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  1. ^ This was me. When I discovered I couldn't open it by trying to interact with it, I was kinda disappointed :V Oh well. Hoping I can open it at the end of the event or something. Also, not sure if this is spoilers or anything? It was from the previous day, so... but, I found a golden pocketwatch under snow or something like that? Does anyone else know if there was something I was supposed to do with it? So far, I'm loving this event though. Can't wait to see the dragon this year (personally I'd love to see a dragon that looks like a christmas cookie, but one could only imagine. Even if not I'm sure I'll love it ). Thanks to TJ and those who helped!
  2. Thank you I wasn't sure and I didn't see an answer sooo...
  3. Wait, there's hidden eggs!?!? On the site!? Or..? Feel like it's a joke but ;s; idk... edit: looking back at prev posts now, i bet im getting pranked. blegh -- On a sidenote, ahh! An Emmeryn egg! Why didn't I think of thaaat!!! And the Roy one! Kept bugging me like I might know what it was referencing >u> I just wasn't sure why. Thanks for the credits post btw!
  4. No, today's only the 2nd day this has been running. TJ says on the first page you have three days.
  5. Aww! Wish your snake friend a happy birthday for me as well! <3 You did a wonderful job on the eggs. Thanks so much! EDIT: Today is the second day, it's running for 3 days.
  6. It was actually animated a bit ago Not sure what's going on with that one though. Seems like it'd be a reference, buuut... meh, idk. EDIT: It actually is still animated for me. Absolutely. Hail Grima.
  7. Lol, and in case there's another "Grima" out there, I refer to the dragon Grima in Fire Emblem Awakening (it's the egg that sprouts 6 wings). Just a heads up!
  8. Yes! I've completed with 62/62! =D Harry Potter was my last egg. I have to say, I like them all, with a few favorites (Grima egg, sundae, watermelon, birthday cake snake, amber, kitty). Thank you spriters and TJ and anyone else that made this event possible! EDIT: I mentioned similarly earlier, though no one seemed to catch any reference as far as I know?
  9. 60/62 eggs left! Only 2 eggs left!!! <3 JUST picked up the watermelon egg Must be one of my favorites <3 So yummy!
  10. I'm pretty sure that tomorrow is the last day since TJ said we have 3 days. Today is the 2nd, so...
  11. Yaaasss I finally got the Grima egg (Fire Emblem Awakening) =D So awesome! 53/62! I'm so close!!! <3
  12. Just got the amber-like egg! Such a pretty one, I love it I wonder who made it and if it references anything in particular.
  13. 45/62! I think I'll be there soon! =D Got the goldfish tank egg one a couple of egg ago. Love it! x3
  14. Bahahaaa, I just got "the dress" egg That's it for egg-catching tonight! I need to go to bed! Happy hunting!
  15. Does anyone know if there is any special significance with the two different knight heads? I can't completely understand what's going on with the one with dark grey behind it.
  16. 36/62! Oh my gosh, I must know who made the ice cream sundae egg! Just picked it up, and I love it so much, lol <3
  17. 10-15 minutes, I think. That's what people's been saying, and so far I've gotten eggs in that time.
  18. If you mean the 6-winged one, I can say that that's a Fire Emblem Awakening reference =3 It was mentioned earlier. Overall though, a post with the references made would be nice. On a sidenote, 32/62! =D JUST over halfway done! <3
  19. Afraid not anymore, but I know that feeling; when I started, I saw people in the 30s and 40s and 50s, (I even saw someone that said they were done,) and I was just like "WELL THEN... guess I'll just be sitting over here in the corner among the group of people that DIDN'T start at midnight "
  20. Just got the mustache egg. Too cute! Not sure if it's meant to be something in particular, but I love it anyways lololol =P 20/62 ;U; I got some ways to go still, but I'll get there!
  21. Wait a minute... OMG there IS a Touhou egg! I can't believe I just picked it up without even thinking about it!
  22. Feeling the same way ;u; I need ittt, why hasn't it shown up yettt? EDIT: Only 11 eggs of 62 =V It's gonna be awhile.
  23. You made it? High-five, man. It looks great. lol =P EDIT: Good to hear, thought it might be like that since it's often about that time for things =P
  24. Can't wait to see a post with all of the references on what each egg is, or at least I hope it happens. (That's what happened last time?) Probably will be after the event =P
  25. Err, that doesn't work for me ^^; it just has "user posted image" EDIT: Ohhh I see it now Hilarious.