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  1. @Sunrunner Omg, this Spirit Ward checker is gorgeous, thank you! I wouldn't have thought of putting Spirit Wards with Silver Shims, but the contrast is so cool, especially at night.
  2. 3G White checker w/ Rosebuds, 1 alt Rosebud in base - hatchie, influenced male My winner didn't pick the egg up, so I influenced/hatched it; if anyone wants it feel free to grab! (Will post elsewhere later, but putting the gift up here first ^u^)
  3. lolahighwind

    Z Project

    Gone! You're welcome, rdc, thank you for posting!
  4. Made a last-minute donation 🤞 Can't wait to see this round's entries
  5. If they're not the same person and didn't do the same thing, don't apply the same punishment.
  6. I won a gorgeous egg, thank you to whoever donated that Turpentine! 💛 Congrats to all the winners
  7. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: lolahighwind Giftee: Keileon Lineage link(s): K9Yeu Breed(s): 2G Silver from Magma Status: Accepted
  8. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: lolahighwind Giftee: PhantomoftheWolves Lineage link(s): TwWGb Breed(s): 2G blue Gemshard from blue Fire Gem Status: Accepted
  9. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: lolahighwind Forum name: lolahighwind Birthday: July 8th Revised List: 1. 2G from Spriter's Alt/HM 2. Special code (see here for my list of codes needed); I don't collect Z-codes or palindromes though 3a. 2G or nice-lineaged Avatar, any type 3b. Something from my Holiday Mates needed wishlist 4a. CB hatchi (esp Drake/Pygmy/2head, or BSA) 4b. Or surprise me! Just nothing messy/inbred please. Thank you! Let me know if any of these don't fit in the tiers.
  10. I'd imagine the voucher group is fine, since it's people getting to choose whichever one they want. The restrictions are based on stuff that doesn't get as many entries, rather than being 'undesirable'; there's plenty of gorgeous stuff (like your Monarch line) that doesn't fit the bill, but it's kinda hard to make rules about how "pretty" or "nice" something is.
  11. To put it simply: The benefits of sickness are small. The downsides to sickness are big. So it's overall a negative.
  12. They'll also get bored if sickness is removed, you know And like multiple people above have said, we shouldn't have to worry about 1 tiny mistake like forgetting to fog our stuff once killing our dragons. I've had to get up in the middle of the night bc I forgot to fog my eggs, lol. + sickness is nearly useless anyway since it mainly happens in viewbombing and to brand-new players who figure it out quickly
  13. Yeah DDoS'ing an entire site is a Lot harder than refreshing a few eggs a lot.
  14. By the way, RE: difficulty: Dragons dying from bites or from timeout is a lot more fair than dragons dying because you forgot to fog your eggs before bed. It's something you have plenty of opportunity to choose to fix, rather than making 1 tiny mistake. Dragcave isn't supposed to be Dark Souls, lol. Edit: Also Cinspawn is right
  15. By the way, hatcheries aren't the only way viewbombing can happen; you could put the egg's view code on any page and then use certain extensions to viewbomb it. VB'ers aren't practical and will go out of their way to 'bomb if they have to; one group even made their own website dedicated to bombing, lol.
  16. You can't put an egg in a trade if it's fogged 🤔 (You can put a screencap up and ask for PM offers, but I imagine that would get you fewer offers than just having a trade up, since it requires social interaction ) Honestly, sickness only really shows up for most people during viewbombing attacks. Even a lot of clicksites don't give you enough views to kill your egg if it's brand-new and you just put it in one or two sites (unless they're, y'know, being viewbombed). For its intended purpose (teaching people how to care for their eggs/making sure people don't just put eggs in a hatchery on day 1 and forget about it), it'll likely only happen once to someone (when they don't know about sickness) and then after that the only use for it is viewbombing. Most users aren't brand new newbies, so that means like 99% of the actual usage of sickness is for viewbombing Edit: Ninja'd
  17. Yep, it's usually massbreeding, either by a group of people or by one person who just has a ton of that type of dragon. Recently a bunch of people did massbreeding to get the AP times to lower (people don't go through massbred eggs as quickly, so they sit there longer, lowering the overall AP time); massbreeding has benefits! IIRC there's also threads on here for concerted massbreeding efforts.
  18. I dunno, usually they're not empty this long, especially ... Hopefully we don't have to miss such a big portion of the release day o_o The problem is, just adding on the missed hours would likely be added onto 1-2AM cave time, and a lot of people who needed the specific hours that we missed wouldn't be awake or wouldn't know about a couple extra hours added (wherever on the day they're put.) I think it would be a good idea to stretch the release like 6-24 hours?
  19. Hm, the biomes are empty. Apparently this has happened multiple times today... Maybe the release day should be extended through tomorrow?
  20. Support! Especially filtering by gen in tradehub, would make sifting through trades a lot easier. Would also like to see the gen markers on trade offers as well; not as necessary as the filtering options/seeing gen directly on the tradehub, but helpful to tell at a glance whether someone actually paid attention to what you asked for (the other day I posted a trade asking for a 2G falconiform prizekin and someone gave me a 5-6g falc prizekin, I was so excited at first but then so disappointed )
  21. Holiday lineages are gorgeous, but there are two problems that make them a hassle to plan and create: Holiday breeding only lasts 1 week, so basically you can only breed holidays 1 week a year corresponding to the holiday they're from. If you pick up a holiday dragon and it grows up before the breeding period is over, it will be given a false "last bred" date, often dating to when it was an egg or a hatchling, so that its cooldown lasts the rest of the breeding season and it can't breed a new gen until next year. If you get a holiday checker x non-holiday, or other lineage that uses both holidays and non-holidays produced, you can breed it to a holidaykin and make another gen, so basically you can make 2 generations every year. If you're making a stairstep with a holiday main breed, or other lineage that can't use any non-holidays produced, you can only make 1 gen a year. Pretty tedious if you want to make anything longer than 2-3 gens. So, I have a two-part proposal: Firstly, increase the holiday breeding period to two weeks instead of one; since not everyone would want to get involved in the holiday rush outside the usual time, perhaps holidays wouldn't be put first in the AP for the extra week, or that "separate Holiday AP" idea could be combined with this. Secondly, no more fake Last Bred dates - if your holiday dragon grows up before breeding is over, it can breed more holidays. Any thoughts/suggestions on this?
  22. Thank you! Sorry you have to go to so much trouble 😅
  23. The tiles for Ashes and Boreals in the previewer are currently the hatchling images (and Boreals don't show up unless you shrink icons, at least on my end); maybe the wrong image was used accidentally?
  24. Hi! I've seen a couple suggestions related to allowing hiding during teleports, but the problem is that true hiding of your eggs will prevent people from looking at their lineage, which isn't great if you want to actually trade your egg. So, I have a proposal: Add an option to Teleports, maybe call it Invisibility? It'd be a checkbox you could check when setting up the teleport. When you make the teleport using that option, it prevents your egg from getting any views, shows it as hidden on its view page, your scroll, and hatcheries - but people can still see its egg sprite on the teleport page *and* check its lineage. That way, your eggs can't get hatched/viewbombed while in trade, and people can still see what you're trading! The lore flavor could be something like, "Your Magi makes a protective magical field around the eggs/hatchlings, preventing anyone outside from seeing them." I'm curious what others think of this, though - any thoughts/comments? One possible issue is that you can only check invisibility at the start of the teleport, and you'd have to remake it if you forgot. I don't think that'd be too much of an issue, since people are already remaking teleports often, but I could be wrong!