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  1. ohh yeah i know !! just aha sorry i've been doing some thinking and i'd really prefer the name lu over lady, lady's just not doing it quite for me anymore :' D sorry abt the inconvenience! also, i noticed elisven isn't listed in the skylings? O: is there anything i have to fix about her? sorry if she's there and i'm just blind : ' D
  2. call me lu, please. and sure! that's fine, he''s just here to watch the world burn atm. : ' D
  3. i felt kind of sad today so i freestyle painted a quick something. might finish it if i get the time!
  4. glad to see you back! this improvement is real good i like how firm and steady your lines are! : D
  5. your art is so cute and your lines are so clean what is this witchcraft have fun with art fight !! i considered joining but i draw like every once in a blue moon so. let us know how it goes!
  6. friendly reminder to please credit the artist if you use someone else's art, it takes a second and it's respectful to their hard work and time they've put into the piece. if y'all need anything humanoid drawn i'm happy to help out.
  7. Around them, everyone had started pairing up. Dae-sung felt himself warily glance around, eyes locking on each student as various others began chatting among themselves. Who should he pair up with? The Korean male didn't know the gathered students too well, beyond the usual pleasantries. He thought he'd seen a couple of them at that strange meeting they'd had a while ago, but he remembers only faintly recognizing a couple faces due to his momentary panic during the event. Then again ... the Asian male looked around once more, feeling a small creeping of nervousness begin at the thought of being without a partner. Wouldn't it have been easier for them to be assigned to each other? Perhaps this is what he gets for not partaking in anything social. Clearing his throat, Dae-sung took a step forward and headed in the direction of the one person he knew the name of--Priam, right? He remembers them talking to him during the event that the blue-haired second year had hosted, and he hoped some of that friendliness still remained. "Hello," he greeted, nodding jerkily. "Would you be interested in linking?" Straight to the point, simple and clean. Keep it polite, Dae. ~ Partnering? This was a new concept. Elliot crossed his arms, flicking a speck of dust from his uniform. Huh. His tutors had always insisted on perfection from himself, never ... working together with others. He knew his parents had business partners, maybe this was the same thing? But none of these students seemed to be well-versed in economics, and he doubted they had the money he did on hand. How did one seal a business deal? Wine. Wine, classical music, and money. But there was none of that here--think, Elliot, think!--so what could he do instead? Robinson, the instructor, wanted them to experience the benefits of this so called 'linking'--was this a common occurrence? It's like opening a business together. A long-term investment, then? How much percentage should he give into the linking relationship for the business to flourish? He had to consider his options. Who was the better partner? Who had more stocks? Who has an heir to their name, drives a Porsche, who had connections in China and Germany and America? And how much of a down payment should he lay down? He remembers asking his parents how to make friends. But he was told that friends were business partners, too, and that everything came at a give and sacrifice cost. So ... what does that leave him with in this situation? Absolutely nothing. Elliot cleared his throat and reached for his wallet. No gain without sacrifice, I suppose. I could spare to pay out entirely for the time being. His brow furrowed. I don't have insurance ... Brought back to the present by the ruckus caused by two students already linking and transforming, Elliot looked around and noticed that everyone seemed to have paired up already. The blond almost dropped his wallet. But ... how could this be? Was he being played? They all have better stock than I do! What young masterminds these students turned out to be! "什么鬼!" he suddenly yelled, then immediately pulled open his wallet. No--he still had a chance--he had a hundred dollars on hand, plus a couple cards--he had a chance-- I won't be outbought just as I've begun! [[ 什么鬼 = shenmegui, what the heck]]
  8. i like how this sketch is going so far : D also crossposting from hb but i like these two
  9. oh gosh aha i'm flattered, thank you !! i think i remember you requested something once? gosh, that was such a long time ago!
  10. oh gosh, that was fast !! thank you <33 and aha oh no those were really quick sketches. ; u ; i usually end up drawing whenever i'm in an rp though, so i can doodle everyone's characters when i get free time!
  11. thanks for the answers !! ; o ; i hope this is alright!! Username: Lady_Lunevis Name: Elisven Lystelle Ienlynn Age: 17 Gender: Female Ground or Sky: Sky Class/occupation: High-class socialite Dark Wing supporter: Aren’t aware they exist. Appearance: this is a quick 10 min sketch i did i promise i'll clean it up later its so messy ahh Elis is 152 cm, with curly blonde hair and large green eyes. She has a petite build, weighing 90 lb. Personality: Well-behaved and sheltered, Elis is indifferent to most things. She puts on a polite farce due to her upbringing, but generally doesn’t partake in world matters. As such, she is gullible and patient. Wing appearance: The wings of an Glasswing butterfly, Elis’ wings span 15ft. Beautiful and delicate, Elis’ wings sway in the breeze and are almost always fluttering slightly. Her wings, though seethrough, often reflect the sun’s rays and turn the reflections into a picturesque scene. They are lightly bordered by veins of gold running across the wings, seen glittering in the sun. One would not commonly notice the shape of the wings on Elis’ back, only the images screen through the and the delicately fluttering gold. Since her wings are thin enough to showcase worlds, they are delicate and she must take great care. History: Born the daughter of wealthy Skyling nobles, Elis’ father was a university appointed noble who was studious in nature. Her mother was a well-known figure, having been rebellious in her youth before she settled down and married Elis’ father. Thus, the family is known for being certainly quirky among the other nobles, though they still attended meetings and gatherings with respect. A premature baby, her parents were delighted to have a baby girl, but her father worried over the girl’s early birth and delicate wings. As such, Elis’ childhood was restricted in the activities she could partake in, and the girl grew up loving music and the arts instead of any physical activity. Skills: Elis can play the flute and harp, and is good at drawing. War or peace: Peace Username: Lady_Lunevis Name: Villads Lind Age: 23 Gender: Male Ground or Sky: Ground Class/occupation: Homeless and angry Dark Wing supporter: Yes Appearance: another quick sketch ; o ; Villads has dark hair, light blue eyes, and a tanned complexion. He is 165 cm, and weighs 125 lb. Personality: A naturally pretty angry person, Villads refuses to take the advice of anyone that is not himself. He’s quick to judge, and not very trusting; as well, he is a wanderer, constantly on the move from place to place. He finds the most morbid and obscure things to be funny, and isn’t beyond mocking both those higher and lower than him on the societal scale. Wing appearance: Villads has a wingspan of 13ft, and his wings reflect that of a pygmy owl, with grey and brown feathers. Villads wings aren’t well-taken care of and he has little thought for them; thus, his wings are messy and unkept. His right wing is bent at an awkward angle, a result of an accident from childhood that didn’t heal properly, and his feathers are dull. History: Orphaned at an early age, Villads grew up in the slums and learnt early in life that if he wanted anything, he would have to fight for it. He soon became a thief, and stole from whoever without a second thought in order to survive. As such, Villads eventually developed a natural hatred and disgust for the world; though he can act quite charming to elicit what he wants from his unfortunate victims, Villads’ ultimate goal is to see the downfall of society as they know it, and to laugh as everything crumbles. Skills: Great at pickpocketing, handy with a dagger. War or peace: War
  12. i love flint's sparkly pants i love that picture too oh my god i'm saving it forever. at least cas knows who dae is his face kills me everytime
  13. 23 - rose valentine !! (at least i think so its 3:30 am and i can't count good) sorry i drew them with them hair down ; - ;; i wanted to practise hair flow but i know it's in a braid but i love redheads and addslksfjging imao it looks better if you zoom really out and squint pls approach from a distance so it's not so big and clunky
  14. hello !!! i'd love to join this if you'll have me ; o ; just a couple questions: is this rp going to be romance-orientated? and what exactly are skylings? O: what's the nobility like, and does it follow most of the same morals as the victorian era?
  15. as silverwinter said, there are many websites that you can use if you just need to vent. this is my favourite one: the thoughts room, where you can type everything on your mind and watch it just explode or fall into pieces. it has pretty nice music too!! be sure to take a break while helping people, too. it's lovely that you're there for your friends and considering their mental wellbeing, but constantly helping others has a toll on your mental state, too. it's okay to take a break for yourself if you need it. <33 i'm sorry to hear your meeting didn't go too well !! just take it slow and early. she's a professional, and she should know not to push you too hard. it's hard to talk to people normally, and even harder to talk about certain issues. don't be too harsh on yourself, it gets easier. maybe not today or tomorrow or even a month from now, but you just have to take it one step at a time, okay? is there any way you could set reminders to take pills? maybe ask someone to remind you every once in a while, or set something up on your phone? i'm really sorry to hear things aren't going too great; if you need someone to talk to, please feel free to pm me!! it's hard to get out of bed but just take it day by day, i wish i could help more and i'm sorry i can't ; ( as flimsy as this sounds, i hope you get the support you need and that things get better soon <33 ahhh oh gosh i'm not sure if you'd take the word from a stranger like me, but i tend to lurk the forums more than i post !! ( trying to post more lately idk aha ) but i've seen you around a couple times and even thought "oh wow what a cool person they're always active, i'd really like to be their friend" and i can promise you a lot of people must feel the same way bc i'm on a lot of different sites too and usually if there''s someone who posts often / semi-often and you seen them a lot, it's usually with awe because they seem so cool and friendly. ; o ; i understand how you feel but i can promise that it's usually not the case <3 and honestly if someone sees someone posting a lot and thinks "wow how annoying" they're honestly just being rude, you have a right to be excited abt things / want to talk abt things without someone saying you can't. happy birthday !! i hope you have a good one, remember to stay hydrated and take your meds! <3
  16. i don't know where you got this idea that the japanese are holier-than-thou but can you stop, that's really gross lmao there are multiple people who have said that they respect veganism/vegetarianism but simply cannot adapt to a diet like that due to medical conditions. you repeatedly pushing videos and saying that if they just tried, it would magically be cured isn't going to help, honestly. there are special cases and what someone eats and their diet is a personal matter. what may work for the majority doesn't guarantee a 100% success rate.
  17. materials & other are the items you'll have to use!! other makes sludge while materials makes ooze! still collecting for the coatl f skin. im getting everything but green sludge, rip im having a calmer festival than most this time around. not opening up a fest art shop so that means less embers for me.
  18. grand chase was my childhood and where i met literally 1/2 of my online friends back in the day, i was super sad to hear it was shutting down. they tried to make it too much like another game the company owned and the other game was netting more money than gc was, so they closed it down. lunia was another one i really liked that they closed, rip. you could play as a literal slime and hit things it was the highlight of my life though, i'm pretty sure you can find private servers of any game that's shut down still up and going, run by fans!!
  19. i thought you were only allowed to have one forum account, along with one scroll? either way, i support the idea of a name change 100%. my username is quite old and tied to some bad memories so i'd like to change it, if possible. it would be much simpler if i could change the name and still keep the same forum account instead of switching over and having to explain things to rps and the like. i honestly wouldn't like the name changes to cost money (though i am on board with the first change is free, then pay) because a lot of the playerbase is considerably younger, and sometimes they don't have the ability or means of sparing 5$. all of the money in my bank account is the funds i've gathered from working inbetween school and commissions where i could, and that goes towards school funding and future things for when i have to move out. even if it's just five dollars, it's difficult sometimes to come up with that amount of money. i've also seen forums where they give out a free name change once a year or so, and then the message displays something like this: you have __ free name changes left. additional changes will cost ___. i think displaying old usernames is a good idea, though i wouldn't like my old username to violently pop up underneath my current one. maybe if you click the player profile, there's a small section that lists the name(s)? just my two cents on the topic. a name change option would honestly be a lifesaver.
  20. yoo pi !! if you need it hmu on skype i can give you things your fakemon are honestly so cute i love
  21. try run > services > wacom professional services > right click stop > wait a minute > right click start don't just restart immediately bc it takes a bit but this is what i so when my tablet acts up!! it's also an older wacom bamboo from like 2013 so i feel. hope it works!! your arts are looking gr8 & i love your colour choices oh man
  22. hey.. guess what... i coloured him nudges that gross sketch off these are really fun i'm worried i might do more bc i love armour (or whatever it is elliot is wearing) don't get into an rp with me all i'll do is throw art at you
  23. PLEASE second year subplot lets battle some demons dae got a tattoo to be part of the cool kids (im sorry im spamming the ooc with images)
  24. i redesigned dae but now he's going to die on the battlefield bonus: cas is next ready your cannons i don't know what i'm doing for cas feat. is this legal & sir your boyfriend glows in the dark