an Even Gen dragon as a mate for this Bronze I got, with dragons of all sorts. Maybe eventually I'll start a Checkerboard type, maybe Blacks and Magi, as I like those two together. What this rant boils down to is this. The longer you've been in the game, the more you care about lineage. Once you get all the dragons, there isn't much more to do but Breeding Projects or Hoarding.
  4. Oh man, there was 5th gens in there? Wish I had known, that would have been a lot easier.
  5. Terrible? Are you kidding me? They're all PB, even-gen Horses. I picked up two 3rd Gens to breed together to help me start towards a 7th Even-Gen. This is wonderful.
  6. It's been forever since I've been on DC. I was checking around to see if a few old members were around, and I found another Herd instead. :') That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Salutations from the Within Hubris and What's Your Mask Herds!
  7. This IS what I have noticed, actually. I tend to go lineage diving when I have nothing I want to raise at the moment, in hopes for something good that I can add to my collection. Eggs with odd lineages (Hollies, Zombies, or RarexRare ancestors) tend to get picked up more, even if the lineage is messy. 2nd gens, no matter the breed, are always picked up. Even gens too. Staircase lineages, if the breeds look nice together, tend to be picked up as well. However, I have always wondered to the horribly inbred, badly lineaged egg that's never picked up...
  8. After my months long hiatus, I went through all my dragons, and got rid of the ones with horrible lineages. This includes a good 3-4 Golds, 5-6 Silvers, and an Alt Black. I cannot stand inbreeding. Messy lineages annoy me too. I like my nice, clean lineages, with well matched mates.
  9. Honestly, with how sought-out Hollies are this year, you would think that people would be happy with what they got, instead of complaining. >_> I'm probably going to pair my Yulebucks with whatever CB I have lying around... Though, more thought might be put into my Snow Angels. Got the White-Winged variety.
  10. Let's see... Most recent was a Flamingo Male with the code Sael. Since there's a character by the name of Saele in an offsite roleplay I'm in, I had to name him that, of course. :3
  11. I have to say, Zaahir Nightingale and Vergil Darkslayer are two of my favorites. Both CB, Male, and Metallic. Back in my day (hurr hurr), CB Metallics were insanely hard to get. You youn'ns don't know how good you got it. Zaahir's my Gold, and Vergil's my Silver. They seem to hate eachother, in my Cave's little story... Oh well. They tend to stay out of eachother's ways.
  12. I bet you that people are still going to say "OMG UPDATES LOL" even with this warning.
  13. Hey guys, I got a few specials here that have been sitting around my scroll for AGES. First off is a pure Purple x Gold lineage, which has only recently reached the 3rd generation, but I don't mind. I'll only be able to get to about 4th generation, though, if I don't snag more CB golds... As I don't see that happening anytime soon, I'll gladly offer any 3rd gen purple eggs I get from this lineage. Also, I have a pure Seasonal x Silver lineage, which I do believe is about 3-4 generations... I can't recall off the top of my head. I'm looking for silvers with the same pure lineage to tie in, or seasonals, if I can't get my hands on silvers. Btw, if I do end up giving you an egg from this, I would like it very much if the Darkslayer name was continued, as that is the name of my founding couple.
  14. Oh no darling. I have a demon and a former Paladin-esque Knight in the same party. Also noted that they have a contract going on, in which the Paladin, my MC, will give up his soul once he dies. There will be blood.
  15. Oh, it's official. I'm collecting all I can next year. These things are absolutely beautiful.
  16. I just need a hatchling for my two adults... Come on, please...? *crosses fingers* YES! EDIT: ...wait, no. Completely successful revive. EDIT2: YES! SUCCESS! White Heartbreak is now the third Zombie I own.
  17. Lovely! 6 eggs is a really good idea... Should be implemented for all the holidays, in the future.
  18. ...I'm gone for an entire summer, and it seems that things are still the same. People still whining about hoarders, people still killing holiday eggs... Can't we all just play our own way, and let others do whatever the heck they want?
  19. Well, had two successes last year. A mated pair, lineaged. Got their daughter on my scroll. This year, I'm just going for a frozen hatchling. So I'm probably going to end up going through a tonn of my froen hatchlings... Oh well.
  20. I do love the ORIGINAL Warrior's series. I've made my own OC, and I'm working on a fanfiction as we speak. Firestar's probably one of my favorite characters, with Tallstar and Bluestar tying for second. As for the names, I find it a good way to know which time you are refrencing. Like, how I loved Tigerstar when he was Tigerclaw, but not after. He just kinda... Fell to the wayside in favor of Bloodclan. But I noticed a decline in quality once Cloudkit/paw was introduced. There could have been a lot more emphasis on Fireheart's fear of Tigerclaw's return. Overall, it just seems like a passing worry that is mentioned once in a blue moon. Same with Greystripe leaving Thunderclan.
  21. Ah. I didn't recall that point. It just always made sence to me. May I ask how many years younger they estimate it to be now? I feel horribly out-of-date.
  22. That's actually a rather old theory. I recall reading that when I was about seven, actually. A supersized meteor struck the young earth, ripping a large chunk of it off and forming into the Moon. It explains why there is no molten iron core to the moon, or molten anything. Dead Planets, like the Moon, Mercury, and Pluto, are fasinating subjects. They have no molten core at all. This leads me to wonder if one of the contributing factors for Earth staying above freezing when facing away from the sun is the heat from the mantle.
  23. I probably would have more, but I let go of a lot of inbreds a while back, and I've been steadily working my way back. Right now, I got 270 adults, making me a Silver.