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  1. Ramses cast one last look at his beloved Artemis before he was dragged out into the auctions. He hadn't been allowed out there on the first day- probably because they didn't have enough auction blocks for dragons of his size. Today they would both be sold. Ramses from an auction block, Artemis from her cage. Pregnant females were usually only shown to privately interested buyers rather than auctioned, because they fetched a higher price. Two for one, after all. He was lead out, walking along behind some humans who pulled unnecessarily hard on the chains that bound him, almost as if he wer
  2. Daniel stood silently, listening and smiling politely at the newcomers as they arrived. He was looking forward to getting to know all these people. It seemed like it would be pretty easy making friends here, seeing as he didn't have anything to hide from these people. "Well, except my wings for now, I guess." He added quietly under his breath with a small chuckle. He could already feel himself relaxing away from that uber-strict military attitude his father had forced him to acquire "For your mother's sake." he always explained. Daniel had never even seen or met his mother, all he knew wa
  3. Artemis sighed, curling hair tail tighter around her talons and staring at her bloated belly with pity. "A mother-to-be should not feel pity for her unborn children. Why must this always happen?" The Royal Blue/Plated Colossus dragon sighed to her mate, Ramses, a dragon who was a cross between a Guardian Dragon and a Brute Dragon. Her mate simply grunted in response, though he did come over a gently butt his head against hers. It was his way of showing affection, from what she had been able to surmise. Her mate was not much one for words, after all. Ramses was five years older
  4. Hello! Got a few sheets done, let me know if you have any nitpicks or anything EDIT: Sorry, forgot to put their codes! Working on it now... Username: makenziec123 Code: Name: Artemis (D'rachanya) Gender: female Species: Blue Colossus Dragon (Breed created for use in Arena. Bred for King's requested lineage) Age: 30 Mate: < Ramses (D'rachanya) {Guardian Brute Dragon} [makenziec123]> Personality: Kind and loving towards her hatchlings, but can seem quiet and depressed around other dragons. Appearance: Other than some scars on her arms, flanks, legs tail and one
  5. This RP Sounds so cool, my only two questions are what we should do if the dragon we RPing gets killed in battle? Is it a max of four dragons total or a max of four dragons in the RP at one time? Also, would you be willing to allow mixed-breed dragons? I like RPing as a Royal Blue/Guardian hybrid when I can
  6. Daniel smiled lightly and nodded his head in response to the others in the group, forgoing a verbal greeting as the massive bells at the top of the church tolled. Funny how the sound of marriage and death was also the sound track to the start of their new lives. As he entered the church, Daniel couldn't help but be slightly underwhelmed when he walked inside. Of course, not even five minutes later his jaw had dropped to the floor and his eyes were blown wide by the incredible display of rainbows, the extensive anti-demon markings, and of course, the six massive hallways with their elegant
  7. "Tch. You presume things you have no knowledge of at all. I have been in training my entire existence. I sincerely doubt you can teach me more than I have already learned." Gibraltr turned his scathing eyes upon the two-tailed demon. "I am here to serve a purpose. But that purpose is not to cram my head full of the books you intend to shove in it." He crossed his arms with a sneer. "Now then, where is everyone? I can feel my brain rotting inside my skull already. At least with some company I can try and find someone to have a decent conversation with." He tapped his foot impatiently and f
  8. "Nice to meet you Aster." Amanda smiled softly, then tried putting together her little "mind puzzle". Gears twisting and shifting, but she didn't have enough information. Her eyes went lightly clouded, and you could tell she was trying to work everything out in her head. She held her chin thoughtfully and cocked her head to the side. "Aster has a point. It would be much easier to figure out what we need to do in this dungeon if we all knew each others Skills. I think we are either expecting too much or too little from this dungeon. Given that this is the first dungeon of the game, i
  9. Sitting down next to the boy who had pulled a chair out for her and lightly playing with the ends of her loose curls, Amanda listened and nodded her head as she listened to the conversation taking place. Amanda gave a sort of half-smile at the directness of the question, glad for the bluntness that most of her friends used back in the real world. She shifted back into the cool confidence and familiarity of this, thinking how much like any other game this was right now. New face, new abilities. Evaluate, place in a group, head out into battle. Simple as that. "My name is Amanda, I'm a
  10. Daniel stood, looking up at the church from across the street to get a better look at the whole of it. He took note of the other people that were arriving, deciding that it would be better to be a little early than a little late, given what they were supposed to be doing here. Standing up fully, Daniel let his long legs carry him to the front courtyard-looking area of the church in just a handful of long, deliberate strides. He wasn't sure what else to do now, not seeing anyone who was obviously in charge yet, so he simply waited, stirring up a slight breeze with his invisible wings.
  11. Amanda, after finishing her meal and listening in for a few minutes, left a bit of Cor on her table and then dusted away the crumbs for her face. Lightly stamping down on her initial talking-to-new-people-is-really-scary nerves by making a loose fist at her side, she put her long legs to good use and crossed the room in just a few quick steps. She spoke quickly and quietly for someone who seemed to occupy so much space, but she spoke loud enough to be heard clearly; "Is this the group that is partying up to explore the dungeon?" She asked, eyes flickering from the woman that most of them
  12. Amanda strode smoothly off the field and away from her final opponent for the day- a head strong teenaged Rogue boy who had decided he wanted to test his steel against her own. "Sorry about that." Were her last words as she slid her two-handed sword, Fire Lily- a sword that looked as if it were made from white opal, streaked through with red that could only be seen from certain angles-, back into the sheath on the back of her dress-like armor, flicking her fiery red braid back over her shoulder. The boy just scowled at her and grumbled as he walked away, back to where a few other bo
  13. "...I am so completely done with this city." Luna muttered once Skinner was back on his bed, having decided to keep her thoughts to herself while Skinner moved around other than replying;"My name is Luna Abott." when he said he hadn't gotten her name. She was about to say that she was leaving when her Ink violently picked her up into the air; making it so that it looked liked she had four shadowy spider legs sprouting from her back, and then slamming her into the floor almost hard enough to splinter the wood. Grumbling a few choice words as she felt her said misbehaving tattoo trying
  14. ((Hey pad, I'd have to double check but Tanner is a dragon hybrid, not a wolf. I'm pretty sure Luna is the only active werewolf in the rp right now.)) Luna nodded and started following Skinner, wanting to say that she could carry the dead monster if that would make it any easier for him, but he seemed set in what he was already doing as he trudged up the stairs. She ignored his sarcasm with a roll of her eyes as she began taking in his apartment when she heard him scream and suddenly saw a wriggling little worm with shark teeth get thrown to the floor. Quick as lightning her ink
  15. ((That's fine, for now I'll just leave Melody where she is. I may be a little spotty with posting this week because midterms are coming up soon, but I'll post when I can. I'm glad this got started back up again though!)) Luna shrugged at Tanner's complaining, replying simply; "I felt like the best move would be to get out of there, and I figured you would follow me if you wanted to." She started to smile, then winced when her Ink started roiling across her skin again with that sandpaper-like texture. Looking back over at Skinner again, and still trying not to barf from the disgusting
  16. Luna bounded around the corner to the wonderful stench of dead firefly beast filling her nose. "Bleh!" She gagged, having to practically jump back into her human form in order to keep from tossing her dinner. The smell was still awful, but now that she was human it was slightly more bearable. "...Do I even want to ask what happened?" Luna asked as she pinched her nose, taking in the sight of a rather ruffed up looking Skinner and the bug carcass.
  17. Luna landed (more or less) on a slippery slope that was supposed to be a level platform that would slow her descent. What actually ended up happening was that she landed on her paws on the slanted pathway, scrabbling to try and pull herself up, then tumbling through the air once more until finally her Ink caught her just short of the ground... a few more minutes, and she'd have at least two broken legs to deal with. Taking a moment to shake off her rough landing, she inhaled deeply to try and figure out where to start looking. Putting her nose to the ground without slowing her p
  18. "Fascinating!" Melody replied with wonder in her eyes as her pet lifted her up into the sky alongside Beldurra. "I look forward to seeing these powers in action, as they say." She smiled, though it was probably hard to hear her over the labored beats of giant butterfly wings. ~~~~~ With a humph, Luna crossed her arms over her chest. "Of course I belong here. Well, maybe not right now since Rilian left, but I was invited in by him earlier. I apologize for any inconvenience I've caused," She started, then flinched again as her Ink flicked about and hardened like it sandpaper
  19. Melody smiled with a dark excitement in her eyes, taking Beldurra's hand and standing. "That sounds absolutely grand! Please, by all means, lead the way." She replied, gently pulling the butterfly around her neck off and letting it grow enough that it could carry her, should Beldurra choose to fly rather than walk. "Pray tell, Beldurra, if you don't mind my asking, how is it that your powers work? I influence events around people and then show them an outlet that best suits them. If you do not wish to share, then please, forgive my forwardness." She asked humbly. ~~~~~ Luna
  20. ((Sorry Narvix I'll fix that now )) "Dammit! Luna thought silently, desperately trying to force away her emotions (and her fangs). "I don't want any trouble. I just didn't want to interrupt... whatever it is that you three are doing right now. I was too busy looking for a way out to listen." She shrugged, trying to play it cool. Hey, it had worked in high school, why wouldn't it work here? ((sorry for the shortness but I've gotta run!))
  21. ((Sorry! Got busy with school and trying to stay active- anyways, here's the bit for Daniel that I forgot to post before >.<)) "Yeah, this is-" Daniel began, but then quickly cut himself when Tanner suddenly just jumped away. "Um. Alright then." He thought, deciding that he would just follow suit and start smashing stuff. It wasn't until he too leapt off the roof that another one of those weird visions came to him- just a faint blip of something, that told him to move his wings a different way, angle his arms and legs just so... it almost felt natural when this happened no
  22. Melody smiled and smoothed out her dress as she sat back down. "Shade of Fear, you say? Hmm... I wonder how your influence on this city will affect the artwork here?" She mused, then turned to explain. "My sisters seem to prefer life and happiness to help inspire their paintings. I have found that the most beautiful of artworks- no matter what form they take- have been inspired by tragedy." She then turned again and swept her arm out towards the square gracefully. "See here? This may be one of the most populous cities I have ever come across. There is such a diversity in t