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  1. Takeru walked slowly back to his dorm, he put his hand up to his bite mark and it started to close up, he got to the stairs of the dorm and walked to the boy's side, Bone seemed to becoming more sane, wether that was good or bad was something he didn't know, he opened the door to his dorm and looked out the window, pink had started to appear on the horizon, the sun was rising.

  2. Takeru dispelled his illusion, and hopped down to where Bone was, "Sorry about that, I had to summon an illusion to make sure you had at least a little blood, if it's any kind of apology, do you want mine?" Said Takeru

  3. Takeru's illusion


    "Ow-ouch... t-that h-hurts" Trembled the illusion, her knees not supportning her too well, having to lean into Bone "P-please, stop."




    Good, she bit her, that should make her more stable for a bit

  4. Takeru's illusion


    "W-what? why would you want to drink my blood?" asked Takeru's illusion, she suddenly felt a sudden urge to turn her head to the side, exposing her neck.





    Heh, she took the bait, this'll be interesting.




    The twins



    "No Sadiebelle, if you go too close he'll bite you!" quickly said the Twins, then they grabbed both of her hands

  5. Takeru saw Bone coming up the path, he wanted to have a little fun, create the illusion of a human for her, poor girl hadn't fed in days, since he could create any illusion, but he needed something to fill it's veins, he took a mass of blood pills, and dropped them into a large glass, then created an illusion of a human for Bone, with liquid blood pills flowing through the illusion's veins.



    Takeru's illusion



    I wondered onto the path and saw a girl walking up to me, I brushed my long sleek blonde hair out the way and wondered who she was.

  6. "Oh, you know, the usual, just stopping Hakuro from mudering Takeru, pureblood Sadiebelle" Replied Suzie, curling her neck in like a turtle as Ki did the same.





    Exhausted by the day's events he lay on his bed and tried to drift asleep

  7. (( NEEDS MOAR DESU! ))


    The twins, satisfied that they had managed to pry Hakuro off, turned around and saw Saidebell, "Those red eyes, they're not after us right?" Asked the twins, knowing how powerful a older pureblood could be

  8. "It's not me that you need to worry about." replied Takeru, shaken.





    Ruri lay silently, stirring in her sleep, she had a horrible nightmare, that the night class students were all vampires. stirred by this, she woke up again, why was the window open? she'd already closed it hadn't she? she tried to walk to her window, but a pain hit her in the leg, it was as if someone had poked her with a pin, she hopped to the window on one leg and closed it, she saw some shapes moving in the forest below, probably just the night class getting up to mischief. she examined her leg some more, wondering what happened.

  9. Takeru's eyes widened as Hakuro bit into him "Ruri Ivy, the girl you tried to bite... room 4C window's open" Said Takeru weakly




    Suzie and Ki


    "Ugh, looks like Hakuro's in a rage again, we'll get him" Said Suzie and Ki, they strolled out the room, got behind Hakuro, leaped onto him and started to pry his head off Takeru

  10. Takeru saw Hakuro glaring at him, Hakuro landed on him "Woah woah woah! if you want Ruri, she's in room 4C of the day class dorms, I even left the window open!" replied Takeru hastily, hoping to divert his attention.

  11. "Relax relax, they're just unicorn scented, just like perfume" He said as he left some on the table, he then left, he stalked silently to the day class dorms, jumped up and opened Ruri's window, he jumped in and went to Ruri's leg, he pricked it with a pin and got a small cup out of his pocket and let the blood flow into the cup, after he had collected a sufficent amount, he jumped back out the window and left it open on purpose, he wanted to create some mischief, he found Hakuro, and handed him the cup, wanting to see what madness would ensue

  12. Takeru prised one hand off one of her ears and whispered into in "Bones, pull yourself together, or I'll have to tell Hakuro that you're too unstable to stay here, when was the last time you had blood or a tablet?"