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  1. Name: Grace Smith Age: 17 Gender: Female Species (If not commonly known, explain): Human Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs42/f/2009/157...anda_cgroom.jpg she has dark brown eyes. Personality: She's very fearful of most things and is easy to push around and order. History:lolno.
  2. ((Recap plz? I went to sleep and came back with two pages of text to read!))
  3. (( Can I make sister for Nixes? A twin, pretty prease?) Name: Nixe (say: Nix-ee) Gender: Female Age: 17 Rank: princess, son of king and queen Personality (you don't have to say this one, but it's nice to have): She's less adventurous than Nixes, and usually shys away from the surface. She's quite shy and it usually quiet. She is quite happy to let an entire situation go without her influence Other: Description/picture: Nixe has long dark blue hair, which she usually ties into a braid to keep it out of her face. She has large grey eyes. Her heart is biolumesecnt and pulses pine green at each heartbeat. Her tail is a Prussian blue, with small patches of greenish bioluminescence ALSO, WELCOME BACK AFTER 3 YEARS!!!!
  4. Yeah, but surely instead of using a Digital thing, why not actually do some physical good by donating? Or running them race for life? Like if you got a hope dragon you'd pledge to sponsor someone or donate to CRUK or other cancer charities? It gives the hope lineage a point apart from a pb pink dragon lineage, which is what it is at the moment, also maybe you could incorporate the fact that the lifetime risk for Breast cancer is 1 in 8 and that it doesn't only affect women, around 400 men are diagnosed with it each year in the uk
  5. Pardon me if I'm being rude, but how exactly does this help people with breast cancer? Also why not have a lineage to raise awareness for all types of cancer, not just breast cancer?
  6. Woahhhhhhhh! I'm joining too! too!
  7. (( some call be stubborn, I call me sure footed. Bump))
  10. ((Omg, I'm sooooooooo sorry i forgot to post, can I start again?)) Username: Totts Name: Falcon Hertz Gender: Male Class: royal Appearance: http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/428fd7...zps37ffb8f3.jpg History: (eh) Other:
  11. Carol and Noel hear the scream and take it as a sign of the career alliance breaking up, they head up to the mountains as fast as they can, carrying their bags with them.
  12. I just got animal crossing new leaf today and I was wondering if anyone would like to invite me to their town! If you want my friend code PM me!
  13. (( *Grabs chat Defibrillator* "CLEAR!" *BZZT* "CLEAR!" *BZZT*. By the way, this is basically my way of doing a bump.))
  14. (( Herro? is anybody there?))
  15. Noel Noel felt it get noticeably colder, he rushed to the cornucopia and grabbed a sleeping bag, and stuffed it with a blanket, he then got another sleeping bag and did the same to make on for Carol, he then saw in the Cornucopia hot clothes and cold clothes. It was evident that they are doing a gimmick with the weather this year. Noel then picked up the warm weather clothes and changed into them, and he then went to his sleeping bag and sat in there. "You guys, there's cold weather clothes in the back of the cornucopia and blankets as well, they seem to be doing a gimmick with the weather this year." Carol Carol went and got changed into the cold weather clothes, and then sat down in her sleeping bag which was opposite Noel's sleeping bag (( Boom, it's going down, they don't need ice packs))
  16. Noel "I'm not going with you by the way, since there seems to be this sticky business of 'stealing other people's kills.'" Said Noel, munching on his cracker and examining his bow and it's arrows
  17. Noel "Hey wait! There's water here at the camp. And we know it's safe for drinking. We don't know if the lake water is clean!" Said Noel as he searched through more bags and got out three filled containers of water he started drinking from one and then said "Over here! I'm Noel by the way."
  18. Noel "I'm going to go set up camp now, get tents up, and get a meal up, who's for some crackers?" Said Noel, going to the Cornucopia, He looked at the backpacks and started to unzip all of them, putting the food on top of a crate. He then picked up a cracker and started munching on in it. he then looked in the cornucopia to find a better weapon for Carol, no whips were there. Noel then walked over to the D11 male and pulled the axe out where Carol wasn't able to retrieve it, he then gave it to her so she had, in total 4 knives and one axe. But right at the back he saw a small glint. It was a bow. He wasn't very accurate with a bow. On a target he could only every get to the 5's and 6's. But he still had a little bit of experience with it, so he put his sickles in his backpack that he'd emptied out since it contained what he decided would be today's meal, and held the bow in his hand. He also picked up a quiver of arrows. He both of these into his bag and put it down so he could eat his meal
  19. (( I'm going to sleep now, don't do anything major with my characters while I'm gone))
  20. Carol straightened up and turned to Gold "Well, since I seem to have 'stolen your kill' how about you get one right here and now. Against Fang."
  21. Carol came over to the scene and raised her weapons and so did Noel. She then said "if you don't let her go it's three against one, you can go away and live, or kill her and die." Said Carol
  22. (( I'm on ipod so dont expect a good post sorry.)) Noel Noel saw Fang right about to kill the distirct four girl, "woah woah woah there! Calm down fang, she could be a good partner in an alliance!"
  23. Carol Carol saw Silver and Gold in some trouble, she saw this as an opportunity for them to owe her one. She flung a knife and it landed right in the D8 Males eye. Killing him instantly. She then rushed over to Gold and Silver and said "You two owe me one. Get somewhere safe or help us fight at the cornucopia" Noel Noel saw Carol kill the D8 male, he then rushed towards her standing by her, keeping her safe. "Hey you two" he said