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  1. omg are you kidding me??? Which one lmbo X'D
  2. OMG an FE egg!?!? MUST HAVE!!! *keeping eyes extra peeled*
  3. Got a really pretty egg =o looks kinda like blue stars in a black galaxy. Thanks, TJ and spriters! ^u^/
  4. Got torn in half by a Red Deku Baba hanging from the ceiling =v=; Forgot that I should've used the boomerang to take it off of the ceiling before trying to kill it. (TLoZ: Twilight Princess)
  5. Ahhh it's amazing!!! ;u; Amazing job! Thanks TJ, artist(s), and whoever helped! ^u^/
  6. Stream (wow, coming to this thread since a long time now to see 666 pages? )
  7. I already know it has to do with the lighting and the eyes and such, but I'll drop what I see here. I almost always see blue and black, but if I don't look at it for awhile, and then I suddenly look at it again, I'll see it white and gold, but then slowly fade to blue and black. It's really weird yet kinda funny to see it change while staring at it.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, TJ. =)
  9. My queen has been crowned! >=D I have to say, it's not a HORRIBLE match, though, of course, there could've been a better one, but I'm pretty satisfied with my crazy cave ^u^/
  10. Yeaaah... that was me, too, like some others. I personally dreamed I got a Silver Shimmerscale with the desired code. I remember seeing it on my scroll, too. A real shame I didn't win. Oh well.
  11. I actually have to say I agree about the items. I didn't understand at first on how to get to the other items since I found that I could only fill up on mana items. I had to look on the forums to realize that you click the labels to get to the other categories. Of course, there's the idea that I was just a bit of a derp and I didn't realize that, but then how about the other people that were confused as well? I also agree on not understanding what to do. I thought you had to gather multiple dragons and then one would be automatically selected as your mate (maybe strange, but that's what I got out of what I was reading ^^') and I was frustrated when I couldn't "get even one dragon in my cave." Overall, the event is nice, just a little more "clarification" on what you're doing probably would've been good. EDIT: Backgrounds I can agree on as well. I know some people would've liked a different cave for sure, though I am content on mine. I just happened to get super-lucky when selecting a dragon to end up with a cave I liked.
  12. OH. MY. GOSH, LibbyLishly!!! That is the BEST. POTATO. STORY. EVER!!! X'DDD Too awesome!!! omg PERFECT! I love ittt!!! And on another sidenote, the dragons are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait for mine to finish growing up! <3
  13. Ohhh, what sick art you got there! Love it!
  14. Oh my gosh that's epic! Radiant Potato King!
  15. Ahhh alllright, I gotcha. I feel WAY better now about this. Thanks for swift reply.
  16. Omg, I REALLY hope we're not supposed to be gathering some form of "horde" of dragons. I can't even collect one. "A harvest dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more sweets." "Alright, no problem, more sweets it is." "A harvest dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more meat." So I put in more meat. but THEN, "A harvest dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more sweets." "BUT I'VE ALREADY MAXED BOTH MEAT AND SWEETS NOW!" Can someone please remind me if I'm doing it right or not? I personally can't tell what I'm doing anymore or what's doing it right and what's not.
  17. Fame has never really been my goal, just success. But if I ever WERE to become famous, a famous artist, author, or graphic novelist might be nice. Internet fame also sounds appealing in a way though because it seems to have a bit more "privacy"? I guess it depends on how you're famous on the internet though.
  18. Personally, I'd possibly like that ^^^^
  19. Funny, it seems that it's getting redder as it ages possibly. Reminds me how some people some pages back were talking about wanting a red Val dragon instead of all the pinks or something like that. Wish granted?
  20. Decent, I've recovered a lot since a couple of weeks ago. I also just had a late lunch a bit ago so that's bonus points for satisfaction. =)
  21. I never would've known one of these existed if I hadn't seen it posted in today. X) Username: Kira-san Why you like AC: Ohhh HOW do I even explain this? XP Because it's like another world and you can do things with your town and there's animals and there's things to do and yeahhh BASICALLY a LOT of reasons. =P I'm gonna GUESS you DON'T need to be "accepted" or anything to post in here? Good =P I've had New Leaf for some time now, and it's actually the first AC game I've gotten. Love it a LOT! Regarding fruits and orchards though, I actually have started a little bit of an "orchard" in the corner of my town. How spacious is it? Well, let's just say that if you come across a bee you're bound to get stung But it's okay, at least I have friendly villagers and the like =)
  22. I'm not even sure what's going on myself Probably will adjust later, but this is the first day of the event, so. ^^;
  23. omg I love that so much Very nice! Fitting cave for that kind of thing, too! EDIT: I know, right?
  24. Thanks!!! Yah, I thought it'd look good with it, so =P
  25. OH MY GOSH! I seriously thought that was an opened heart-shaped chocolate box! WOW, thanks for pointing that out!