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  1. DragonKami Apparently I know my laptop keys... really well
  2. *Fake frog sounds* :3 Hai! I like frogssss <3
  3. A: 8/10 - I like Glaceon And Glaceon looks great in that pic! N: 5/10 - Not a big fan of bacon and it sounds like a commonly used name though it's still alright. S: 9/10 - Very lovely *-* -Totally ready to get hit on my sig since I don't have anything much-
  4. At present I'm working on... Fullmetal Alchemist Clannad: Afterstory (Finished Clannad itself) Kanon 2006
  5. Okay, now that it's actually day it's sunny... and bright... and clear... .....and hot...
  6. Ahhhh I LOVE cats! >w< Wish I had my own! So cute and cuddlyyy <3
  7. Classic: Um, Electricity? (If that's not what people call a "classical" element then Air ) Fantasy-like: Illuuuuuusions > (I think that's called an "element" in those video game things lol) Periodic: Silver :3
  8. I, Kira-san, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  9. It's night right now so can't really tell what's going on. But for sure there's no rain or thunder :3 ...or hail... ....or snow...
  10. You know you've played old shmup (aka "Shoot Em Up") arcade-style video games for too long when you see crazy color lights everywhere
  11. Recently been playing my second go at Super Paper Mario and my 3rd (I think) go at Pokemon White 2.
  12. A banana with peanut butter, and a bit after that a chocolate shake from scratch
  13. Pineapples, cherries, and strawberries are probably my favorites.
  14. Mechanical Pencil, preferably. But if there's no mechanical pencils I'll use a normal pencil.