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  1. Here's my fort as it stands right now. Thinking about adding more trees and such to fill in the space, but I feel like that would make it look even more cluttered than it already is xd Also, if anyone has any idea how to make that left tree on the west side go in front of the wall, please tell me! Nothing I've tried has worked...
  2. If your trackpad works by swiping up/down with two fingers, do that in the box where you need to scroll Resources are so scarce early on but as you level up presents spawn more frequently... just opened one that had 10 mana, 30 ice, and 50 snow. :0 make as many cannons as possible to level up, and make sure to only hit snowball walls as they give the best xp!
  3. Every ten levels unlocks more buildable things!
  4. Click on your tent and hit the bottom-most button, the one that looks like a house. From there you can battle using your cannons. A lot of forts don't have anything in them right now so if you attack a fort and can't hit anything (you'll know if you can if the object itself highlights red when you hover over it) just hit an empty plot (it won't use up your cannon) and hit esc to go back to your base menu and search again for another random fort.
  5. Every ten levels you unlock new buildable things, including walls! Just keep making snow cannons. I advise not to hit other snow cannons as they only give 1 xp, while hitting snowball walls gives 3. Trojan Reindeer take 3 hits but give 8 xp and short ice walls take 2 and give 2 xp so from what I've found so far the best way to get xp is by attacking snowball walls and tents. Gonna try to find out if there's anything else interesting regarding xp gain but I have to wait til my cannon rollover 😗
  6. You can fire at an empty plot thereby not using up ammo, and then have the option to leave the battle in the upper left corner. I only found it out by accidentally clicking, but it is possible
  7. Worth noting to everyone that the Trojan Reindeer don't actually shoot! also I got to lvl10 by spending all my snow on cannons :') broke now
  8. Are drops over now? I didn't manage to grab any muskies and I still don't see any dropping 😧
  9. Even when there are only 6 people in a biome, I still can't even see the eggs when the releases happen. Only got one breeding pair because I came late to the first release. I guess I'll wait a month or two and see if they're easier to get then. ;-;
  10. Alright, thanks. Looking to get my second eggs, only got one of each the first time.
  11. Are the hourly releases still happening? I haven't seen any during the 5min ones.
  12. Ok, thank you! I have zero experience with lineages, but breeding it with a Rosebud sounds do-able.
  13. Just got a Black Marrow Dragon Thuwed, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I've never done anything with lineages, and I only knew the term "Thuwed" from a brief visit to this section of the forums. I feel kind of scared about having it, like it's some sort of cursed treasure or something. Any advice on how to deal with it?
  14. Eeep! I got one of each during this release! Dunno how I did it, but yay!
  15. Just got an Avatar of Change from the abandoned area. Please remove me from the list!
  16. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: ChimeBunny Scroll Name(Make scroll link): Link PM link: PM What Avatar do you want? Creation/ Destruction/ Change Change Any desired mates? Any Any other comments? Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! It means a lot to me. Chaoz!
  17. I just sent my application in, hopefully this time it gets accepted!