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leicis.pngLeicis.pngcurrently seeking: bloodswap for this~ i use the decline option ~my wishlist --- trading/breeding info in my profile --- dragon blog

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    i use the decline option on trades!! if your offer has not been declined, i am still considering it.

    i will breed 2nd gens of any hybrid (except for geode) in exchange for BSA pinks and reds, as well as nebulas. no real lineage requirements but i do strongly prefer CB and short/clean lineages. just ask and please be willing to be patient because my dragons do not always like to cooperate.

    i ask that you please don't kill, bite, or abandon any offspring that i trade you. naming them would be nice, too. please ask before freezing, i will likely say yes but i would like to know in advance, regardless!

    if you trade/gift me any of the dragons i have on my wishlist in the first two sections (always wanted/for freezing) please let me know if it is okay to freeze!