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  1. I've never lost a staring contest before, you know.
  2. Not sure, really. Maybe I'm mistaking it for something else. Name: 8/10 Avatar: 8.5/10, looks neat Signature: 7/10, also looks neat but it kinda feels empty in my opinion
  3. Not really... I don't have any culture. Name: 8/10, unique and neat Avatar: 7/10, not sure why but I think I've seen that somewhere before Signature: 6/10, looks kinda messy if you ask me
  4. Name: 7/10 Pretty unique Avatar: 6/10 I... don't get it Signature: 8/10 Simple and neat
  5. http://s.mlkshk-cdn.com/r/1FLG
  6. ^ "5 times" would be an understatement
  8. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
  9. Path_Light was smashed by the banhammer.