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  1. WELP! 12 AM @ DC time, and my eggies are still here. watch things ACTUALLY change 5 minutes later, ROFL!!! Maybe he was kidding about the breeding/releasing part of the message or something, who knows, but I see no change.
  2. Dabnarnit. :V Oh well, maybe someday I'll get a hand on a shiny 2-3gen, LOL. *claps* Poetic, truly poetic Less than 15 minutes to go, too c: (I think. Probably.)
  3. Hey, how serious are you about that, because I have yet to get a 2-3 gen, and I might not mind giving up one for something like that rofl ---- On a totally different note, we've got about half an hour until April 2nd for DC time, so fingers-crossed? I'm almost concerned about my eggs suddenly changing into random eggs from the biomes I caught them on, or into something else X'D EDIT: Or while I was gone, was something confirmed on the joke or anything like that? If so, please tell me right away because I've been semi-inactive on this thread all day (hard to keep up ahaha) edit2: BTW, good luck to everyone else that's really late to the party! D: These eggs are really hard to snatch, I'm telling ya.
  4. I'm officially pleased to hear that I'm *not* the only one that feels on-edge from that sentence alone. Kinda makes me feel like there's an implied internal evil laugh after that sentence. No, please no D: I was so anxious when I realized that there were eggs dropping in the biomes, please tell me it wasn't for nothing! Nooo~~~ *dramatic tears* jk rofl ---- Welp, I happened to have caught 5 of them so far after like, 2 or so hours Here's to hoping this year's prank isn't too horrible, lol.
  5. If you mean them being a genderless species, then that's already proven wrong; TJ's hatchies have gendered into males and a female, last I checked, so I would *think* that you could influence them if they can gender? Of course, it's totally possible that a hatchie could gender while not being able to influence the gender (at least I think so).
  6. Well, as far as we can tell they're real. They're appearing in biomes (at the 5-minute drop I usually find them in Alpine but I think they can appear anywhere since I've seen them in other places,) and people have caught them, sooo... Description (hidden): This translucent egg shines like starlight. EDIT: 'd
  7. Woahhhh, the hourly drop was REALLY bad XDDD oh my gosh. I only could refresh like 3 or 4 (MAYBE 5) times in that entire drop, and it was really slow to load. Misclicked a pygmy egg, so I'm stuck with that for awhile, but since I have my gold trophy this time around, I think I'll be semi-alright. Also, on the conversation of the "prank" of this year, I think it's probably going to fall on the second half of the first sentence. Anyone that would try and test "releasing" it would have an unexpected surprise, I assume?
  8. Man, I wish I had checked last night when things are usually crazy! D: I don't think I'll ever get even one. They're really pretty. At first, I was skeptical because of the date, but after seeing that they've been caught and stuff I found I might as well give it a shot and try catching one, but people are so much faster :V Darnit. Hopefully I can catch at least one or two or something before it's even harder to find them. :/
  9. Yes!!! 60/60! The eggs are beautiful this year, thanks again to everyone that helped and to TJ!
  10. 55/60! I'm so close, but I'll probably have to finish off tomorrow D: So far the big chickie with the egg and the pouch with the hole at the bottom are my favorite ones, though I do like others as well
  11. 25/60 so far! Thanks, TJ, and all of the spriters / people that helped to make this happen! c: As for references, all I recognize is what I believe to be Spike? Otherwise, I'm totally clueless, and I'll be waiting for credits to be released (since I'm not always good at catching references so). First egg was the rainbow one! Can't wait to get them all!
  12. My babies grew up over the weekend while I was gone, and today I've found that I got my gold trophy! Finally! I'm so happy, this is great! c:
  13. HECK YES, I got an orange one against all the odds! Though, maybe it's just now that I'm looking, but the user count dropped to the 80s in the Desert? Or do people go crazy and flood in in the moment they start dropping and I just don't realize it? Anyway, It would totally be awesome if I could get just one more orange so I have 2 orange and 3 blue, but if I don't, well, at least I have one, I guess. So beautiful. EDIT: WOAHHH!!! I got two more oranges! I am officially locked now with half blues and half oranges. I didn't even mean to get 2 more, but I'll totally take 3! Besides, who knows how rare these are gonna be after release, so I might as well keep what I have to be careful. Knowing I might not get them again, 3 is totally good enough.
  14. I managed to snatch THREE blue ones! If only I could get at least just one orange egg now. It's nuts in the Desert! Anyone feel like trading an orange for a blue? LOL.
  15. ^ This, probably X'D I'd reaaally like some notice on this, though; keep checking the forums for maybe some announcement. Been here on DC for a couple of years now, and I've never won. Kept seeing worry and doubt in some of the threads about it before now and I was like, "I still have to win mine, don't tell me we're stopping this NOW. " (Also, read somewhere on this thread about a prize pygmy idea? lazy to check where oops Got a +1 from me; that sounds adorable, and I'd totally want one.) In my opinion, I think if this year IS the 10th birthday of DC, then I'd imagine there'd HAVE to be something big in store for us. Hopefully it's something that I can actually get my hands on without dreaming I'll get one and kicking myself over getting hyped for nothing Either way, I'll be stalking the forum, waiting for something to come up. Trying to keep positive for as long as possible. And hey, if the raffle DOESN'T happen this year and we all get something cool for the 10th birthday of DC, then at least that saves me from the torture of waiting for results and then dying internally from the results when they do come.
  16. I KNEW IT! I was right! I love that game, I love that reference. Nicely done.
  17. ^ I was literally about to ask about this Who exactly got the naughty option? Did anyone get it on accident (whether it be they just didn't know or that the text boxes showed up too fast and they mis-clicked)? I'm curious to of how the "naughty" and "nice" gift would be determined. Since there's 11 (?) days that you have a choice, I'd imagine the majority of the type of choice made would determine it? (Like, if you made 6 naughty decisions and 5 nice decisions, since naughty is the majority then you would get the coal, in example). That or is it determined by how the tree is at the end? EDIT: It probably would've made up for it for me, too X'D I laughed when I read that on the wiki.
  18. Finished the game! How nice, I got a cat Accidentally cut through the credits, so I don't know how they end ;u; Wish I could find a way to restart them, but oh well. This was an awesome game, thanks to everyone who worked on it and/or helped! <3 Y'all did an awesome job! Also, where are y'all getting those gifs? The walking sprites. It won't work in my sig for some reason. EDIT: Wait, I think I found it. Nevermind
  19. ^ This. Like, what gives, Steve? He had me like this the entire time: "Alright, so we do this and this and... done! WAIT WHERE ARE /YOU/ GOING!?!? How MEAN; I solve the puzzles, I deserve to go in first! >:C I hope you set off a terrible trap and get stuck in there for an eternity because of your selfishness UUUGGHHH--" I hope his christmas tree droops so low its tip sinks underground. On another note, that was a pretty awesome puzzle Reminded me (again) of Legend of Zelda, in the Wind Waker Earth Temple. It was pretty fun!
  20. This Is this some kind of reputation we have going so whenever someone needs something they go to you for it? Like a town helper or something? ---- Just finished today! Felt like the Legend of Zelda from all the bouncing, but it was alright! And my tree has been fixed from yesterday's mistake, so yay! (I was EXTRA careful today )
  21. Yeah, they remind me of that, too! Can't wait for mine to grow up They look gorgeous!
  22. What if I'm sick and I don't have the patience? That's relieving! Thanks for answering. (Now to hope this wasn't the last day, aha. Or is there a determined end date for this I don't know about? Guessing not though.)
  23. Dang it, I entirely missed the naughty/nice options while moving through the text and I pressed the naughty! WHY does it HAVE to be on the top? //OTL Please world, tell me, whyyy Does anyone know if the tree fixes if you choose the nice option on the next day? QUQ
  24. Just finished today's day in the game. Loved the Hitchhiker reference! However, I have a lot of items still, (like the pocketwatch, and a ton of meat,) and I know for one the green dragon /still/ won't take the ham? Do we know how many more days there are or where I'm supposed to take the meats and pocketwatch? :/ Also, Luna was pretty EDIT: I think it's one of those Zelda things to make sure you're paying attention >u> *thinking of Kaepora Gaebora* In all seriousness, though, I've nearly pressed the "naughty" (?) almost every day of the past few days, just barely stopping myself to move down one and press the "nice" one. :V
  25. Woahhh, the eggs are absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks TJ and spriters! Happy Holidays (and goodnight )!