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  1. "Now now bone, don't stress yourself, anyway, what happened to that unicorns horn, I can't see any horn" Said Suzie "Also, why do you hate us Zuleikia? you know when me and Suzie are apart we're almost powerless" said Ki

  2. (( I'm going to assume that ana is trying to make Ruri fall asleep so they can do a memory wipe and sure))



    "No, let me go" she said weakly "left meer grow" her words slurring, she found it harder to keep her eyes open, heavy, lead, sleepy, fangs, she fell into a slumber, dreaming about what had just happened

  3. Ruri curled up into a ball out of fear and tried to shut the world out, this was all a dream right? she knew he was coming closer, and she shed a single tear of fear, why. why her?



    Suzie and Ki


    "ugh, whatever, we'll just let him have his fun, he's a bloodlusting pureblood, even though we're purebloods we're no match for him" said Suzie and Ki in haunting tandem

  4. "Bone, has anyone ever told you how insane you are?" said Ki, who was quickly followed by Suzie "But nobody ever tells you because you're like the oldest pureblood here?"

    They then both winked their eyes, they winked their red eyes first, then followed by their green eyes

  5. Ruri froze to the spot, why would this person be chasing after her then suddenly help her? by this time she was shaking from fear, why did she have to go out this night? of all nights this one? she made a silent promise to herself, to never go outside at night again "I-I think so, b-but you still haven't answered by q-q-question, who are you?" her voice trembling as much as a earthquake

  6. Ruri had to act fast, she had been spotted, she leaped from the window, cutting her leg on another thorn and landed, she had started to run, but tripped on a twig, she saw a figure fast approaching, what could she do? move forward? he'd still get her! she was trying to untangle her foot as it was caught on the twig, 'come on come on!' she whispered as she was untangling her stuck foot, not caring that she'd cut her leg on the thorn.

  7. Ruri was getting prepared for her night, she was meant to be asleep, but she wanted to have some adventure, she slipped out of the window, she accidently cut her arm on a thorn, but it didn't matter to her, she was going to have some fun, she walked around the outside of the school, and found the class that the night class were taking, she wondered why they never came out at day, her arm was still bleeding a little bit, she looked inside and saw that someone in the room had started flaring their nostrils, as if they could smell something, 'I wonder why that is' she thought to herself

  8. "Good, but wrong" replied the painting, luckily they were saved by a prefect, who came up the stairs and said


    "A circle has no beginning" and the door opened up, Gwahanol climbed inside and saw some people in groups,

  9. user posted image


    "Hmm, I don't know, I've sent a owl to the ministry, we should get a reply soon, in the mean time, I'm going to ask all teachers and all students who can cast a patronus, to cast one, it's needed to protect against them" explained Merlina



    Then, she said an incantation "Expecto Patronum!" Summoning forth a horse patronus once more, as she had done in the great hall



    user posted image



    Then, she magically amplified her voice, "Can all teachers and students who can cast patronuses please cast one, this is a safety measure, since the incident with the hogwarts express."

  10. __________________________________________▓▓▓



































    Credits to whoever made this!

  11. "Didn't you listen to the headmaster's speech? she said 'Due to the dementors attacking the train, all first years will be taught how to cast a patronus' so, yeah, I hate dementors, they feed on happiness, disgusting" said Gwahanol

  12. Name: Ruri Ivy

    Age (( Purebloods can live forever, aristocrats age very slowly.)) : 16

    Type (( you can be human if you like )) : human

    Gender: female

    Appearance: user posted image (( woo! more heterchromia with impossible eye colours!))

    Personality: She's quite oblivious to what's going on most of the time

    Anything Special? : Her blood is incredibly 'Sweet' to vampires



  13. Suzie stared around the classroom, she looked at Zuleika, she knew that she'd always hated purebloods, who'd always made taunts about her eyes, then she looked at Hakuro, she had always been scared of him, he was twice her age, and four times her beauty ( at least, that what she thinks) he could easily overpower her in a fight, she wondered if he knew how scared she was of him.