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  1. Could I have an avatar too? I'd like it coloured, and maybe something cheshire cat related. Also, AWESOME drawings!
  2. Dementor Nox felt a bright light flow through the train, someone had filled the entire carriage with a patronus, there was nobody else in the carriage apart from the two girls, who could it've been from? Dementor nox suddenly felt a sharp pain in his ribs, he tried to escape the carriage, he grabbed onto a window, but to no avail, the patronus was killing him, he could no longer breathe, and he crumbled into dust, on the floor DEMENTOR NOX IS DEAD.
  3. Dementor Nox started to follow the girl into the corner, he went up close to her face, and he started to take off his hood.
  4. Dementor Nox Disturbed by the girls bang on the window, he moved towards her, she was a beacon of happiness, time to start draining it.
  5. Gwahanol sat in the carriage and heard someone call out something about dementors, well obviously they were around and about the train! did she really need to say that? (( Just so you know, I'll be controlling the dementors as well)) Dementor Nox I heard a girl call out something about our glorious kind, I slinked in through the window and saw a little girl standing there, full of happy memories, mmm, memories are tasty.
  6. "Hey Dude!" ( Samuel) "here's some chocolate!" Said Gwahanol cheerfully, "Also, stop being so miserable!" she said, and a some different faces followed, first a ducks beak, followed by a pig snout, then a cats mouth, she returned to normal and laughed "I'm Gwahanol, but I hate that name, so please call me Hannah, also, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a metamorphagus"
  7. What do you do once you've finished your props? like do you sell them or something?
  8. Marina be like "Omg, u tuk me dude!" *Slaps her across face den push er ovar* "omg renny u mine" *smoochy smooch* (( , that's my parody for the day!))
  9. (( OMG, SO DO THAT!! Some marina songs match that exact scenario!))
  10. ((Fine, she's the stereotypical mean girl archetype... but that's only cause some... stuff happened, you'll find out, also, she's a real popstar, like irl, so I may be using some songs from 'Marina and the Diamonds'))
  11. Name: Marina Wych Age: 17 Year: (of highschool) 4th Gender: female Personality: A popular girl with a bubbly personality Appearance: http://www.theplace2.ru/archive/marina_and...a_diamandis.jpg Field of expertise: (What're you good at?) She's not for the bank, but she's basically the schools popstar, she's in the top ten of the country for singing contests Points of weakness: (Anything that would interfere with you executing your tasks for the bank; fear of spiders, very weak, asthma, etc.) Well she's not very strong What position are you applying for?: She's not for the bank
  12. "I don't need weapons, I mainly use my feet and hands, besides, the school would notice if I carried around a weapon" Replied Araf calmly
  13. (( Sure!)) "You help with people's favors, and it's a bank because you give them a favor, and they give you one back." Explained Araf
  14. "I do have a bit of combat skills, but I'm a bit rusty I am." Replied Araf (( Araf has a Welsh accent, so here he's using a sentence pattern found in a welsh dialect, so it could be like "Running on friday, he is" Okay?))
  15. "Yep, I am, but I probably won't be able to do collector for a while, what with my arm" Said Araf
  16. "Yep, and I'm nothing like what my name implies, it means slow, but I'm actually quite fast, so anyway, what's going to happen now?" Replied Araf
  17. (( Ooh, Ice Cold!)) "Okay" Said Araf, then he walked inside
  18. "Pleasure to be here" Replied Araf, his cast was getting a bit itchy, so he got a ruler out of his pocket and pushed it into the cast and scratched it, then put it away "Sorry, about that, My arm was broken and it's quite itchy at the moment"
  19. Whenever I'm stuck for names, I just use google translate and type in random things related to the character.
  20. (( Me and mipup have been talking about maybe 2 rabbits, maybe my rabbit, since it's albino could be an unwanted byproduct of the experiment.))
  21. Gwahanol swept into Morgana's carriage "Hi Cuz" she said and then she said "Unlohamora" Locking the door, "So, yeah, dementors, I bought some chocolate from the trolley before, if anyone needs it." (( Just so you know, address Gwahanol as Hannah, and remember that she's a metamorphagus.))
  22. Araf knocked on the door, Hoping to get a reply.