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  1. (( Hakuro basicly asked 'Are you okay?' ))
  2. (( I'm just waiting for Soiled, her timezone is at about 7pm, so I figured that if I got this post up now, she might see the topic.))
  3. News just in, everyone dies because of coolness overload, due to epic halloween dragons.
  4. Name: Kaname Kuran Age: 11,000+ Gender: Male Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) Neutral Weapons: Fangs Powers: Can turn humans into vampire and other stuff Species: Pureblood vampireThe From: (Name what game/television/book they are from) Vampire Knight Appearance: Other:
  5. "So, your sword, have you ever actually hit someone with it?" Asked Ellie, examining it, it seemed to be shiny, yet somewhat dark, "Oh, and I suppose 'Jack' Didn't really care when he made this day so cold did he?" complained Ellie
  6. "You're doing a really bad attempt at being scary. And who's Jack anyway?" Asked Ellie, rolling her eyes, she reached to the back of her head and twirled her ponytail, 'Endure and Survive eh?' She thought to herself, longing to be back at Barry.
  7. Ellie saw his sword and heard him growl, the growl scared her a bit "You'd never stab me with that sword. I can tell it in your eyes." Said Ellie, reacting to him putting his hand on his sword
  8. (( I know I know, it seems unrealistic, but I had to think of a way for them to meet, sorry if it seems like godmoding or powerplaying.))
  9. (( she was complaining about the frost in her head and said it must've been jack frost, she wondered if he was actually real and, lo and behold, there he appeared)) Ellie, getting sick of them ignoring her, charged into the one who had dark clothes on, he seemed like a threat, "Answer me! Why have you taken me from my beloved island!" She said right in his face
  10. "Um Hello?! What is actually going on?!" Asked Ellie, unhappy that they weren't responding to her questions
  11. Ellie, shocked by this, realised she wasn't in Kansas Barry island anymore, "What. Is. HAPPENING?!" Asked Ellie violently, having been torn from her previous world
  12. (( Her archetypes have different powers, homewrecker can alter emotions, housewife can make illusions, primadonna can make people feel dizzy and teen idle can teleport, she'll have all those powers once she gets all of them back )) "My archetypes! Ugh, I wouldn't expect you to know, and I know where we are, we're in... I don't know, but have you seen my archetypes?!" Replied Electra haughtily
  13. (( Are you planning on doing pan aswell Raptor? )) Ellie was lying on the floor, with the cold snow, the last thing she could remember that she was in a fight with a clicker on the promenade, she saw another figure in the snow, ( Felix ) "Hello? Who are you? You're not infected are you?" Asked Ellie
  14. Electra saw a figure by her lampost "Hello? I'm Electra Heart, have you seen my archetypes? I've missed them very much" Said Electra (( Her archetypes are sort of parts of her personality, they're Housewife, Homewrecker, Teen idle and Primadonna ))
  15. (( And her universe? which is the real life one, but 20 years from now, and in a zombie apoclypse))
  16. Name: Ellie Age: 14, her birthday is Feburary 8th Gender: Female Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) Hero Weapons: Switchblade Powers: Species: Human From: (Name what game/television/book they are from) The last of us - Naughty dog Appearance: (Just post a picture here) Other: If alternate universes are all well and good, she's in the last of us universe at Barry island bay, (( Where I live ! to give you an idea here's a pic, this is it in it's prime, which is about 20 years ago from now, since then, it kinda degraded, if you look at it know in real life, it's not very pretty
  17. Would wintertime sound good? like december.
  18. (( This character is made from my favorite songs on my favorite album )) : Name: Electra Heart Age: 16, her birthday is March 8th Gender: Female Side: (Hero, neutral, or villian) Neutral Weapons: Chainsaw Powers: Species: Human From: (Name what game/television/book they are from) Electra Heart album - Marina and the diamonds Appearance: (Just post a picture here) Other:
  19. Suzie started trembling even more, she drew her head in hiding her neck from his view, she knew how unpredictable he could be and how he could bite her at any moment "T-thank you, Pureblood Hakuro Lucifer Aleksleev" said Suzie, trembling in fear of him. she heard a sound and turned her head to see what it was, not realising that turning her head completly exposed her neck.
  20. (( We kinda need Soiled to be more active. )) Takeru's dreams Red, blood of the day class, mmm, tasty, today was halloween, and he could bite any student and just erase their memory of it, heh, h, Hakuro, violent, scary, bold, b, Bone, Beauty, blue, blood, bite.
  21. "Yes, Pureblood Hakuro Lucifer Aleksleev, We apologise, please forgive our arrogance, Pureblood Hakuro Lucifer Aleksleev" Said the twins at the same time, adressing him in the most respectful manner, they shivered and let go of Saidebelle's hands and bowed to Hakuro, even though they were older than him, he was still stronger and more dangerous, Suzie started shivering even more, she had always been scared of Hakuro, especially when he slipped into his Bulgarian accent.
  22. (( What's Zulekia doing anyway? )) Takeru drew his blinds and got into his bedclothes, he lay down and had no trouble falling asleep, probably due to the blood loss he had suffered this day.