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  1. Noel "That was the last mistake you ever made you mutt" Said Noel, after quickly dodging the arrow, while he was still ducking, he threw his sickle into her legs, so she fell over, and then he walked over to her and plunged his sickle into her before quickly pulling both the sickles out. She was dead. No doubt about it.
  2. Noel Noel sprinted towards the Cornucopia and saw there was only one sickle left there, he grabbed it and then sprinted towards the District 9 Male, he had Noel's sickles. They were meant for him. With a faint smile on Noel's mouth Noel launched the sickle in his back, killing him. Noel then proceeded to pick up his sickle, and the one lodged in the District 9 male's back, he could dual wield now. Now he was dangerous. Carol Carol leaped off her plate and went straight for the knives, she grabbed as many as she could, and then grabbed a big shiny axe. She launched it into
  3. (( Quick question, during the last hunger games you said you were going to make some realism changes, what were those exactly?))
  4. Noel Noel stood tall in the arena, and immediately looked to his right and left, and he felt that he was in the best place possible to be lifted up. Right next to him was his twin Carol, and to his left was the District Twelve Female, and she'd been evidently weakened from the lack of food in her district. He almost started to feel sorry for her, but this was The Hunger Games, 24 goes in, 1 comes out. If he and his sister were the final two though, they'd outright refuse to kill each other. He glanced at the Cornucopia, and saw a large collection of sickles, they'd be good to grab. He s
  5. (( Oooh snap! There's 2 Brother/Sister teams! I'm so going to create the Heght Family Tree!))
  6. (( My laptop battery is running low, and I've got school tommorow, so I'm not gunna be able to post until 4Pm tommorow, See ya!))
  7. ( Also guys, remember that cannons don't go off in the bloodbath, they go off afterwards, since there is too many dead to count during it, so the cannon will fire X number of times in a row, not as a tribute dies in the bloodbath, Just a small annoyance I have lol)
  8. (( So, when are we starting? ))
  9. ( Oh, okay, it's probably just because I'm from Britain, and I'm used to cold temperatures, like 9.4 C is just a little bit chilly for me, and 20-25 C is a boiling summer day! lol. Can I also put my tributes in the career alliance please?)
  10. My sheets Name: Noel Heght Appearance: He has brown hair and amber eyes, his body is quite muscular due to training, his hair is quite short, because his trainer said that hair is a weakness because it can be pulled. He is also quite tall and imposing. Personality: He is not very trusting at all but he trusts the career pack because his trainer said for him to, he isn't very impulsive either. He also trusts his sister loads and trained with her, building each other up for the games. Gender: Male District: 2 Preferred Weapon: He works with sickles and is very deadly with them,
  11. (( Um, the hot nights are way too hot, like burning your flesh off hot, I'd suggest that they're lowered to 30-35C (86-95F) ( Highest temperature in the amazon, Rainy season) Also, are my chars accepted? ))
  12. (( Can I please put both of my tributes in the career alliance? They're District 2 so they should get in without question, also when are we starting?))
  13. (( Guys, I thought the career alliance was only 1,2 and 4?))
  14. Username: Totts Name Reeve Species: (If a Pokemon, which Pokemon) Eevee Appearance: Is it okay if she's a shiny eevee? if not just make her regular eevee Personality: she's a really loving pokemon History: (optional)
  15. Yes, but they believe it so much they worship you, and you become a tyrant I wish I was a member of the Fireflies from 'The last of us'
  16. Having to know all the mutations in Welsh, It gets annoying, fast. Getting a song stuck in your head, loving it, finding it on youtube and then finding out you can't get it on itunes. That sucks.
  17. When I die I want to have my Will read out to my children, I'll give them all a equal share, and I have something very close to my heart which I will split into however many parts to make it equal, as if I had three children I would split it into thirds.
  18. Can like a girls soulmate be a girl and a guys soulmate be a a guy, or is it only male - female?
  19. Maybe to get the circular shape, but I'm not sure how you'd get the firefly insignia on it.
  20. I've got a suggestion, but it may seem like a bit too small, but what about a Firefly pendant from the last of us? like with the firefly symbol on one side and your/someone else's name on it and service code on the other side?
  21. (( 96K view!)) Why do people feel the need to aggressively preach?! I just saw a sig saying '96% Percent of teens won't stand up for god, if your [sic] part of the 4% that will put this in your sig' Point one: Stats unfounded Point two: Criticizing Others Point three: Doesn't seem to realize that not all teens are Christian, only a third of all teens are Christian (( Including all variations, Catholic, Protestant, ect.))
  22. I have brown eyes, but when I was seven I went to Spain, and I spent too long in the sun, and my eyes turned hazel, and my hair went blond, when I went back to the UK they went dark again, but ever since then if I've been in the dark for long, they're dark brown, but when I go into bright places they gradually lighten, don't say it's just the light because if I've been in a dark place for too long and I rush to a bright place my eyes are still dark brown, and when I go from a light to a dark room, my eyes are still light.
  23. (( Fine, I'll make another spot, even though there was only meant to be 5 pures. ))