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My scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/LoveOfTheMoonChild

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    Wishlist (Hatchies preferred but will accept eggs) :
    Female Gold Undine
    Alt. Black
    All Dinos EXCEPT yellow
    Red Dorsal
    CB male Blue firegem
    CB Reds
    Breeds I need for my Lineage Project (MUST be CB; can be eggs or hatchies):
    Male Golden Wyvern (Much higher priority)
    Male Yellow Crown
    Female Lumina
    I love these dragons and will take in any no matter the lineage:
    All prize
    Any dragon with a Doctor Who themed code or lineage
    Find something you want me to breed? Shoot me a PM and we can work something out. I respond to all PMs.
    IOU friendly :)

    -Please note if I forget or I don't have it written on my profile please shoot me a friendly PM and remind me :)
    I owe:
    Completed IOUs (Thank you for your business :) )
    If you see any dead eggs on my scroll, they are the result of failed Vampire bites. I ONLY use eggs that I either get from the AP or my own breeding fails. I NEVER use eggs that were gifted or traded to me.

    Any gravestones are either zombies or failed zombie attempts. Again I only use my own dragons (that are commons) or ones from the AP. I never attempt on trades or gifts or uncommons, rares, metals, or holidays.
    If I give a gift I expect nothing in return :)
    However, if a gift expires (i.e. the trade link times), please do not automatically expect a renewal. I'm very busy and can't always keep track of everything. So please don't be rude.