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  1. I'd be a shiny hunter, and steal other peoples shinies o3o MWHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! >:3
  2. N: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751 / 10 A: MLP/10 S 10/10
  3. (( Maybe one of us should just do 2? ))
  4. Gwhanol focused really hard and changed her eye colors to this (( sorry for the massive size, I couldn't find anything smaller.))
  5. "Hmm, do you think I'd look good with mismatched eyes? what colours would go well with blue?" asked Gwahanol as they got up and started to move to the exit of the train
  6. (( Gwahanol's with morgana)) "Sooooooo, what house do you want to be in, cuz?" asked Gwahanol, quickly shifting between eye colours to match her robes
  7. Marina sat on a chair, wondering where her brother went, not really caring, she got a bit bored so she started hum to herself
  8. Basicly what the title says, mine would be a plain ordinary pebble, and I'd launch it far into the ocean so it'd never be found >:3
  9. (( I still have another 7 hours left awake lol ))
  10. (( It's just so people won't get confused, I know I did when you were posting at what your local time said was 4 am! ))
  11. (( Well then, you should change your local time to GMT+0, so people won't get confused if you aren't replying and it says 3:00pm on local time.))
  12. (( btw, RoD has a totally cool rp, Neverland, go check it out Y'all, also, it's 3 O'clock for me and The sun has just started to set CURSE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! )) "I Want to be in Ravenclaw, if you haven't noticed" Said Gwahanol as she made some finishing touches to her appearance
  13. Gwahanol stared out the window, and seeing hogwarts approaching, she decided to make her self look as much as a ravenclaw as possible, changing her hair and eyes to match ravenclaw as much as possible
  14. (( Someone can be gameskeeper if they want, just grab a sheet and make him))
  15. So, this is based off the Anime/Manga You're in a school and there's the day class ( Humans) and the night class ( vampires) The vampires have a kind of blood purity Pureblood- No human has ever been in the lineage of this family, these are extremly rare and they're the only kind of vampire that can turn humans Arisocrat- one tier below Pureblood, this means that at least one human has been in their lineage at any time. Class C - these are vampires that have been turned by a Pureblood, they hunger for blood, but can't turn humans. Class D - these are the lowest o
  16. Merlina sat in her room, she peered out the window and saw that the hogwarts train was fast approaching, she had got the gameskeeper to make sure he could lead the first years to the boats, and what to do if someone fell out, she pondered how many brooms she'd have to confiscate this year, usually it was only the kids who felt entitled, but she'd have to confiscate them nonetheless, she also wondered which house would win this year? It's been fairly erratic in the last ten years, Ravenclaw,Slytherin,Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Griffindoor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Griffindoor,
  17. (( edit, we'll be at hogwarts on page 13, I've got my image now))
  18. The train's engines whirred and started to move again (( we arrive at hogwarts once we reach page 14, I have someone making a graphic for Merlina, so we're waiting until page 14 to get there, so the person has time to finish it))
  19. ( Jugo, this is written in past tense, so walks should be walked and yawns should be yawned and asks should be asked.)) (( you still put walks instead of walked)) (( thanks for fixing ))
  20. (( Actually, he's accepted, just put him on the train))
  21. I'm afraid we aren't accepting Hogwarts applications at the present moment in time, Yours sincerely, Merlina Recandi (( Hannah's wand https://dyn0.media.forbiddenplanet.com/prod...square-true.jpg ))