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  1. (( should we start in the middle of the year or at haloween? ))
  2. make some if you like, I want to start just as much as you
  3. We don't have any humans yet.
  4. (( now that's just a derpy kitten.))
  5. Yeah, I'm not good with genders in japanese media, I thought that Luneth in ff3 was a girl for 7 years, and I also thought that jar jar binks was female all through the entire sage
  6. Rain dash said she wanted to change a lot about it
  7. I know that sous is actually a girl in the anime, but for this rp, he's a male.
  8. Accepted, feel free to do some aristocrats if you like! also, 158 meters 0.0 giantess!!!! (( DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU DESU!))
  9. "So, you've heard of metamorphagi before? I'm also Morgana's cousin" explained Gwahanol
  10. "Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm a metamorphagus as well." said Gwahanol to Kevin
  11. "This one has been making a effort to be brave, it seems like she wants Griffindor, so that's what you'll be in, my dear, GRIFFINDOR" Exclaimed the hat, almost bursting a seam (( Is every active person sorted?))
  12. The hat was placed onto Samuel's head, and after about a minute it said "Slytheirin" "BELLATRIX BLISHWICK! COME FORWARD!"
  13. (( um morgana was the the once who was sorted.))
  14. "Ho ho ho, do you really think that this'll be a challenge? I'm sure that without any consideration that you are utmostly suited for, RAVENCLAW!" said the hat "SAMUEL ROWE! COME FORTH!" Shouted the hat
  15. "Hmm, seems like this one has a split personality, she'd do well in Slytherin, but alas, it seems like Mr Salazar doesn't like muggle-borns, so, by process of elimination, GRIFFINDOR!" Exclaimed the hat "MORGANA PENDRAGON SELWYN, COME FORTH AND BE CHOSEN & HER COUSIN GWAHANOL SELWYN TOO!" Boomed the hat Gwahanol had been called up, she quickly shifted her green eye to blue, she didn't want the hat to get the wrong idea of Slytherin, she went up with her cousin, she raced to the stool to get on and before the hat had even touched a hair on her head, it exclaimed "RAVENCLA
  16. "Hmm, these students seem challenging to sort this year." Said the hat, looking to his deepest seams for the answer (( What's your desired house for selene? )) Gwahanol saw a girl getting sorted, the hat was almost at a hatstall, then the room started to get filled with the whisper of 'Hatstall' she looked at the girls face, she had a beautiful blue eye showing, Gwahanol looked at her hair and noticed that there was a small parting on the hair by her other eye, she noticed that it looked a bit green, 'Cool, maybe she's a metamorphagus like me' she thought to herself.
  17. "Ravenclaw!" Shouted the hat, and the Ravenclaw table erupted with a roar, getting the first student of the year "SELENE SILVER! COME FORTH AND BE CHOSEN FOR YOUR HOUSE!" Exclaimed the hat
  18. Hat "Hmm, this is a tough one, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, what's your input on this, boy?" asked the Hat
  19. (( Whats your desired house? ))
  20. "Welcome, welcome! To another year of Hogwarts! Now, I am aware that the train was attacked this year, and we have been doing the best we can to assure that this will never happen again, due to this event, all first years will be learning about dementors, and by the end of the year should be able to cast a full corporeal patronus, like this one { Merlina casts a horse patronus } and they should be able to say what a patronus does, however, this is enough chat, and we will now move forth to the sorting ceremony!" (( can people please put their desired house on the end of their next p
  21. (( Desu. Reserved! however, my reserves only last 24 hours, so be quick! ))
  22. (( I like headmaster's speech better, and I had someone make a graphic for it, so I don't want it to go to waste.))
  23. (( anyone wanna do a timeskip to sorting? I'm the sorting hat btw ))