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  1. " Well, I'm going to tell my story anyway, Bite me. Twas a dark and stormy night, we had run out of blood tablets, and somebody knocked on our door, it was the feared, Shizuka Hio, and she had come for one thing, purebloods, she kidnapped them all, and made them pay a massive ransom, they were freed, but never seen again" Said Takeru hauntily "And I'm not little! I may be young, but I'm in no way small!" protested Takeru

  2. Ruri was in her room, stirred by the cold wind coming in through the window, she woke up to go and close it, that was strange, the window was nearly always locked, she reached to close it and noticed a scratch on her arm, and another one on her leg, they were fresh aswell, 'Strange' she though to herself, it had just gone midnight, now it was Halowe'en the only day of the year where day class students can come out at night, she wondered if she'd meet Hakuro tonight, her memory was foggy, but she could remember something about him, probably just a dream, right? after closing the window, but not locking it because she didn't have the key, she drifted off back off to sleep, what was she dreaming about again? oh yeah, Ice cream.

  3. Ruri


    Ruri was laying silently asleep in her room, however, Carmelo had forgot to do one thing, one thing that could put her life at risk, he left the window slightly ajar. It could easily be opened by anyone, and this time, Ruri wouldn't be able to defend herself in any way.





    "Seems like somebody's having a temper tantrum" Said Takeru


  4. "Hey, hey Bone, hey, you're very.... Humerus!" Laughed Takeru





    "So, Zulekia, what are you going to do for halloween tonight? It's the only night when day class students can come out at night, me and Suzie are going to have a bit of... mischief" Said Ki

  5. The clock has struck twelve, and so begins the day of Halloween, the only night of the year, where day class students can come out at night, at their own risk, of course.



    Suzie was still shaking, Ki grabbed her hand, and they both focused and managed to turn her invisible, hoping that Hakuro wouldn't get to her




    "Great! It's haloween! the most dangerous day of the year for a day class student, I've no doubt that Hakuro is going to find his little 'unicorn' in the crowd, I actually know her myself, she's Ruri Ivy, she likes to sneak around a bit at night, I met her last year, she's quite oblivious to things, last Halloween I bared my fangs right at her and she didn't even react that much, just saying 'Cool teeth.'" Chatted Takeru



  6. Suzie


    Suzie's eyes widened as she saw Hakuro enter the room, under normal circumstances, she wouldn't be afraid of him, but since that, incident, who knows what he could do? He could kill anyone of them at any moment, she curled up into a ball and tried to keep herself hidden from his gaze



    Ruri's dreams


    Ice cream, cream, dairy, cows, grass, seeds, trees, twigs, shoes, blood, fangs, vampires.


  7. Name: Takeru Tomagata

    Age (( Purebloods can live forever, aristocrats age very slowly.)) : 89

    Type (( you can be human if you like )) : Aristocrat

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: user posted image

    Personality: He's a very bloodthirsty vampire, and there's no stopping him at all once he gets the scent of blood

    Anything Special? :


  8. "You're not harmless, just you'd never harm me, that is if you harmed me, you'd end up being a pile of glass. about Hakuro, you know the reason why he loses control, his sense of smell is hightened, what would you do if you smelt the biggest buffet ever? with a great big massive sign saying 'Eat till you're full!'?" said Suzie "Where's Sadie gone anyway?"

  9. "So you'd wish a lifetime of being a class C vampire and be shunned from their society just because they were sneaking around at night? and I know that you're not scared of purebloods, and I'm not either, apart from Hakuro, he could kill anyone of us in an instant, and, I'm not really scared of bone, she's mad, but harmless mostly" Said Suzie

  10. "I've never tried to control you, and I've never said I'm better than you, anyway, what do you think of the girl outside, why do you think she was trying to spy on us? "also Bone, tell the jelly fish ' Badira ozeanoan, arrain asko, baina horietako inor ez Nemo aurkitu ahal'