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  1. (I know that it's make up, it just looks like it really..... hurt.)
  2. Pray! PRAY TO KITTEH AND REPENT YOUR SINS! ♥ . ♥/l、 (゚、 。 7   l、 ~ヽ   じしf_, )ノ
  3. YOUR LACK OF KITTENS APPALLS ME! FOUL DISPRAY! (( Edit: Someone just got put into a police van outside, I should be asleep, it's 1 am, Sleep isn't a basic nessecity for life right?))
  4. (( Let's wait for paddy to come take a look, he seems to be looking at my Isle of Tarn RP at the moment.))
  5. Why can't there be 2 experiments? Bunny and Rabbit?
  6. Wait.... Didn't Mipuppy say she wanted the unicorn, then in that case I'd get the bunny?
  7. ((No Fair! I asked for the rabbit first!))
  8. Username: Totts Name: Lily Cerdd Gender: Female Age: 14 Species with: Rabbit Human Appearance: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/1...igthumbnail.jpg Animal Appearance: http://www.123galaxys4wallpapers.com/wp-co...te%20rabbit.jpg (( Yes, she's an albino rabbit )) Personality: She's petite and likeable, she's very friendly to those she trusts, but very dissaproving of outsiders Other: Her favorite sauce is applesauce
  9. ((Is the reserving until they actually do the interview and stuff? also so many people on at once!!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?))
  10. (( I'd like to keep my pic, sorry.))
  11. RP Advertisement Name of RP: The Islanders of Tarn Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=155656 # of active RPers: zero Plot Summary: It's a soap opera, so the plot will kind of develop on it's own Other: There will be drama ( Death, pregnancy ect.) http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=155656
  12. (( Both pls!)) (( Also, I'm totally ok with people making cousins, siblings, or maybe even his twin! He's also up for romance, but he isn't very good at it!))
  13. (( Btw, Araf is emotional support and enforcer, since he needs to know peoples problems to sort them out.))
  14. (( Enforcer's fine, but maybe you could add another, Emotional Support, which is like counciling, and helps people with their problems))
  15. ((Techy put the kitten in invisible ink, highlight the other section to find it!))
  16. Bwahh!!!! That looks like it hurt! (But I suppose that's kind of the point!) What type of injury is it supposed to be? It looks kind of like a burn.
  17. Username: Totts Name: Araf Wych Age: 18 Year: (of highschool) 4th Gender: Male Personality: He is quite sharp and scolding, not to mention ruthless Appearance: http://i722.photobucket.com/albums/ww223/P.../AnimeGuy16.jpg Field of expertise: (What're you good at?) He helps with people's emotional traumas, and... 'Persuades' People to stop bullying Points of weakness: (Anything that would interfere with you executing your tasks for the bank; fear of spiders, very weak, asthma, etc.) He's quite loud and thumping, and currently has broken his left arm, his cast looks like this htt
  18. The train whirred along to Hogwarts, and suddenly black shapes were moving towards the train. Dementors. (( Plus one to me for being original! )) (( Please keep in mind none of them can do a patronus charm yet, so they'll have to get a teacher or cower in a corner or something)) Name: Gwahanol 'Hannah' Selwyn Age: 11 ((You'll be starting hogwarts)) Gender: Female Magical Blood Type ( Half-blood Pure-blood or Muggle-Born) : Pure blood/Metamorphagus Personality: She is bubbly but also quite serious at the same time, she won't ignore muggle borns though, even
  19. (( Lemme join please! With cherry on top!))
  20. (( Is everybody on the train?))
  21. Ermagerd, Sprockers are not desinger dogs, Here's a quote from their official website 'If it's not a recognised breed is the Sprocker a "Designer Dog"? Most definitely not! Sprockers have been bred for many, many years by gamekeepers to produce a versatile, dual purpose working dog and neither it is cross breed as both parents are types of Spaniels.'
  22. True! A sprocker called Brooke I searched sprocker spaniels online and she looks eeirly similar to this dog http://farm1.static.flickr.com/24/92288643_0e1956e6de.jpg TPBM has/had a pet cat
  23. (( Hi, Sorry about this intrusion, but I couldn't help noticing that on the subtitle it should be concept, not consept, Thanks! Bye!))
  24. I've got removable braces (( Like this http://paphos-dental-practice.com/images/b...ace_4193805.jpg apart from the bit at the front)) And they taste horrific, even after I left them for an hour in mouthwash.