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  1. White/Shadow Walker With a spriter's alt Heartseeker in it's lineage! Luckily I have a female Shadow Walker to breed him with. And this Lunar Herald I just caught that was bred by Terrafreaky who seems to be very popular in this thread!
  2. I've almost collected all the treats. Great work! It's amazing how intricate these designs are.
  3. I finally got them all! All of the eggs look wonderful this year. My favorites:
  4. I really enjoyed the holiday event this year! It was so much fun! I hope there are more game-type events like this in the future.
  5. I really enjoyed the Holiday event this year! It was so much fun!
  6. OMG I GOT A LEETLE TREE http://dragcave.net/lineage/10h7w
  7. I just saw a Copper and a Golden Wyvern side by side in the Alpine biome and I auto-clicked on the GW.
  8. All three of mine turned out white-tipped which is my favorite variation. I'm just surprised all three turned out that way. One Two Three
  9. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/marie_tr I'm done! I may tweak here and there. I must admit I stole a few ideas from marrionetta's fort.
  10. I was gifted a Holly egg yesterday. It's messy and inbred but I love it!
  11. Jean Paul I tried it on a whim because Jean-Paul was taken.
  12. 3G Speckle-Throated Checker w/ Silver Female Thank you, Ponystar17! I usually only keep CB dragons but this is so beautiful. I love this combination.
  13. I just earned my bronze trophy. WOO
  14. I named my Grave Females: World 0n Fire Ring 0f Fire Cindere11a And my Grave Males are: Burning Down The H0use Ash Like Sn0w A Hunk 0f Burning Love
  15. I got lucky this year! Two out of five adults became zombies. One dragon revived and I killed another in it's place but that one disintegrated.
  16. My two zombies that I made yesterday. I got very lucky!
  17. Alastair CB I thought for sure that would've been taken already. And Arya CB!
  18. I just caught a female CB Ridgewing hatchling on the AP.