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 I've taken the If it has a face, it has a name oath and the Aegis Oath! Feel free to ask me to breed things! My Wishlist

Currently seeking a CB all-number code Drake (any DC Drake) as a mate for him; also looking for CB green Coppers.

Can breed/catch/etc in exchange for these - PM me if you're interested!

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    Howdy! I'm Lola; my interests include video games, RPGs, fantasy, horror, dragons, birds, reptiles, and geology!

    Can catch/breed/hatch Olives, BSAs, 2G Alt Blacks/Vines/Undines, or whatever you'd like for 2G Spriter's Alts or the things listed in my signature - feel free to PM me!

    Things I owe people:
    -2 CB 2017 Halloween hatchies for Fiona

    Thank you for reading; have a great day!