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  1. ((Quick question, How can Zoey exist in two universes at once? lol jk))
  2. You could add in a clicker, like the last of us, fungus has grown put of their heads so they are blind and they're clicking using echolocation to find you, creepy no?
  3. Oh hey raptor, I'm going to enjoy this rp with you!
  4. - Username:Totts - Name:Eira Swifton - Age: 28 - Gender:Female - Appearance: she has white hair and brown eyes, with white teeth and pale skin - Type: (human/doll) Human - Series : (I-IV/ dolls only)N/A - Personality:She was always afraid of the dolls, as she found them creepy so she is quite frightened by them but is usually quite friendly to other humans, - Weapon: (for human's only) Katana - History: fearing the dolls she grew up learning to use melee weapons against the infected, one day entering a dojo she found a katana and has been using it ever since. - Other:
  5. OMG ALL THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!!! I wish i could do something like that!
  6. Time doesn't mean anything in dragon cave lol, only peak times, and since there are so many countries playing......
  7. I remember getting my first cb blusang *0*
  8. Ooh, dat feel when you have a refusal.
  9. small off topic, how frequently do leetles spawn? once a day, every 2 days?
  10. well thats a cb rare! how did you feel when you got it? Sorry didnt see the edited post XP
  11. How do you feel when you catch a CB rare? It makes me want to just get up and dance! what does it make you want to do?
  12. Request: Mate for this lovely dragon http://dragcave.net/lineage/TggKp I'll Give a Thunder or a magma egg Be sure to Pm me the lineages
  13. OOps wrong section, Think you could move this to breeding ruby?
  14. could anyone breed a mate for this little Jewel? http://dragcave.net/lineage/TggKp She's my first gold.
  15. How much would you spend for a egg from this dragon? Just wondering http://dragcave.net/lineage/TggKp
  16. Both of these /view/suQTF[/url] and view/jTKwx[/url] -Sorry ruby- in future rubyshoes, please do not invade my posts, Make your own, its unnerving.
  17. I wish i had a lower gen shimmer lol i could trade with its eggs and get rare dragons! anyways i'm just passing time until the site is back up
  18. Your all really lucky! I have a thunder and a ice dragon (both Ninja'd from the AP in one day!) and I'm hoping to get some eggs from them but no luck so far, I wanna sell their eggs to get lower gen shimmers
  19. I'm currently waiting for my 8th gen silver shimmer (perfect stair from zilver prize d) just wondering anyone has 2nd gens or even an original shimmer?
  20. was this a fair trade? I gave a vamp and a " cant seem to make its mind up on colour" hatchling for a perfect staircase silver shimmerscale desended from zilver prize d